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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by IronMaiden1991, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. IronMaiden1991

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    I hope everyone is still keeping at it with the lockdown. Here in the UK things are taking a very dark turn as we have the highest death rate per capita as far as I checked today. My support bubble is just my brother, who is allowing me to train in his garage. Im currently doing olympic lifting five days a week in short, sharp sessions, and Im enjoying it.

    As far as martial arts, all of the clubs I train at are closed save the Karate, so I do two zoom classes a week in Goju Ryu, and outside of that, practice the Kalaripayattu I learned in India and the Ziranmen exercises I know.

    Im building up my daily practice with the hope that, down the line, I can offer my yoga and martial arts as a secondary form of income to a job in animation.

    I hope we all stay positive and keep going strong.
  2. Flying Crane

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    good approach. This is the time to be self-reliant in your training. You need to craft your own training sessions, challenge yourself, look to what you need to work on, polish and improve, and find ways to do it without training partners. This is reality for now.

    I’ve been able to keep up pretty well with it, training martial arts about three times a week in my back yard, and strength training and running three times a week. The US of course is in a terrible way with Covid right now. Biden was just sworn in and I am finally feeling optimistic that the right decisions will be made to eventually get us past this pandemic. But it will still be a long road to travel before we get there.

    So keep your enthusiasm up and stay with it. Don’t get discouraged and don’t let monotony and frustration kill your spirit to train.
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  3. hewho

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    Big yes to Olympic lifting! Do you have a preference between snatch and clean and jerk?

    Are you a qualified yoga instructor? Any form of class qualification is decent for a second job, but yoga is very very popular in the centres I've worked at in England, you'll have a solid chance :)
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  4. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    Clean and jerk, I love the challenge of the composite movement.

    I'm currently on 200 hour teacher training in hatha, completed a yin yoga course of 50 hours teacher training, and now Im completing my final 300 hour course. I could have started teaching already, but I wanted to make sure I had the best cover options I could and meet the minimum standard the Yoga Alliance wants from accredited teachers. Thankfully the 300 hour doesnt have much longer to go, just got some tests and a 1 hour class to teach on zoom and that should be it. I'm weighing up self employment in it because I used to work for the main gym around here, who own most of the gyms, and they make it very hard to make a living on their pay rates. If I got my own service running I could make that easily with 10 students in less time.

    I'm weighing up the idea of combining yoga with martial arts instruction in the future as my secondary income stream.
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  5. hewho

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    Ace!! That's good experience :)
    I've done the self employed route, alongside employment, for the last 7 years. Obviously it differs slightly area to area, but you need to be willing to spend a lot of time advertising, using social media to sell yourself etc. I hate it! Some gyms will let you rent an area to teach, others will put you through the books and pay an hourly rate. (that's actually a nice option, you don't take the hit when there's a freak day of low numbers, although obviously your earning is capped at that rate). Yoga classes do tend to get steady membership though, people see it as less of a chore, so I'm sure you'll do great.

    I prefer the clean and jerk too, much more fun!

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