Daughter needs help.

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by Combat Sports, Feb 26, 2018.

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    I mean, this is a time I would get into private healthcare and how they're not going to tell you to rest totally over seeing them for repeated appointments. As Nachi said, I don't see why this is such a taboo suggestion for you.

    And as a mod, I can remind you that accusing people of being trolls is a breach of TOS, and that if you have a problem with my posts of my behaviour as a moderator you're more than welcome to report my posts or PM any other member of the mod team.

    If your stance on this is I can't make assumptions about you because I don't know you, maybe don't tell me why I responded the way I did?

    I do think its irresponsible, and I'm not the first or only one to tell you that with regards to your childrens training.

    Yep, try resting it. Your only just pubescent child has been involved in multiple contact sports for years and by your own report has a pretty high level regimen for someone her age. Of course she's picked up some problems. If you don't like that answer then sorry, but its a pretty logical one.
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    I have reported your posts already. It's a little silly to me that you post back to me with personal attacks that are not really relevant to the topic at hand and don't realize the obvious problem this presents.

    You keep talking about this as if it was some understood and established thing. It's not. Please feel free to point me to the thread where that was established. I proved you incorrect because weight training is not dangerous for kids.

    She has only now picked up one problem. I don't know what you think you know about her regimen. I haven't posted how often she trains, or in what numbers. This is again an assumption on your part.
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    So do you have any relevant comments that actually address pain in the tailbone area while sitting or when standing from sitting?
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    I was thinking back on this comment and realized I felt compelled to ask, what exactly is the point of asking a question like this?

    Do you think anyone who is actually forcing their kid to do sports is ever going to just say "Oh yeah, I totally force them and they hate every minute of it."?

    I have met parents who fit the criteria that people here without even knowing me are assuming I am. They wouldn't even be on a forum like this asking for help. I am starting to realize replying to most of you is a waste of time as your replies becoming less and less about the actual topic and more and more about just accusing me of being a bad parent. I am starting to miss my facebook block button because it would be useful to just eliminate the people from this conversation that are not adding anything constructive or relevant.
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    Click on the profile pic of the person and hit "ignore"
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    Although to be honest mate I think you are overreacting a bit....whilst this might be frustrating for you, you come across as salty as marmite

    Looking at it from the outside some of the conclusions you are drawing from the responses are not entirely unequivocal.
    The rest is minor thread drift, and not even that really as it relates to the OP in some way.

    Perhaps a coffee and a biscuit, read it again and it might seem a bit less adversarial
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    I honestly think it's a shame, that you, combat sports, are reacting just like predicted here.
    I don't say you're a bad parent; I don't know you and that would be presumptuous. But I *do* say, that you at least should consider what is said, because if more people ask in that direction, there might be something off.
    It might only be your way of explaining things, but if it is that, it would be easy to correct.
    Instead you get in a huff and might miss good points, because you constantly feels attacks.

    To quote Nachi here:
    For something where rest could be quite a good possibility she seems to have a lot to do anyway.

    Actually, it doesn't.
    He has fair points, he agreed about reading on weight lifting and kids.
    It feels like the problem here is more you having a problem with him. And calling him a troll, doesn't make it seem better.

    He might have been straight forward, but I don't think he was being offensive. It seems more like you want to see him being that.
    And making a point about how advise is useless, because we don't know you or your daughter (which obviously is true), and asking for advise at the same time seems weird.

    It might even hurt her more if she won't be able to that again for even longer, compared to just a season.
    Sometimes kids musn't have what they *want* but have to do what is *needed*.
    As in:
    She might need this break, whether or not she or you like it.
    That's where parenting might be the moment, where it can't be about what she wants but needs.
    And I do understand, that she might want to train anyway, but on the long run, it might be a bad idea.

    Just quoting these two messages, as I think it's a shame that you would just ignore them and decide they aren't about the subject.

    Just wondering: Did you only went to one doctor and one physio therapist or did you try several doctors?
    sports doctor, orthopedist, ...?

    Unfortunately you did.

    Did you consider that lot of people saying "rest" there might also be reason behind it?
    Plus: You ask medical questions in an internet forum, there's bound to be some advises in that direction.
    We are no doctors and even if we were, we would be dumb do diagnose online.

    I hope that was poor phrasing and you're not really considering questions like that ridiculous.

    But she *did* improve?
    I mean, from what you are saying she didn't significantly improve from anything else either.

    Doing high performance sport is bound to bring injuries with it. No way around it.
    From what you have written about her achievements I think we can be rather sure, that she doesn't only train twice a week for ninety minutes.

    You know, if that were the case, that the kids hate it, such parents wouldn't need to write it down in a public forum; in such cases it would already help, if the parents would actually give it a second and third thought and might ease up on their kids.
    No need to admit that in a public forum.

    Why not?
    Asking obviously doesn't mean listening in the end.
    You are even proving that.

    I'm getting the feeling that this might work in both directions.
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    Nope, no personal attacks. I said you react defensively when people question your daughters training regimen. That's not a personal attack, and if you want proof, I point you towards this very thread we are in.

    And I agreed with you on the weight training because you were right, I had outdated information. However, agreeing with you that lifting isn't automatically bad for young people isn't the same as agreeing it doesn't sound like your daughter is overtraining and needs a break. I'm sorry I'm not pointing you towards an obvious medical condition that you can go buy a drug for a quick treatment plan and let her get straight back into it, but this is life. You're a martial artist yourself, presumably you know these things happen and sometimes when you're training hard for competition you do pick up issues where the only real solution is to stop training and rest. If she wants to be a professional fighter that's a lesson she's going to have to learn unfortunately. You can miss a fight, a competition, a season, whatever, and it sucks but its part of the game, or you can always push through it and exacerbate it and a few more seasons down the line realise you don't have any more left in you. She's 12. This is not the time for her to be picking up permanent niggles and problems or worse that are going to effect her for the next 70 years.

    She's not going to miss the ufc because she missed one wrestling season before she's even in high school. It can even be turned into a positive learning experience for her if she's that distraught about it because it exposes her to the realities of fighting as a career and teaches her young how to deal with it. W'eve watched enough fighters over the years who haven't been exposed to losses, or getting their butt kicked, or injuries, or adversity etc etc etc who fold because they didn't learn how to handle it when they were younger. Learning to listen to her body and have patience towards the big picture is not an entirely wasted season, and will probably benefit her future career a lot more in the long term than whatever she'll learn from this wrestling season.

    As mentioned, what you have posted makes it easier to assume one way more than the other. If this is such a big sticking point for you there's a very easy way to remove those assumptions.
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    Two hours of physio 3 times per week is not rest. Physio is hard work and is still a physical stress. I don't want to disagree with a doctor but if I was in pain I would stop what I'm doing. I would stretch and that would be about it. Physio is for rehab and fixing things you injured and you know how you got injured. Knees, popped muscles, etc. When you don't know the root cause of the problem you shouldn't try and fix it. Works with rubix cubes but not so much with people. That's my logical thinking behind it but it may be flawed.
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    I am going to try and sum up my views about what I have read so far, and afterward, I am only going to address points that are actually relevant.

    In this thread, I asked about a specific injury. So far there was a comment about a possible disease to look into. This is 100% the kind of answer I need. Another poster shared experiences about being an athlete and hyper-mobil. That was also useful insight.

    But at the end of that post they said they were going to be "harsh" and ask if I am just forcing my kid to do sports. There was no information to base this insulting question on.

    Southpaw went on to insinuate other negative things, and went on to ask why I hadn't just considered "rest". After making comments that I "seemed irresponsible" because he didn't understand that I had done the research and knew everything my daughter was doing was safe. Has made other equally baseless assumptions that she is overworked or works too hard. Then acted like I am an idiot for doing what the doctors told me to do. But somehow none of that was actually insulting. That's all apparently in my head.

    The rest of the thread has more or less been noise. And I still haven't gotten any responses actually relating to an injury that can cause pain in the tailbone while sitting, or when standing from sitting. Literally nobody has mentioned anything about that at all.

    SO DOES ANYONE have any experience with an injury that causes tailbone pain when sitting, or when standing from sitting? What about perpetually tight hamstrings and glutes? Any advice on that?
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    To answer your question directly, no. Go and are a doctor.
  12. Combat Sports

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    Pardon me?
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    Hahaha, "no, go and see a doctor" xD
  14. Combat Sports

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    You did read the original post right? Just making sure.
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    That is, apparently, why it was a question. No need to get worked up about it, I'd say. He asked that because he was also worried about your daughter. He tried to help you and your daughter, I am not sure why you are all offended just because he asked plainly. The answer should be: "My daughter loves it" and that would be about it...

    As to answer your question:
    Well, I hit my tailbone hard by falling on a hard floor during sports. It hurt like crazy and I had real trouble walking, sitting down and standing from sitting. I never visited a doctor over it, but managed to hurt it in a similar way in a couple of weeks. Terrible times :D
    I suppose you would know, though, if your daughter hit it somewhere? If it really is tailbone... it is hard for me to imagine the problem being the muscles around it, but I am no doctor. You would probably need to figure out if it's bone, muscle, tendon or whatever injury. But since actual doctors couldn't help you... we tried to provide other suggestions, but... that probably doesn't work for you. So I can only wish you, or especially your daughter good luck and speedy recovery, if possible.
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    No need for the shouty capitals.

    We aren't doctors, so the advice to see a doctor is sound.

    Failing that see a sports therapist.

    Meanwhile rest is the answer, as there's no reason to compound the injury.
  17. Combat Sports

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    She does not remember falling in any significant way on it. The X-RAYS and MRI show no actual problems with the tailbone itself.
  18. Combat Sports

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    We have already seen multiple doctors, and now two sports therapists. That is why the advice was not useful.

    The point of me asking this question is that frequently situations like this are solved when you ask around to find someone else's experience that is similar which allows you to suggest to your doctor an alternative diagnosis.
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    Are any of the medical professionals you've seen experienced in treating hypermobile patients?

    To sum up,
    From what you've posted she was injured due to
    A) poor exercise programming,
    B) compounded by her hypermobility,

    Her treatment broadly is

    1) the muscle Is in spasm, so her physios etc have said stretch to reduce the spasm,
    2) and then strengthen with physio,

    If she is hypermobile, then it will take longer for her to heal, 6 to 12 weeks is a good guide for normal soft tissue injuries, with EDS (not that she has eds) you can double that, so unless its been 12 to 24 weeks already. I wouldn't panic.

    Note: I'm not a Dr, so you probobly shouldn't pay too much attention to my post.
  20. Combat Sports

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    If there was any "poor" exercise programming, what was it?

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