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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Geordie Boy, Jan 27, 2004.

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    These things definetely need restoring no doubt.

    But surely there must be recorded observations. Say the Pagans, used copper and tin to make bronze axes, very similar to those of the saxons and celts and the types found all around the euphrates even further north during the persian empire.
    We have recordings of astrology, medicines, religious beliefs all parts of society from back in pagan days. But no recordings of MA ? We must have had systems back then, i just find it hard to believe there are no texts. In Titacus's account of Germania during saxon times, he mentions their social structure and fighting methods, which hint at formalised systems, but no descriptive detail. These systems did exist all over europe, but no evidence ? its all a conspiracy i tell you.

    In terms of restoring MA from traditional sources like highland dirk dance, morris dancing, shin kicking, there just isn't enough money or time or resources put into preservation, people prefer the mysterious lure of oriental myths and legends.
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    Earliest Recordings of WMA

    Hi OBCT

    Check back on our earlist posts in this forum, there are lots of accounts particularily in Irish texts of Martial training methods used in Ireland and Scotland~

    One of the earliest references to martial training in Scotland comes down to us from the Celtic legends of the warrior, CúChulainn, a ‘Champion of the Red Branch’ who travelled in his youth to Alba (Scotland) to learn the arts of war from Scathach ("The Shadowy One" or "She Who Strikes Fear") a fearsome female expert in martial arts. Her training camp was believed to be based on the Isle of Skye....
    The 'student' had to complete a combination of athletic training and fighting techniques described in the Tain Bo Chuailagne – (the Cattle Raid of Cooley), as cleasa or feats.

    The Apple-feat: Juggling metal balls which could be thrown to injure or kill an opponent?
    The Edge-feat: Displaying sword guards and angles of attack?
    The Level Shield-feat: Demonstrating the ability to deflect and ward off sword attacks with a shield?
    The Little Dart-feat: Demonstrating the ability to throw a projectile with speed and accuracy?
    The Rope-feat: A demonstration of balance, a training technique in which a warrior fought while on a rope stretched between two poles?
    The Body-feat: Body building or perhaps the ability to shape shift, distorting the body into Yoga-like positions?
    The Feat of Catt: ?
    The Hero's Salmon-leap: This has often been interpreted as an upright vertical leap like a salmon jumping out of the water.
    The Pole-cast: Throwing a pole, or perhaps tossing a caber?
    The Leap over a Blow: This may have been the Swordsman’s Leap which is performed in the Dirk Dance, jumping above an opponent’s sword blow in combat
    The Folding of a noble Chariot-fighter: The ability to duck to avoid javelin throws both on the ground and on a moving chariot?
    The Gae Bulga ('the Barbed Spear'): CuChullain’s special weapon,
    The Vantage (?) of Swiftness: foot-racing or sprinting?
    The Wheel-feat: Lifting & tossing a heavy weight?
    The Rimfeat: Using the rim of a shield as a weapon?
    The Over-Breath-feat: breath control?
    The Breaking of a Sword: Power shots with a sword?
    The Champion's Cry: A war cry or Chi shout?
    The Measured Stroke: Precision cutting with the sword?
    The Side Stroke: Striking with the flat of the Blade?
    The Running up a Lance and Standing Erect on its Point, and Binding of the Noble Hero (around spear points): Monkey KF?

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    thats given me a fair bit to look up. thank you.
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    The way of the art of the hand? :D
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    Morris Dansing

    A cuple of days aggow i sore a program on BBC 3 called "Mind Body and Kik Ass Mooves".It showd a barlnees nife fiting MA and a darns vershon dissined for traning in seecrasy, it look allmost identical to Morris Dansing, cowissidans?

    ps.check awt the show if you can its dam good.Abawt 11pm thursdays BBC 3
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    Hi Lobsang,

    First shown on Mondays 9-10pm, and about 2-3am, then Thursday morning about 1-2am and 4-5am.

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    Ye thancks LabanB

    I woch it arfta my weekly Ju Jitsu on thursdays.It is verry interesting thow i hily reckamend it.
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    Lobsang please use proper spelling when posting. some of us hav a hard time undestanding poeple when they post either phonetically or use a lot of slang in their posts.
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    ...ellers begynner jeg å snakke Norsk! :eek:
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    Just what I was thinking :p
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    I have a feeling that stolenbjorn finds it hard to use english because its his second language as opposed to using slang Cudgel.

    Good on him for trying to practise his English here.
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    Quote:Originally Posted by
    Lobsang please use proper spelling when posting. some of us hav a hard time undestanding poeple when they post either phonetically or use a lot of slang in their posts.

    Sorry im dislexsick and have a lot of trubbul wit spelling.But i will triey harder sorry :( .And if you are lerning English good on you i've lived haer for 18 yaers and im still lerning.
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    Es tut mir leid. Ich wiess nicht was Sie sprechen. Ich weiss nicht Norsk.

    I have no problem reading Stolenbjorns english..only his norse.

    Lobsang: In that case I will try to read waht you post with that in mind. it jsut that when ever I run across someone who doesnt spell correctly I almost imediately think to myself that this person isnt worth understanding.
    But il make exception for people who cannot spell due to some disability.
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    Thancks, and if it wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t have any incentive to spell properly thanks :)
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    Hi all, referring back to the original post, though you might like to have a look at Terry Glover's English Combat:

    Stick fighting, English quarterstaff, other weapons and unarmed. I train regularly in English Combat and I'm well-impressed (I have a background in judo and karate). Anyway, hope you find the site interesting.

    All the best
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    Terms & Conditions

    Hi Prithee..

    Although there's nothing wrong in directing us to a particular website, as already stated, continually advertising your website in your first posts is only going to end in your message being deleted, please check the terms and conditions for posting!

    Other than that, welcome to MAP, I enjoyed your website graphics/animation and look forward to any contributions you may have to this section :D

    Louie (WMA Mod)
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    Thanks for the warm welcome Louie.

    'English Combat' is actually a Fighting System, as opposed to a Martial Art. Among other differences, there's no bowing, simply mutual respect.
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    actualy.....martial arts is English for well martial arts and was used long long before West met East. So itis quite correct to refer to English combat as a martail art. It doesnt nee d to have bowing or esoteric philosophy to be a martial art.
    in any case welcome to MAP
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    Good point Cudgel, well made. And I quite agree. I should clarify - I was meaning our specific system: Terry Glover's "English Combat" is a Fighting System rather than a Martial Art. Terry himself would more eloquently explain why, but it is a point he feels strongly about.

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