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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Doobee123, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Hmmm... believe it or not, similiar things have been said before. I have a habit of tensing up when performing techniques I'm not familiar with, thinking too much about, worried about, when nervous or confronted etc...

    So, apart from focusing on being relaxed during drills, sparring and poomsae, do you have any suggestions on how this can be done?
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    repeat, repeat, repeat, until you can perform the entire technique as a single motor pattern rather than trying to do its different parts separately all at once. usually the problem in this situation is that you try to physically multitask and something will always interfere with the rest of what you're trying to do. once it's integrated, even if it's wrong you can correct it piece by piece. also, if you can do any extracurricular partner training, drill and even spar in a completely controlled environment where you can figure out optimal positioning and timing, ie don't spar to win, spar to train, and apply conditions that will help you deliver your techniques in less time (for example, drills or sparring where you aim specifically to do one particular technique, so everything you do will be geared to put you where you can effectively land that technique, so that when you spar more freeform, you know from where you can do it, so that when you end up there for whatever reason, you can throw it naturally and instinctively from there)
  3. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Awesome, thanks for the pro-tips. Will give it some thought and see what I can come up with. Stay tuned :)
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    This^^ x 1000 Another thing that helps me is to do 2 person drills extremely slowly and build up speed as skill improves.
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    Gruelling Bro, Your one tuff old man.:yeleyes:
  6. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Thursday 22nd January, 2015

    Diet: Mostly good, few small lapses but overall ok.

    Sleep: Woke up tired. Was a warm night, so that wouldn't have helped. Was in the sack for a good 8 hours, but don't think the quality was there. Not quite normal bed time as I type this and I'm tired as if I've had a full workout.

    General Feeling: Good when active, though started off slow. Tired and drained now. Today was a rest day, so no real exercise. Went through my patterns slowly after dinner and tinkered with a few different things. Aggravated my left arm again, pain is in my upper bicep lower shoulder, don't know what I've done.

    Managed to finish building my 3 in 1 Plyo box today, so pretty chuffed about that. Box jumps here we come!!

    Appreciate all the feedback guys, everything keeps pointing back to basics and repetition and best bang for my buck.
  7. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Been a bit busy lately, so haven’t been able to post. In brief, here goes:

    Diet: Very on and off sadly. I haven’t made the right choices on too many occasions and I’m not even going to try and drop a weight class for the fights coming up (mid-March). Will take it nice and slow, see what happens.

    Sleep: Has been mostly good, but a few deliberate late nights over the weekend. Bit tired today (late night early morning).

    General Feeling: Better than expected actually given diet and sleep. I’m constantly amazed at how much better I feel when I look after things properly.


    Friday 23rd January, 2015

    Started straight into poomsae, Taegeu 1-8 and Palgwe 1-8

    Step Sparring:
    3 Step Sparring
    2 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self Defense
    Pressure Test: Defense against 4 random weaponless attacks, 2 attacks with club, 2 attacks with knife

    Spent a further hour on Palgwe 8, over and over again.

    Stretch: 30 minutes

    Saturday 24th January, 2015

    Warm-up: Joint rotations, bodyweight squats

    Back Squats: Warmup - 2x20kgx5, 1 x 30kgx3; Work - 5x45kgx5
    Bench Press: Warmup - 2x20kgx5; Work - 5x32.5kgx5
    Barbell Row: Work - 5x42.5kgx5
    Weighted KB Dips: 3x10 BW+6.25kg
    Planks: 3x55 seconds
    KB Snatch: 5x16kgx10; (only 20 seconds between sets)

    Bodyweight sets:
    25 Hindu Pushups
    100 Hindu Squats
    100 Back Extensions
    100 Janda Situps

    Stretch: 20 minutes

    Sunday 25th January, 2015

    Went out to the old tip first thing Sunday morning. It is an old tip that has been filled in and is being converted into a botanical garden. It has the only hill for about 30 kilometers in any direction and has a path about 500 meters long that zig zags it way from bottom to top, the perfect place for hill sprints.

    Warmup: 1.8km run on the track around the outside of the garden

    Hill Sprints: 10 x 80meter lengths; its about a 30 degree upward slope

    Bodyweight sets, done up the last 80 meter length of the hill: 6 rounds: 10 x Pushups, 10 x Lunges, 10 x Squats

    Stretch: 20 minutes

    Monday 26th January, 2015

    Warm-up: Jogging, skipping, joint rotations, high knees, donkey kicks, inside/outside knees – 15 minutes

    Patterns: Spent a solid 2 hours working on Taegek 1-8 and Palgwe 1-8. Really enjoying Palgwe 8, its new (and thereby refreshing) but deals with some new things that the other patterns previously haven’t.

    Jump Rope: 20 minutes

    Stretch: 20 minutes
  8. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Wednesday 28th January, 2015

    Diet: Very good. Less focused on quantity and just making sure its all "the good stuff". Not quite as many vegies as I would of liked, but only by 1-2 serves.

    Sleep: Late night and early morning makes for challenge. Managed to get through the day ok, but was too often fighting the urge for a siesta.

    General Feeling: Felt good, but tired. Didn't have to go to work, so that reduced the impact of insufficient sleep somewhat, and replaced it with "I feel like a nap right now..... I could just lie down for 15 mins...".


    As home form work, was able to have two workouts today, AM and PM. Not a luxury I get to have often, even on the weekend.

    Morning: Strength.

    About 10 minutes. Warmed up with some shadow boxing. I'm not a boxer and have never had any training, but I understand the basic principles of jab, cross, hook and uppercut. We don't do anywhere enough as much hands at TKD (its very much olympic sparring with self defense), so its refreshing to do something different. Even so, I think my techniques are slowly becoming more and more natural.

    Followed up with joint rotations, top to toe.

    Back Squats: warmup 2x20kgx5, 1x35kgx3; work 5x47.5kgx5
    Overhead Press: warmup 2x20kgx5; work 5x32.5kgx5
    Deadlift: work 1x65kgx5
    Rest between work sets was 90 seconds

    Chinups: Played with this a bit, am looking to get 30 reps out (in any number of set/rep combos) until I can work it back to 3x10. Today I ended up with 6x5 with 90 seconds rest inbetween sets. Will do this a few more times and go to 5x6.
    Hanging Knee Raises: 2x8
    2 Handed Kettlebell Swings: 5x15 (16kg bell), 30 seconds rest

    20 minutes of what is supposed to be yoga. I've never had any formal instruction, just following a hip opening sequence I've found on Youtube.


    Arrived late at the Dojang due to family responsibilities. The 3rd Dan BB who I've been training Step Sparring and Self Defense with was waiting for me, so it was straight into things without a warmup. As a result, I tweaked something in my neck and I've now limited movement. I don't know how I did it, though I knew I had done it once it was done (if that makes sense...) and being a stubborn old coot, continued to train.

    So Step Sparring:
    3 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self Defense
    2 Step Sparring
    Pressure Test: 4 random, 2 random vs club, 2 random vs knife - getting more confident with this. Learnt a defense against a bearhug - arms pinned, timing so so important.

    Then on to sparring:
    Approx. 10 x 2 minute rounds against all ability types - 3 particularily hard rounds against one opponent, the rest were at about 40-80% pace.

    25 Hindu Pushups
    100 Hindu Squats
    100 Back Extensions
    75 Janda Situps - hamstrings gave out pulling on the resistance band, so only 75 instead of 100, didn't think till afterwards to finish the set without the band.

    Stretching: 15 minutes
  9. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Aaaannnnddddddd I'm back. Busted computers and no interwebs make forum posting difficult...

    Been almost two dissapointing months since I was last able to post, so quick update and I'll continue on from where I left off.

    I had been training for an event in March (two weeks ago). My instructor told me at the end of January to forget the weights for awhile and just focus on speed and bagwork in my own time, so I did. We did alot of poomsae and sparring in the lead up and took some hard knocks which still aren't right. The last two weeks I was very limited in my training due to these injuries, had to predominately rest just to give them time to heal up as best as they could. Misjudged weight/diet and had to cut 3kg to make weight, I'd eaten poorly and the body was holding water.

    On to the event, I was successful in my technical event and took gold on the first day. Also found out that I was fighting up a weight class, so the weight cut wasn't required after all.

    The second day arrived and after waiting my time, I kitted up and warmed up for my fight. Started early because I hate being rushed and wanted to take my time. Time comes around to go to marshalling and my opponent pulls out (injury of some sort apparently), I'm escorted on to court and awarded an uncontested victory. Very disappointing and very frustrating.

    Currently I'm training with my main focus being to hopefully grade to Cho Dan Bo at the end of April. I also need to continue to develop my flexibility and strength and conditioning as much as possible in limited time I have left after focusing on grading syllabus.
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    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Still getting back into the swing of posting, so just workout details I'm afraid.

    Thursday, 26th March 2015

    Regular TKD class for two hours. Spent half of it assisting the instructor and taking lower belts through their grading syllabus.

    After warmup we went straight into bunkai (I think that is what it is called, not sure what the korean word for it is):

    Front Kick countered by Lower Block and Face Punch
    Body Punch countered by Body Block and Face Punch
    Roundhouse Kick countered by Outside Block and Face Punch
    Face Punch countered by Face Block and Face Punch

    I find it a bit frustrating that we don't do more of this, and when we do, it is quite often done without any real intent.

    Up and down in Forward Stance with all blocks, punches and strikes.

    Patterns - Taegeuk 1-8 & Koryo, was asked to do Taegeuk 8 blindfolded which was interesting, finished about 1 meter from where I should have and facing in the right direction, so not too bad.

    Brief stretch.

    Friday, 27th March 2015

    Had less time than normal which was unfortunate, but had the Dojang to myself which was awesome.

    Warmed up with joint rotations, jogging/skipping/sidestepping up and down, leg raises and so forth.

    Spent about 10 minutes with quickstep/agility work, in and out of an imaginary ladder up and down

    Started with stationary kicks - 10 per side:
    Front Kick
    Roundhouse Kick
    Side Kick
    Hook Kick
    Step Change Front Kick
    Step Change Roundhouse Kick
    Turning Side Kick
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Spinning Hook Kick

    Kicks moving up and down:
    Front, Front, Sliding Front
    Round, Round, Sliding Round
    Side, Side, Sliding Side
    Front, Round, Side
    Round, Spinning Heel
    Round, Spinning Hook
    Crescent, Turning Side

    Was particularily disatisfied with my spinning kicks and their combinations and as a result never even attempted progressing into the jumping spinning kicks I need to get sorted.

    Brief Stretch.

    Saturday, 28th March 2015

    Warm up with joint rotations, jogging in place, leg lifts

    10 per side Front/Roundhouse/Side kicks

    Random combinations of kicks, feint into roundhouse, lower/upper roundhouse, hammer kicks just for fun, no set routine.

    Focus on Spinning Hook Kick, specifically the pivoting of the foot of the lead leg and turning of the head, then ensuring correct leg movement for the "hook". Felt better by the end, but didn't get onto the jump element.

    Have just started a new S & C cycle that is fairly condensed and can be done in 20-30 mins allowing me to focus on technique for grading. It uses the one size KB for an entire 6 week period, I've decided to start with 12kg and then repeat with 16kg for a second 6 week period. This was day one of week one.

    20 minute AMRAP - 2 x Turkish Getup (1 per side), 2 x Chinup, 4 x Turkish Getup (2 per side), 4 x Chinup

    I had just started my 5th set when the timer beeped. Obvious goal is more reps next time.

    Then 5 sets of, Weighted Dips x 5 and Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 (per side). I don't have dip bars at home, so setup using two KB as my bars, my feet on a bench and my KB in my lap.

    For fun finished off with 3 sets of Russian Twists x 20 with a 9kg slam ball followed by 20 x Bicycles

    Stretched for about 10 mins.

    Sunday, 29th March 2015

    Unfortunately was rushed and didn't have the time to go through all the things I wanted too.

    Warm up with joint rotations, jogging in place, leg lifts

    20 min duration, alternating cycle each minute using 12kg KB

    Cycle A - 8 KB Snatch per side, rest remainder of minute
    Cycle B - 8 KB Two handed Swing, rest remainder of minute

    Ends up at 80 KB Snatch per side and 80 Two Handed swings

    Stetched for about 10 minutes

    Monday, 30th March 2015

    Once again pretty much had the Dojang to myself (School holidays so no official classes, but people welcome to come train by themselves)

    Warmed up with joint rotations, leg swings, jogging/skipping/side stepping up and down, leg raises

    Went through patterns, Taegeuk 1-8, Koryo and Palgwe 1-8

    3 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self-Defence
    2 Step Sparring
    Pressure Test: Defence against club/knife, hair hold, belt grab, shoulder hold, wrist hold

    Kicking techniques:

    Front Kick - on the spot
    Roundhouse Kick - on the spot
    Front, Front, Sliding Front
    Round, Round, Sliding Round
    Side, Side, Sliding Side
    Crescent, Turning Side
    Round, step turn Round
    Round, Jump Turn Round
    Crescent, Jump Turn Crescent
    Double Front (one leg at a time)
    Double Front (both legs together)
    Stepping Spinning Heel
    Stepping Spinning Hook
    Round, Spinning Heel,
    Round, Spinning Hook

    Stretched 15 mins
  11. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Tuesday, 31st March 2015

    Didn't have alot of time, so just focused on my strength & conditionng plan.

    Warmed up with joint rotations, jogging on the spot, slow bodyweight squats and pushups

    15 min AMRAP

    Double KB Front Squats x 3, Double KB Press x 2

    Completed 25 full rounds using 2 x 12kg KB. Total of 75 Front Squats and 50 Press.

    Then 4 supersets of 8 x Renegade Rows (4 per side) and 4 x 8 1 Legged Deadlifts (8 per leg) with 60 secs rest in between.

    Stretched 10 mins

    Wednesday, 1st April 2015

    At the Dojang

    Warmed up with joint rotations, leg swings, jogging/skipping/side stepping up and down, leg raises

    Patters: Taegeuk 1-8

    Step Sparring/Self-Defence:
    3 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self Defence
    2 Step Sparring

    Self defence techniques - a lady who trains occasionally was there and she has a background in Aikido, we went through different techniques that could be useful.

    I'd never worked with her before, it was good to go through things with someone else from a different background/influence.

    Finished off with Double KB Cleans, 5 reps per minute for ten minutes was the prescribed length. There were no 12kg KB's so I shifted up to two 16kg KB's and pushed through the set. Had no chalk and ripped a callous off which I am still slightly annoyed about, but such things do happen I suppose.

    No stretching... as much as I want and need to improve my flexibility, it is the first thing to go as soon as I'm pushed for time. I detest stretching with a passion and don't want to have to do it. Need to find some better motivation here, suggestions anyone?

    Thursday, 2nd April 2015

    Today will be a rest day, not by choice, but can't be helped. Make up for it tomorrow.

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