Earliest Syllabus for WMA training in Scotland

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    One of the earliest references to martial training in Scotland comes down to us from the Celtic legends of the warrior, CúChulainn, a ‘Champion of the Red Branch’ who travelled in his youth to Alba (Scotland) to learn the arts of war from Scathach ("The Shadowy One" or "She Who Strikes Fear") a fearsome female expert in martial arts. Her training camp was believed to be based on the Isle of Skye....
    The 'student' had to complete a combination of athletic training and fighting techniques described in the Tain Bo Chuailagne – (the Cattle Raid of Cooley), as cleasa or feats.

    The Apple-feat: Juggling metal balls which could be thrown to injure or kill an opponent?
    The Edge-feat: Displaying sword guards and angles of attack?
    The Level Shield-feat: Demonstrating the ability to deflect and ward off sword attacks with a shield?
    The Little Dart-feat: Demonstrating the ability to throw a projectile with speed and accuracy?
    The Rope-feat: A demonstration of balance, a training technique in which a warrior fought while on a rope stretched between two poles?
    The Body-feat: Body building or perhaps the ability to shape shift, distorting the body into Yoga-like positions?
    The Feat of Catt: ?
    The Hero's Salmon-leap: This has often been interpreted as an upright vertical leap like a salmon jumping out of the water.
    The Pole-cast: Throwing a pole, or perhaps tossing a caber?
    The Leap over a Blow: This may have been the Swordsman’s Leap which is performed in the Dirk Dance, jumping above an opponent’s sword blow in combat
    The Folding of a noble Chariot-fighter: The ability to duck to avoid javelin throws both on the ground and on a moving chariot?
    The Gae Bulga ('the Barbed Spear'): CuChullain’s special weapon,
    The Vantage (?) of Swiftness: foot-racing or sprinting?
    The Wheel-feat: Lifting & tossing a heavy weight?
    The Rimfeat: Using the rim of a shield as a weapon?
    The Over-Breath-feat: breath control?
    The Breaking of a Sword: Power shots with a sword?
    The Champion's Cry: A war cry or Chi shout?
    The Measured Stroke: Precision cutting with the sword?
    The Side Stroke: Striking with the flat of the Blade?
    The Running up a Lance and Standing Erect on its Point, and Binding of the Noble Hero (around spear points): Monkey KF?

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