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    I'm currently trying to deal with a flair up of my crohns. Haven't been able to train for six months apart from the odd few minutes on the bag and its ****ing me off now! The last flair up I had was three and a half years ago and culminated in an op. Prob goin to have to do the same this time but trying various medication first, I'm on Azathiaprine at the moment.

    Anyways, just wondered if there were any fellow Crohnites on MAP and how you've coped with it and how it has affected your training/diet/life.
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    I have Colitis, which has similar symptoms to Crohns, and all I can say is there is no easy solution. I try to workout when I can, as keeping myself active seems to help a lot. Beyond that, get into a doctor as soon as you have a flare-up, so that they can get it under control. That, and make sure your doc is a GI and not just a general practitioner. GPs don't know enough to manage it.
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    I have Crohns and like you have had to have an operation for it. During the time of the flair up preceeding to operation I was basically incapable of doing any significant exercise. The doctor put me on cortisone and once that didnt work i had to have the operation. Before the op flair ups were usually dealt with via the cortisone, and watching what I ate. At the moment I dont really have any symptons so it is not affecting my training at all. One of the things that I found helpful was Mintec, which is a non-prescription drug that comes in tablet form and helped to ease the symptoms.
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    Cheers guys, nice to hear from other people with similar problems! I know what you mean about GPs Jason, I've met a couple (older ones usually) who know a bit but most don't have a clue about it.

    Sounds almost exactly what I went through Boards. One things about the disease, I found when I was better after the op I trained like a nutter and I was far more focused than before. I think probably overall I've got better than I would have without having had it!

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