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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by chrischris, May 25, 2005.

  1. chrischris

    chrischris New Member

    are there any sites on the basics of escrima or kali basics? ive used the search function but only found some links to videos that were to advanced... ive just ordered two escrima and was wondering if someone could help

  2. Reiki

    Reiki Ki is everything!

    you'd be better to find a good instructor to learn from.
    Its not something that you can do easily off the net or from a book or video without some training.
  3. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    agreed. unless your willing to suffer a lot of unneccessary knocks, lumps, and bruising. do not learn from a book or a website.

    there is, however, a basics video out in the market that i would recomend. mind you, this is good only to get you started, it shouldn't really replace real training.
  4. old timer

    old timer Just well worn !

    Depending on the style of Kali Eskrima you are interested in, the books, videos etc vary as the systems are slightly different. My self, I practice Villabrille Largusa Kali as taught under the Magda Instutue banner at Impact Martial Arts and for this system I have found the Paul Vunak JKD Fillipino stick fighting video to be an excellent companion. Incidentally I see that you are based in Wales, are you by anychance near Cardiff? If so we have a school there as there is no substitute for proper training, and I thoroughly recommend Impact Martial Arts.

    Check out our schools website and drop Sifu Dave Carnell a line.

    Or contact the school direct at:

    Impact Martial Arts Academy, Cardiff
    Instructor: Sam Scaife
    Address: Star Centre, Splott Rd, Splott, Cardiff
    Tel: 07971859564
  5. chrischris

    chrischris New Member

    im not too far from cardiff actaully,its about an hour away.

    I use a staff in Tang Soo Do, but i've always wanted to use escrima, and its not taught in my school, which is a shame, i think their more effective than staffs.

    thanks for all your help
  6. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

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  7. shootodog

    shootodog restless native


    if you're interested in the dvd, please Post it in this thread so we can all benifit :D
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  8. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Dear Shootodawg, What oh what could the DVD be :rolleyes: ? Please share..... :D

    BTW, awsome footage of GM Recto on the KDL site, and great article by Diego. Anymore footage of Maning Recto out there?
  9. chrischris

    chrischris New Member

    i wont be buying the dvd.... im poor lol

    i was justhoping that there'd be a site with some basics on....
  10. old timer

    old timer Just well worn !

    Check out e bay, everyone can afford a few quid, I have purchased dozens of videos and DVD,s.
  11. SCP_Kensei


    In the spirit of the above, I was wondering if there are any sites that show the short opening "ceremony" for the start of training. I've just started Kali (At Phoenix MMA, Newcastle Upon tyne) and would like to "get" this asap.
  12. Matt_Bernius

    Matt_Bernius a student and a teacher

  13. old timer

    old timer Just well worn !

    I am sure that the "opening ceremony" or salutation varies from club to club, our salutation is a mixture of Kung fu, Silat and Muay Thai as we are a Jun Fan JKD & Kali school. Have you thought about videoing one of the other students or the instructor so that you can get the motion down.
  14. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    you mean aside from handshakes and smiles? then the instructor saying: "ok guys, let's do some warm-ups"
  15. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    If your doing Inosanto blend/JKD kali, you can find the Lacoste orasayon/salute by flipping through "The Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts" or "Filipino Martial Culture" at your local bookstore. You can also find a Villibrillle-Largusa prayer in "The Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts".
  16. Go Jun Long

    Go Jun Long Valued Member

    The video on our site: shows one way of the Tacosa salute. Where are you located?
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  17. SCP_Kensei


    Im in NEwcastle Upon tyne in the UK.

    Turns out we train in Inosanto Kali blend.
  18. old timer

    old timer Just well worn !

    Do you train in JKD, Kali & Silat as well, if so your salutation may well be the same as ours as we train under the Magda Instutute and Cass Magda trained with Dan Inosanto. If you can very briefly describe the start of it I will know instantly if it is the same.
  19. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Then I would have assumed your instructor would have shown you the salutation as part and parcel of the class??? Or maybe he feels he does not need one, many don't. Who you trainin with anyway?????

    Best regards

  20. SCP_Kensei


    The instructor has run us through it, and we do it before each session, but I wanted a "photo story" style guide to allow me to rehearse it and get it right at home.

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