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    I've made a conscious effort to drill more and after playing with a few different ideas have decided that its best to work on connected techniques, ie there is no point working leg drag to back triangle on day 1 followed by spider guard sumi gaeshi on day 2 (we started with these two with a 'I pick today you pick tomorrow' attitude).

    Today we drilled Yoko Tomoe Nage, both sides, no longer than 1 second of
    Grips prior to the throw. We managed about 70 ( perhaps a few more )prior to class in about 15 minutes was quite the workout. Goal is to keep this up daily until we feel we really can just hit it from anywhere, then move onto technique 2. We also plan to get to 108 reps (54 each) in those 15-20 mins prior to class.

    What is your approach to drilling, or training prior to class? Any critique on the above?

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