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    So, training log. Never tried one of these before, any comments, questions or advice welcome.

    Bit of brief info about me. 36 years old and have just started my 4th year of training TKD, currently at 1st Gup at my school, hoping to grade to Cho Dan Bo in April and then perhaps 1st Dan at the very end of the year. We'll see.

    Train to improve my TKD skillset and physical capabilities. Current goals are to "master" TKD syllabus, improve flexibility, and obviously to be stonger, faster for longer. I compete at state level (planning on national level this year if I'm good enough) in both technical events and sparring. Next competition is mid-March.

    Currently 175cm tall and about 74kg. Hoping to get down to fight in >68kg category. My instructor is my height, slightly larger (more muscular, less fat) and fights comfortably at >68kg, so definately achievable.
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    Wednesday 14th January, 2015

    Diet: Very good.

    Sleep: About 7-8 hours last night which was good, needed it.

    General Feeling: Felt good today. Overall alertness and concentration was good. No real niggles to complain about.


    Warm-up - Light jogging/skipping interspersed with joint rotations for entire body.

    Metafit - Had never done this before, basically for those that don't know was a fancy name for some interval training.

    Work sets were for 18 seconds, rest sets were 20 seconds, then straight into the next sequence:

    Exercise 1 followed by rest
    Exercise 1, Exercise 2 followed by rest
    Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3 followed by rest
    Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4 followed by rest
    Exercise 4, Exercise 3, Exercise 2, Exercise 1 followed by rest
    Exercise 4, Exercise 3, Exercise 2 followed by rest
    Exercise 4, Exercise 3 followed by rest
    Exercise 4 followed by rest

    First lot of exercises were burpees, skater squats, squat to star jumps, high knees. Second lot of exercises were inchworm to pushup, mountain climbers, hot hands (plank with alternating row), plank walk.

    After that we went straight into all eight exercises for 18 seconds with only 6 seconds rest.

    Haven't done much interval training for awhile so was a bit of a shock to the body, was good though.

    4 x 1.5 minute rounds of light sparring with some of the lower belts.

    Bag work for about 20 minutes, training consecutive kicks, random combinations. Just enjoying the flow and the movement.

    Bodyweight sets:
    25 Hindu Pushups
    100 Hindu Squats
    100 Back Extensions
    100 Janda Situps

    Stetched for about 20 minutes. Need to do that alot more and for longer but was running out of time.
  3. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Your work out freakin rocks. I like the progression its pretty unique how it climbs up then down, Im gonna try that some time.
  4. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Love the metafit circuit you posted, I might have to pinch that and do my own variation. And those Hindu legs would be knackered :p. Kudos.

    You said you compete state level? If you don't mind my asking, have you ever gone to a competition where you just haven't felt psyched up to compete mentally? If so, what did you do about it?
  5. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Thanks gents. That interval structure was new for me too, I quite enjoyed it. One thing I liked about it was the focus on lower and then upper body, added a bit more of an endurance element to it rather than resting areas of the body while you're working elsewhere.

    As for state level, let me qualify what that means for me. I compete in the Masters division cause I'm old (36) which reduces the competition pool somewhat. Only once (as a colour belt) have I been asked to fight more than once in a tournament. The Masters pool as a Black Belt is a bit more populated with some draws I've seen 3-4 fights. I've qualified to compete at national level in my first (yellow belt) and third (red belt) years of TKD (broke my foot training during my second as blue belt), but haven't had the resources to actually go to the national competition.

    Honestly I often have periods where I question myself and what I'm doing, but that has always been leading up to a competition, and not on the day itself. The training I do has so far been alot harder than any competitions (sparring wise anyway, technical is another story). Sparring with my Master Instructor is as difficult/challenging as he can make it for me without him simply stomping me into the ground. I find it much harder to get up for that than I do at competitions, knowing I will be pushed to my limits each and every time. In my last competition fight my mind was completely relaxed. This may change after I've finished making my way to 1st Dan when I'm competing against opponents who potentially have 30+ years experience in martial arts and ar still active. I'll have to wait and see.

    When I'm competing in technical events (poomsae or kata, whichever term you prefer) its a bit different. I've time to think and then I get nervy. On competition day I find that alot harder to deal with, and just try to calm the mind, not think and breathe.
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    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Thursday 15th January, 2015

    Diet: Very good. This means no junk food essentially, and as much natural as possible. For example, today was the following:

    Breakfast: Homemade muesli with rolled oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, sultanas, cinnamon and coconut.

    Lunch: Shredded beef, lettuce mix, capsicum, orange.

    Dinner: Broccoli, cauliflower, chow mien (red cabbage, cabbage, carrot, lean beef mince, sesame seeds.

    Snacks: Tomato, celery, mixed nuts

    After workout: Milk, kiwi fruit.

    Sleep: About 6-7 hours last night. Woke up feeling refreshed.

    General Feeling: Felt good again today. Meetings at work, didn't struggle to stay attentive. No niggles.


    Today was strength day. Currently following Stronglifts, looking to increase my overall maximal strength. Prefer to do it through bodyweight (believe it gives better control) but barbell work is something I enjoy and I haven't done any for a long time so it was time to change things up. Started a few weeks ago, getting two (instead of 3) sessions per week as it needs to fit in and around the rest of the training cycle. Rest between sets typically 90 seconds.

    Warmup: Joint rotations, full body.

    Back Squats: Warmup - 2x20kgx5, 1 x 30kgx3; Work - 5x40kgx5
    Bench Press: Warmup - 2x20kgx5; Work - 5x30kgx5
    Barbell Row: Work - 5x40kgx5
    Weighted KB Dips: 3x10 BW+5kg (don't have a dip station, so feel elevated using two Kettlebells as my base)
    Planks: 3x50 seconds
    KB Snatch: 5x16kgx10; (only 20 seconds between sets)

    Bodyweight sets:
    25 Hindu Pushups
    100 Hindu Squats
    100 Back Extensions
    100 Janda Situps

    40 Minutes stretching
  7. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Friday 16th January, 2015

    Diet: Very good. Still on the wagon. Feeling very full though.

    Sleep: About 6-7 hours last night. Woke up feeling tired though.

    General Feeling: Felt good again today. Very tired after workout though, body has had it. Good thing its a rest day tomorrow, maybe a walk and some yoga. No niggles.


    Warmup: Joint Rotations, full body. Jogging, skipping, side-steps. Knee raises, donkey kicks, inchworm. Takes about 15 mins.

    Agility Ladder:
    Side-step, Up and down to the right then left, feet together feet apart moving forward, side-step with skater squat pause. About 20 10m lengths all up.

    Palgwe 1-8 one time each
    Taegeuk 1-8 about 3 times each

    Blocks/Punches/Strikes in Horse Riding Stance
    200 Punches for speed
    Turning Side Kick
    Spinning Heel Kick/Jumping Spinning Heel Kick
    Spinning Hook Kick/Jumping Spinning Hook Kick

    Bag Work:
    6 x 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest in-between - random combinations
    3 x 90 seconds with 30 seconds rest in-between - R1 Front kick, R2 Side Kick, R3 Roundhouse Kick

    Jump Rope:
    30 minutes

    30 minutes
  8. Del Piero

    Del Piero New Member

    I'm all ITF, so can you explain me the difference between Palgwe and Taegeuk?
  9. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Great log. Should be called 'Doobee does Dallas' though. :)
  10. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    It's certainly an incredibly thorough and detailed log and a pleasure to read :).
  11. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    The Palgwe forms were created first in 1964) and then the Taegeuk in 1972. I have seen other dates elsewhere, but that is what I've been taught. The Taegeuk forms are for coloured belts. There is a series of poomsae for Black Betls called the Yudanja as well, I don't know when these were created.

    Essentially they are both a series of 8 Poomsae detailing the basics of TKD. One key difference is that the Palgwe forms do not have a short or walking stance while the Taegeuk forms do. Also seems to be more varied hand techniques in the Palgwe forms while the Taegeuk forms have more foot techniques.

    I am far from an expert in either series and am still learning and refining proper execution, which I guess is the journey of MA.

    Thread on MAP I found when thinking about your question detailing some of the happenings:
  12. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Haha! It did cross my mind briefly...
  13. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Glad people are enjoying it. Just trying to keep accountable and it helps me to think about what I'm doing.
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    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Saturday 17th January, 2015

    Diet: Very average. Started off good but day got very busy very quickly. Plenty of frustration towards the end and it all went out the window. Ice-cream, tim tams, pringles and some pastries. All the bad stuff.

    Sleep: Lucky enough to have a good sleep in, 9-10 hours. Felt good, but used it all the gains during the day.

    General Feeling: Started the day well. The mind was relaxed but the body fairly busy until late in the day when things started going a bit wrong. Sun burn from being outside without enough protection, irritating.


    Rest day today, well and truly needed. Still ended walking for 8km, gardening for 3 hours and other house duties.

    Sunday 18th January, 2015

    Diet: Terrible, but unavoidable (mostly). Day out with the family, took the good stuff and managed that. Takeaway for dinner that wasn't planned capped of with the rest of the tim tams from yesterday. Looking forward to that wagon again.

    Sleep: Late night, early start, 6 hours of average sleep, not enough. Sluggish during parts of the day.

    General Feeling: It was a good day, but too much sun again and my sun burn got burnt. Long day though, very tired by the end of it, 8 hours in a car will do that.


    Unfortunately was an unplanned rest day. Certainly wanted to train but time/family didn't permit. Did manage some time in a kayak though which was fun and something I hadn't done in a long time. My right hand stroke is definately much more powerful than my left.

    Glad to be back to normal tomorrow.
  15. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Monday 19th January, 2015

    Diet: So so good to be back to proper food. Home made muesli with banana, tuna with salad, unsalted raw nuts, rice paper rolls with chicken, wombok and carrot. There was also satay beef but not really my thing so just a little bit.

    Sleep: Slept like a baby, not even a pit stop, probably because I couldn't get enough water the day before. About 7 hours of sleep, tired on waking though.

    General Feeling: Long long day at work. Un-motivated due to being tired/drained from the day before. Considered not going to the dojang, but supressed that thought, so glad I did.


    At the dojang for un-official class. We aren't back yet for a few weeks. My Master is kind enough to still open his dojang for any students who want to train, and does so for no charge and will even take classes if he has time.

    Warmed up with jogging and some joint rotations. Not as much as I like to do as the time wasn't my own, but we didn't go into strenuous exercise so it was ok. About 5 minutes.

    Taegeuk 1-8 each one time, except 8 which was 4 times - my beom seogi is causing me trouble, I keep wobbling around loosing balance.
    Palgwe 1-8 each one time, still learning 8, finding it difficult

    Step Sparring:
    3 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self-Defense
    2 Step Sparring

    Self Defense:
    Practicing for Cho Dan Bo grading which means I have to successfully implement self defense techniques against randomly nominated attacks. Tonight was my first real attempt at reacting to truly random attacks. Was quite pleased to find that my first response to the first technique (single shoulder grab) was a mismatch of two different techniques I'd practiced that somehow merged seamlessly into one.
    Also assisted a BB training for his 3rd Dan grading with his self-defense techniques.

    Moving forward pushing off with rear leg, side kick with the front leg - 30 each leg
    Bouncing side kick on the bag - 1 min per leg then 30 secs per leg
    Roundhouse kick/punch combo, guarding hand becomes aggressor, punch landing prior to foot landing - own pace, 2 min per side
    Roundhouse from clinch - move backwards, roundhouse for speed - 20 per side
    Double Roundhouse from clinch - shift weight roundhouse with lead leg then jump round with back leg - 10 per side
    Moving forward into roundhouse - progressive distance skipping into kick without stepping - 15 per side
    Roundhouse Ladder 10 to 1 for speed
    Roundhouse Ladder 5 to 1 for speed
    Squat Front kicks - 1 min

    Squat Hold - 1 min 30 sec
    Plank Hold - 1 min

    30 minutes
  16. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Tuesday 20th January, 2015

    Diet: Diet was pretty good. Much the same as the day before, breakfast is pretty much standard, swap chicken for tuna and dinner was steak with quinoa and broccoli.

    Sleep: Slept like a baby, even through my alarm. Missed morning workout as a result, awoke just as I should be finishing and getting ready for work. Was fortunate to be able to do the workout after work. Felt refreshed today though there was a dip for about an hour from 8-9 in the morning.

    General Feeling: Felt good today apart from afore mentioned dip.


    Warmed up with joint rotations, full body. Kept to the basics and skipped the ones I like to do when planning on a higher intensity workout.

    Strength day today, so Stronglifts No2

    Back Squats: warmup 2x20kgx5, 1x30kgx3; work 5x42.5kgx5
    Overhead Press: warmup 2x20kgx5; work 5x30kgx5
    Deadlift: work 1x60kgx5
    Rest between work sets was 90 seconds

    Chinups: 3xFailure (capped at 10) resulted in 1x10, 1x6, 1x4 Last time I had 3 minutes between sets and managed 24 reps in total. Was feeling rushed and only allowed 90 secs, 4 reps short.
    Hanging Knee Raises: 2x8
    2 Handed Kettlebell Swings: 5x15 (16kg bell), started new set when BPM returned to 120 (typically 25-35 seconds)

    25 Hindu Pushups
    100 Hindu Squats
    100 Back Extensions
    100 Janda Situps

    Only managed 2 x straddle before being called away

    During rest sets when not changing plates spent time going through Korean terminology for Taegeuk forms 1-4.

    This was the workout I was meant to do in the morning before work, but slept in. Was meant to spend time in relaxed stretches in the evening.
  17. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Wednesday 21st January, 2015

    Diet: Good. On the wagon.

    Sleep: Slept well again, hopefully something that continues. 8 hours.

    General Feeling: Busy day today, but was alert throughout. Something wrong with my left arm, bit of pain at times when in use. Have had small problems with arms/shoulders in the past but they have disappeared with rest.


    Started straight into poomsae, Taegeuk 1-8 once each, excepting Taekeuk 4 & 8 which I did 4 times each. Palgwe 1-8 once each as well. Still so much to get right.

    Step Sparring:
    3 Step Sparring
    2 Step Sparring
    1 Step Sparring
    1 Step Self Defense
    Pressure Test: Defense against 4 random weaponless attacks, 2 attacks with club, 2 attacks with knife

    Multiple 2 min rounds - 5 against lower belts, 1 against equal but much lighter/younger opponent and 1 against Master Instructor (he didn't push that hard)

    Defended/blocked well, distance was good, control against lower belts was good.

    Full body stretch, only about 20 seconds each. 2 x 3 mins in straddle.

    Spoke to Master Instructor about my sparring, he said I need to improve my speed when closing and when kicking. He's setup some extra bags so he's going to show me a drill to simulate movement/attacks using multiple bags on Friday to help with that.

    Anyone else have any suggestions/drills on things to do to improve speed when closing/moving/kicking?

  18. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I know some people have had real success with resistance band training. The few times I've used them before I've snapped them (I only tend to buy cheap, crappy pairs so it is my fault) they did wonders for me too.

    Maybe worth a look?
  19. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    ime hese things have much less to do with actual physical speed than they do with timing and positioning. the less that you move while doing something, the less time it will take, and the more your opponent takes to notice it, the less time he'll have to react. learning to physically relax goes a looooooong way towards achieving this by making your movement more efficient, so i'd suggest to work mainly on doing things efficiently and training your timing.
  20. Doobee123

    Doobee123 Valued Member

    Thanks. I do have some restistance bands with ankle straps that can be affixed to something that won't move to create tension. Any drills in particular you'd recommend with them apart from sets of various kicks for speed to help out against resistance for strength? Or other exercises using the bands such as step ups with high knee lift?

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