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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Palace_denizen, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Palace_denizen

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    And so a simple question, can playing Badminton and Squash improve eye-hand coordination and increase speed ? Given that the racquets are normally the same length as a rattan, that the grip is the same, and that these sports are often more fun than many gruelling hours in the dojo. What doe the experts think ?

    what other ways can make learning to wield a stick more fun ?

  2. Van Zandt

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  3. blindside

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    It would be great except that all those hours of striking a birdie are exactly how you don't want to hit someone with a stick. If you hit a tire with a slash the same way you backhand a ball or birdie you will likely disarm yourself, the similarity is that your arm is doing backhand and forehands, but your hand position is exactly 90 degrees of where it should be. Seems like a bad training method.
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    Martial artists need rhythm and dexterity.
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    Actually, i used to play badminton at county level and i will say that the footwork is massively compatible with what we do for stick sparring. Specifically, if long-range is your thing, it will give you a massive edge.
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    If those hours in the dojo are so unpleasant, why the hell are you still going? If you're not having fun, stop.
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    This. If you want to identify things that might have some potential crossover, knock yourself out. Certainly racquetball or squash will make you quick on your feet. But if you're looking for activities to do instead of training, why? You don't really NEED to know eskrima. You either like doing it or you don't.

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