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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by WhiteWizard, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. vismitananda

    vismitananda Valued Member

    Dean(preferably called in that way)

    Muay Thai

    A "bit" about me:

    I'm a graduating college student, and loves watching movies(Shaw Brothers), being obsessed with Jija Vismitananda, I do read a lot and trains a lot(3/4 times a week, 3/4 hrs. every practice). When I was a littile "lump" I nearly died of a "dog" attack, the dog bit my face and leave a scar at my right temple until today, and so happy to see that the scar is miracolously vanishing. My favorite Martial Arts is Wushu, specifically Hung Gar Kuen. I'm planning to train again this coming summer.
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  2. Terri

    Terri New Member

    disabled martial artists

    Name Terri
    Style: Wing chun kung fu
    Tai chi quan

    Hi every one! I am quite new here. I was thrilled to read the posts of others with disabilities. As for myself i have MS, Fibromyalgia,IBS, profound hearing loss, and a bum knee after car accident. I also have bipolar disorder I guess secondary to losing my profession as i was a Doc and a very happy one at that.

    Started wing chun kung fu recently and love it! It already is helping me balance wise as well as getting me out of my depressive funks. This forum is wonderful! I don't want to feel sorry for myself. I mean everyone has something sooner or later . for me the choice is to moan and groan about it, or better yet to make music from it. Everything is a blessing if we only have inner eyes to see it.

    look forward to knowing you all!:love:Terri
  3. BentMonk

    BentMonk Valued Member

    Attitude Is Everything

    Greetings Terri. Welcome to the boards. :hat:
  4. NightWanderer

    NightWanderer New Member

    Name James
    Style whatever works
    About me:
    I've trained a bit of Ju jitsu both japanese and brasilian, I wanted to like aikido but given my Cerebral palsy I felt it was impractical for me, and I'm a bit of a 'darker' type, so I had trouble embracing Morihei Ueshiba's general philosophies on love and peace, etc. Anyway, I'm into bodybuilding now, but I think my conditioning sucks so I'd like to get back into martial arts, hence my reason for joining.
  5. memmek10k

    memmek10k Valued Member

    name : Not going to say
    martial style: Wing chun
    disables: from cerebral palsy to well a lot of them you name it.
  6. BentMonk

    BentMonk Valued Member

    No Dark Without Light

    Greetings. I have CP also. I've trained in kung fu for 15 years and have extensive sparring experience, including full contact. I'm also a certified kettlebell teacher. If I can offer any suggestions to help with your training, just ask. :hat:
  7. progdan

    progdan Valued Member

    I've just introduced myself in the intros section, but I'll do a quick one here also.

    Name: Dan
    Style: Krav Maga & Doce Pares Eskrima
    About Me: Certainly not as critical as others here, but I developed a cyst in the growth-plate of my right shoulder, so after a few fractures and eventually an operation, I have quite limited movement in my right shoulder, and my upper arm is approximately a hands-width shorter than my left arm. This is a bit of a hassle, but I get around it, though I have to do extra strength building to make sure it doesn't pop out when it gets pulled past its point of point of normal resistance. I'm also very short-sighted, but contact lenses helped solve that one...

    Anyway, pleased to be here, and to hear about the many who aren't allowing their circumstances to prevent them being involved in Martial Arts!
  8. reedk

    reedk Valued Member

    MMA jujitsu fanatic here.

    Jujitsu is my game. ACtually took some classes from BJ Penn and his staff and brothers. Awesome, awesome, awesome.
  9. BentMonk

    BentMonk Valued Member

    Very Cool

    That had to have been way cool. What's your disability and how long have you trained?
  10. reedk

    reedk Valued Member

    Been training for a couple years back in 2003-2004. Stopped training since then though.

    mma fanatic
  11. toegone

    toegone New Member

    Name: Adam

    Style(s) Previously Practiced: Tae Kwon Do (ITF) 6.5 years and Isshinryu Karate (just basic training at college) about a year

    About Me: My disabilities aren't nearly as bad as many I have read but here goes. A little under 9 years ago a standing forklift drove onto and crushed my right foot. 3 surgeries later I lost my big toe, part of my right foot, have a badly reconstructed 2nd toe, and gained a skin graft. This injury also caused me to have to walk with a cane, which I am finally getting past with shoes and an orthotic, and because of this raising one hip higher then the other due to the limp. This also caused my L3-5 to curve to the left a bit, and be slightly twisted. Anyway, I am looking to get back into the martial arts to not only get in shape but for the mental aspects of it as well. I have had trouble trying to find a school in my area that I could train at given some of my issues. That's why I'm here, to see if anyone can help. Thanks for listening.
  12. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member

    Hi Adam sorry to hear about your disability>>. What state or Country do you live in.. What style do you want 2 take up is very important becasue of your injuries..
  13. toegone

    toegone New Member

    I have interest in TKD again, as well as other striking arts. The reason I want to start there if possible is familiarity with it, and would keep me up and moving more and help to also build my cardio up. In time there is a gracie bjj school in the area, and Steve Blackman of wwf fame is from the area and has an mma school, but that would be much later one in good shape and if I thought with my foot I could compete. The importance I guess is a striking art that will keep me moving to help me in the ways that martial arts did in the best, healing of mind and spirit, and get me in shape. As I posted on the forum I am in Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA.
  14. hkdstl

    hkdstl Banned Banned


    I am a disabled vet. Knee braces, back problems, tinnitus, traumatic brain injury.

    I participate in Hapkido, Tae Kwon Kwon Do, and Kumdo. At one time I did a lot of Yudo, but can no longer do so.
  15. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    Quick check: is being insane a disability? I'm serious. I have a paranoid psychosis.
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  16. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    Yes mate it is.

    It can have just as much a negative impact on your day to day life as many other disabilities.
  17. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    OK cool thanks
  18. sabco

    sabco Valued Member

    I was so pleased when I found this forum! I was beginning to think there was not much out there for martial artists with a disability. I got to a point in my training a few months ago where it was difficult for me to continue due to my health. I am 35 years old, blind in one eye and only have 15 degrees of vision in my 'good' eye. Despite this I attained a black belt in taekwondo several years ago and work as a high school History teacher. To say that it has been hard at times is an understatement.

    I have been involved in martial arts since I was 13- I really think that I was born with it in me. I studied Wing Chun first (which was great), a little kickboxing and gojukai karate and finally I have been doing taekwondo for the last 6 years and am still loving it.

    About a month ago I decided to start a blog to connect with others with similar difficulties in my vicinity (South Australia) as I needed, and still need, to adapt my trining program somewhat as I cannot train in standard classes anymore due to risk of injury to my precious remaining vision. However the blog is becoming a record of my experiences and maybe some others facing hardships in their training could get something out of it. Here is the link:

    So thanks WW for investing time into this invaluable forum and MAP for hosting it.
  19. Ancientharp

    Ancientharp klutzy thread assassin

    Yeah, seconded thanks to White Wizard.

    And to everyone who wanted to talk about whatever issues they have.

    I have a severe learning disability (nonverbal). It's basically a step to the left of Autism and Asperger's.
    (this pretty much explains me to a 't').

    I was only recently diagnosed, as I had managed to teach myself social skills along the way. Plus, this diagnosis was only separated out from the main AS category fairly recently. So.

    My main barriers to training are social. Plus, I get overwhelmed by too many instructions at once. And I have the NLD version of ADD, which means that my brain completely re-sets. Occasionally in the middle of someone talking to me or giving me instructions. Which is annoying ;p
  20. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Thanks to Ancientharp and others who have posted here and on other threads regarding disabilities. For one thing I have learnt so much about what affects others and illnesses I never knew about and secondly slowly one by one we can change peoples perception of others.

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