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    So, I thought I'd start a training log because why not?

    I'm going to log the week leading up to today (Sunday's are my rest day so there'll be nothing to log on Sunday anyway), right here we go.

    30/01/17 (Monday)

    I went to boxing. I went for a 3.2 km run (I recorded this with Strava) at the start of the session, I then put on my gloves and proceeded to do 6 3 minute rounds on the bag before my coach dragged me into the ring to do 3 3 minute rounds of pad work. I then went into the exercise room where I done my usual circuit (3 sets of 20 press ups, 10 squat jumps, 20 squats, 30 sit ups, 50 star jumps and 10 jack knives) followed by some light shadow boxing with 1.5 kg dumbbells in my hands.

    31/01/17 (Tuesday)

    I have no boxing on a Tuesday so straight after school I headed to my local gym. I done my usual 15 minutes on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes on the rowing machine. I then done my usual routine of sit ups on a bench (declined) followed by Russian twists and some medicine ball drills (y'know sit ups, twists and that). I then went onto the cable machine working my triceps with rope pull downs and my biceps with bar curls. Next was my back so I went onto the lat pull down machine, doing about 5-10 minutes on that then I went onto the pec fly machine to work my chest. Once done on all that I finished off with 10 minutes on the cycling machine before leaving.

    Later on at about 7pm I went over to my friends house (him and his brother are MMA fanatics so they have a cool little gym with mats and bags and stuff in the shed). Me and my friend done some wrestling/BJJ sparring in his shed until like 8 - 8:30pm. I'm not ashamed to say he got the better of me, he is a BJJ practitioner as well as doing Kyokushin karate. My ground game needs a lot of improvement.

    01/02/17 (Wednesday)

    Today I went to boxing again. After my usual 3.2 km run we got straight to business, today was sparring day. I'm only a little guy being only 5 foot 3 and 50-52 kg in weight but there isn't that many people my weight so like usual I sparred the bigger boys who are around about the 66-68kg mark I think. It get's me moving my head, using my footwork and thinking so I can't really complain. One of the boys had to stop during his 2nd round of sparring with me after I delivered a body shot (always been my best and favourite punches to throw), it hurt him and winded him so he stopped. The other boy used his height against me very well and kept catching me with the right straight, my nose was pouring blood by the end but calmed down after about 5 minutes. I done my usual circuit of 3 sets of 20 press ups, 10 squat jumps, 20 squats, 30 sit ups, 50 star jumps and 10 jack knives before leaving to get picked up by my father to go to my 7 - 9 Krav Maga class.

    In Krav Maga we done a whole session dedicated to break falls and protecting yourself on the ground, this involved being shoved to the ground either from behind or the front and having to break fall. We'd then have to try to keep our 'attacker' away by using our legs to push them back, maybe striking their knees, groins or thighs. We then would have to kick them back while getting up and finishing the job, whenever we do Krav Maga we always do each drill with a partner in a reality based environment. The last drill we done involved our partner coming at us with a foam shield where we had to kick them away while on the ground, then they'd mount us so we had to rely on punches, lastly they'd lie on us and smother us so we had to head butt and elbow. The instructor was yelling at us things like 'Be aggressive', 'If you don't kill them, they'll kill you.' and 'It's life or death.' The whole room was full of all of us screaming like Celtic warriors while throwing everything we got against these pads to try to 'survive' (I think our brains thought we were in actual danger cause I have never felt such a surge of adrenaline.)

    I pulled my shoulder during the punching part sadly which I didn't find out until the adrenaline wore off, ouch. I applied deep heat and took a cuprofen and zapain. I then went to sleep.

    02/02/17 (Thursday)

    I literally went to the sauna in my local gym today to try to relieve the pain in my shoulder (had to miss boxing, ughhhh). More deep heat followed and so did more pain killers.

    03/02/17 (Friday)

    I went running today as my shoulder couldn't handle too much weight and I needed to keep my fitness up (I recorded the run with Strava). The run was nice, I took a scenic route through the mountain behind my school, the run was a 9.6 km one (roughly 6 miles I believe) and it took me about 52 minutes.

    04/02/17 (Saturday)

    I went to my old Judo place today, it was good to see my old instructor, he let me take part in his class, I was green belt before I left (expenses mainly). We had a nice chat and he got me to help him with a few demonstrations (we're still friendly and he watches me at my competitions and has invited me down for a session every now and then which I thank him for as Judo has helped me in a couple of scraps). It was fun to train with him again and I still have the instinct every time someone grabs me from behind to throw them over my shoulder (oops).

    So yeah that was my training log for this week.

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