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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by soon, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. soon

    soon New Member

    Does anyone know if the English Quarterstaff style is even in existence still? I've been hunting aroung some of the English / European Martial Arts sites, but cant find any mention of it. I study FMA, which I love, but it would be great to pay homage to my own roots. With a great big stick... :D

  2. axelb

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    according to some history I read, it was incorporated into boxing.
  3. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    in Pencak Silat, we use a trumba ... which is a 'great big stick' ;)

    not as long as a longstaff, however the motions are similar and the concepts would be quite alike also. If you are interested I can supply more details...
  4. soon

    soon New Member

    I was more intersted in learning something 'English' SP, but, yeah, I'm well aware of what Silat has to offer. Silat is a principal that I already respect a great deal and have researched a fair bit (some harsh take downs you guys are doing my friend!). Thanks for the input though :)
  5. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    :D Thank you. Nice to see Silat being recognised :D

    The olde Quaterstaff is something I like myself, and as such 'play around' with a staff I had made. While I may not be learning it properly, I am learning how not to carry my own head off with it :D :p

    Have you tried contacting re-enactment groups? Or tried looking for Medieval enthusiasts who could point you in a better direction??
  6. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Check the Western Martial Arts Forum. Specifically, talk to Cudgel, I believe it is. Vast knowledge of Westerns fighting styles.
  7. soon

    soon New Member

    SP: yep, I think I'll have to spray a few emails around. Be careful with that Quarterstaff kimosabe! Just last night I clobbered myself with my cocobolo escrima stick.... ouches!!!!

    Bai: Sounds promising!! I'll have to track him down.

    Thanks guys :)

    I'll be swishing round like Little John in no time!
  8. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

  9. soon

    soon New Member

    English Quarterstaff

    BaiKaiGuy suggested that you western MA students might be able to help. Does anyone know anything about the English Quaterstaff style style? Is it dead or still practised?

  10. CobraKai

    CobraKai Valued Member

    Mate, try this website, i have an affinity for the Olde Western Systems myself, cant find anywhere to learn it though
  11. CobraKai

    CobraKai Valued Member

  12. soon

    soon New Member

    Thanks, great website. Even if I don't find anything about the 1/4 staff on there its worth keeping bookmarked. Tons of really good info! Thanks for the arma link too Cobra.
  13. Anomandaris

    Anomandaris New Member

    try this

    these are private lessons with an expert on the subject.

    might be worth looking into, or at least checking out some of his books.

    try this site too for medieval and rennaisance martial arts in general

  14. soon

    soon New Member

    Bingo! Thanks very much! :)
  15. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

  16. soon

    soon New Member

    Thanks ocianain, I might actually buy that, seems like there might be some techniques I could through into my eskrima practice too :)
  17. Pastyti

    Pastyti Banned Banned


    Have you tried to get in touch with the 'Sealed Knot' Society? They might be able to help.

    Best of luch in your search.

  18. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    Some one mentioned my name.......*hides*

    I am actually the WRONG person to ask about staff use, sorta, most everyone else in teh WMA forum knows more than I do about most things. I jsut know a lot about....metallurgy.
    Id suggest asking...louie or Ken. They know mor about English/scottish/irish stick fighting than I do.
  19. kenpfrenger

    kenpfrenger sportin' a Broughton

    Hi Soon,

    We just had paul Wagner here in the US last month giving us a great seminar on Engliish q-staff. We were lucky enough to get it all on tape. If I am not mistaken it will be available on DVD fairly soon for a very low price with the profits going to Paul himself.

    Until that is ready and to find out more about the q-staff as used by the English I would suggest joining the following yahoo group:

    THis is also a good place toi inquire about the video.

    I have been toying witht he q-staff for about a month now but mostly just going over the material from Pauls seminar.

  20. leeless

    leeless Handshaker extraordinaire

    If you live near Nottingham or Leicester, try this:


    The guy who teaches it was taught by his Grandfather. It's a family system that goes back several centuries. We use the quarterstaff and it's English as queing.

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