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    dayumn, dat pushup volume! :O :cool: I've done a lot, but never bothered to try that many. You've inspired me to have a go at it. :) Glad to see a new and interesting blog around here. :hat:
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    Day III - 1/22/2015
    Bit of a later start today, seeing as it was too cold for me to bother getting out of bed for quite some time.
    -Five minute wall sit
    -10 minutes of dynamic stretching
    -10-15 minutes of static-active stretching
    -One minute of static-passive stretching (my legs weren't havin' it)
    -500 crunches, no break
    -10 push ups
    -Five one handed push ups

    I noticed my left leg isn't nearly as flexible as my right, and I'm not entirely sure why. My hand can extend to my heel on my right, but I enter the pain threshold just nearing my left foot.

    Nearest Goal: Master the legendary Billie Jean kick with both legs.

    I'm apathetic by nature.

    Great to hear.
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    Day III - 1/23/2015
    I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't do much. Just some dynamic stretching, and a little bit of static-active.

    Day IV - 1/24/2015
    Started feeling better.
    -10 minutes of dynamic stretching
    -100 crunches
    -10 one handed push ups
    -Four mile walk
    -Five-six minutes of static-active stretching
    -Five minutes of dynamic stretching

    Day V - 1/25/2015
    Feeling better than ever. Bought a blender and 10 pound wrist/ankle weights. They'll be here this week hopefully, so I can really make my diet concrete. Been eating a lot of tuna and of course, drinking tons of water.

    I've become really interested in wushu and started incorporating some exercises into my warm up/stretching. My flexibility certainly isn't there though. I have a strange tingling in my left foot when I kick to my across my chest to my right hand.

    So far today aside from my warm up, I've done this:
    I cannot do the L sits whatsoever. For maybe one second, that's it. I also struggle with the bicycles, but I think that's because the smallest dumbbell I have is 25 pounds.
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    To finish the day off I did about a two-three hour work out, having some friends watch my form, and vice versa. Started with some jogging in place, then about six minutes of wall sits, transitioning into some stretching (mostly dynamic), into an ab routine both standing and sitting until my body gave out on me (I literally fell over and my legs are too tired to walk now); ending it with a couple isometric/static-passive stretches.

    I've been incorporating the isometric tension principle into my exercises, which really does make a difference, especially with dragon flags. And those weighted sit ups burn twice as much now. The good news is I noticed an increase in my flexibility, however slight. I still have a long way to go, but it's progress, which is surprising considering this is only the end of day five. My biggest concern now is incorporating A LOT of cardio. A goal I'm setting now is to be able to sprint 400 meters without receding into a tarnished jog. In high school I came close, and I'd imagine my endurance for running has taken a significant dive since then, which is why I'm not looking forward to this, but it must be done. I wear your standard "kung fu slipper" daily, only just recently ordering a pair of tennis shoes, which once they arrive I'll be doing far more than walks and 10 minute jogs.

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