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    Hi, I have ADHD..and Schizophrenia..means I cant keep track of the voices in my head...and that I cant really do anything that I havent set my mind too...It always comes out as grotesque and impalpable, like I cant really practice martial arts..unless I can figure out what part I can honest atune too..

    This makes it difficult for me to train at Dojos..because they tell me to do things that I cant do properly..or at the very least..without 100% cooperation and then they think I am bad..or unskilled...and often get annoyed..

    Its like this in my Chi Gong class..I am told to do things..but it feels like I Should be doing other things..I know If I do my own thing I would be Grandmaster...but when people tell me to do things..I am only a novice..its the key difference between a trained Black Belt..and an untrained White Belt..

    Other than this I can perform Yoga at a Studio with teacher help..but with Martial arts its something different!

    Relaxing makes the work easier for me..But I am still in disregard while revealing my talent at martial arts..

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