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    Thing is, there are quite probably dozens if not hundreds of things that could result in "back pain", and which can require extremely different approaches. If you don't know WHY it hurts, you CANNOT know HOW to make it stop hurting, but merely try things effectively at random that not only may not work (although if you happen to choose the right option then of course they will work), but may even prolong or worsen the problem. Now, of course being fit and limber can help prevent injury and deterioration, and one of the factors that affect back pain is how well and how stably the lower back and hips can move (and dysfunction there may well be one of the most common modern causes because we all move like crap nowadays), so exercise is generally a good idea for most people unless some other issue contraindicates it, but even in this case, exercising "just because", or doing exercises without a clear reason for them is going to be markedly inferior to exercises that are specifically focused on whichever issue is causing him the back pain, and which may very well improve the symptoms in half the time, and even take less time to do per-session, and that's still all going to be contingent on the specific problem any given person has.
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