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  1. Dead_pool

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    UK's Brexit offer worth up to 50bn euros

    So back to brexit, the divorce Bill is being agreed at the moment, it's going to be around 50 billion, are there any brexiters here who think that's a good price to pay??
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  2. axelb

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    and can we pay in euro or GBP?
  3. David Harrison

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    Philip Hammond made a big song and dance about his £3bn to spend on Brexit preparations, but I just read in Private Eye that he failed to mention that cuts to the Department for International Trade, the Foreign office, HM Revenue & Customs, Environment, food and rural affairs and Transport amount to £2.8bn.

    Not sure £200,000 is going to be enough to get us out of this hole...
  4. Mitch

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    Isn't that the 50 billion that was mentioned by the EU months ago, against which there was much bellicose muttering and denials from the quitlings? The same amount now accepted?

    That'll be the £350 million a week for the NHS they promised us gone then, as if it was ever there...

    Stolen from elsewhere. Best Brexit analysis yet.

    "a smart person would have:-
    -done the sectoral analysis BEFORE advocating a referendum

    -spent 40 years thinking about what they really do want after leaving the EU

    -Costed Brexit properly and informed the people

    -had a non binding referendum (all are under UK law)

    -sorted out a negotiating position

    -agreed amongst themselves what they do and don't want from said negotiations, based on their fully costed plans made

    -and then issued a50 only when they are sure.

    A smart person certainly wouldn't listen to folk in twitter who have only ever negotiated a car purchase and thought they got a good deal on the trade in.

    But we don't have smart people. We have David Davis.

    Thick as mince wasn't it?"
  5. David Harrison

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    I liked:
    - David Osler on Twitter
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  6. Mitch

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    If Net neutrality is abandoned you won't be far off that, just negotiating with different people.
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  7. Dead_pool

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    Holy thread necro batman.

    So now that an "oven ready brexit" has "got brexit done" "made Britain great" and "build back better" is happening....

    How does everyone feel about what has happened?
    (Ideally not in three word slogans)

    Does anyone run a business, how has it affected things?
  8. Dead_pool

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  9. Van Zandt

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    The words "burning dumpster fire" come to mind (hey, at least it was more than 3 words).
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  10. Mitch

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    Only in Johnson counting...

    It hasn't affected my business at all. But I have tried ordering a few things from suppliers in Europe to simply be told, "No, we don't export to the UK anymore as it's too complicated."

    We are still at the very start of all this, and all the issues that we were told would not be a problem (border in the Irish Sea etc) are materialising exactly as predicted.
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  11. Dead_pool

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    And it's still burning!!

    UK rejects EU’s Northern Ireland moves, saying Brexit deal must be renegotiated

    It's almost as if Boris "get brexit done" lied to everyone!

    Imagine that someone of the status of Boris running away from his personal responsibility.

    I am shocked and appalled, well not that shocked, to be honest I saw this coming from the start, but still!
  12. Botta Dritta

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    I've trained myself recently in entry level UK Customs L2 and I'm not surprised. At the moment the UK firms are having to fill out paperwork to export to the EU, but the UK government has given a grace period for exporters from the EU to send goods without the extra customs paperwork, presumably so that supermarket shelves are not hit.

    This Grace period ends in January.

    So if its awkward for EU exporters now, because of calculating the extra fees they have to pass on to UK customers, imagine what will happen in January when they have to employ extra customs officials fill out extra customs forms and extra Red tape.
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