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    Wow -- that girl kills them! And I'd never heard of her! ::applause:: ::hearts:: Google says her dream is to be an MMA champ. I think she'll do it!
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    There's some great insight from Firas Zahabi on the JRE about the way MMA and crossfit can fit together.
    The short version is...they don't.
    Thought this might help the girl mentioned in this thread.
    I've heard this Zahabi guy knows a few things about coaching for MMA. :)
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    That guy had so much great stuff to say about training in that podcast.
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    that interview has a good perspective on training longer term, especially with sport as a focus.
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  5. Combat Sports

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    I haven't finished the Firas show and I plan to. The problem is there are a lot of elite wrestlers who do not agree. Including big names like Ben Askren, Cael Sanderson, etc. Our home wrestling team wins a lot of state titles both team and individuals and cross fit is at the core of the strength training we use.
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    Firas refutes that with "who wins more at the world level? Russians" and then details how the Russians train.
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  7. Combat Sports

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    Well, what I would say back to Firas, is let's see how that holds up without the state sponsored doping program. Considering how few athletes they were able to send to international events in the wake of their extensive use of steroids being exposed.
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    I haven't watched the show, and I don't actually know too much about crossfit. That out the way, a question I would have for Firas would be if we look at his most successful fighter, GSP, we have a guy who's in contention as one of the greatest fighters ever, was a fantastic wrestler, but also someone who did do weight work and exercise regimes that, to my untrained eye, looked fairly cross fitty.

    The obvious counters to that are that GSP was/is just a freak of an athletic specimen and the rules for mere mortals are different, and that GSP contends he never really did weight lifting until quite recently and all his strength work came from athletics and gymnastics. I'm sure I've seen footage way before that of him doing oly lifts so I don't know for sure. But yeah. That was just a thought that came to mind. I'm not saying he's wrong at all, it is just a question I'd be curious to ask him.
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    There is something up with the multi-quote system guys. I can't multi-quote anymore. I click multi-quote on one and then reply on another so I can get both in my reply. It used to work like that.the "more options" feature doesn't let me do it either.

    @Combat Sports yeah he said that was a problem too, that wrestling is underfunded in the U.S also. At the end of the day though, the way they train seems to work better.

    He says that cross-fitters are always going 100% because they are competing against each other and American wrestlers are always going 100% he says it's better to go at 70% every day 5/6 days a week than bust yourself 3 times a week. It's all about putting in hours. Eventually your 70% will become higher and better. A pros 70% is my 100% and then some.

    He said you should go 100% once in a while, just so you know what it feels like.

    Decent podcast. Really enjoying these MMA Rogan podcasts.
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    Try clicking the +Quote button on the end of each message you want to quote. As soon as you click one, a new button should appear under your reply box at the bottom of the page that says Insert Quotes. Click that when you have used +Quote on all relevant posts et voila :D
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    So I am a bit further into the Firas interview, and the odd thing is while he has not used the word cross fit yet, what he is describing that he thinks is "good" and "better" literally fits right in line with the cross fit philosophy. Explosive power in Olympic lifts. Which is exactly what my daughter does.
  12. Combat Sports

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    So now listening to him talk about cross fit, I wonder if he really understands it. Considering that virtually all of the workouts we do there call for 75% OR LESS and sometimes as low as 50% of 1RM done for speed. 1RMs are worked on generally at the very tippy top of the pyramid and not generally done during any of the actual cross fit workouts. Nobody does say 21/15/9 for time of their 1RM, that's not even physically possible. Otherwise it wouldn't be your 1RM, it would be your 21RM.
  13. Van Zandt

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    The movements used by elite wrestlers (i.e., world championship medallists) and elite CrossFitters (i.e., CF Games top 10 finishers) might be similar, but the loads and frequencies won't be. For example: a wrestler may do the snatch and / or clean & jerk (Olympic weight lifting movements) several times a week to develop explosive strength capacity, whereas a CrossFit athlete will do those same movements with greater volume and frequency (e.g., 2x CF Games champion Annie Thorisdottir has been known to do Olympic lifts 2-3 times a day). With the very rare exception of a few genetic monsters, no athlete got to an elite level in one sport by training like an elite athlete in another sport.
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  14. Smitfire

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    That was basically Zahabi's entire point (obviously with more detail).
    His example of Rafa Mendes (who seems to be widely regarded as one of the best BJJ competitors there is) not being world class at crossfit or having a brilliant squat or deadlift. He's only got so much time and that time is best spent getting better at BJJ (and training in a way that compliments that goal).
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  15. Combat Sports

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    I guess it would help to clarify the intention then, wrestlers I know who do cross fit don't compete in it. They use it as part of their training regiment. For us it was a good way to build general athleticism and also helped to prevent the problems associated with early specialization. A lot of the kids in our area play football which we obviously are not interested in. She has also boxed though we are between gyms at the moment. We wanted to do something that was not wrestling that would still help her athleticism. It certainly did that.

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