Creating a Western Family Internal Boxing System

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    i remember renzo saying that although it doesnt help his BJJ directly, it helps him relax and get more flexible.

    i think the secret of tese guys is that they train hard and plan their fight tactics. they have a game plan; they know that in the first round they need to control the centre or get a takedown.
    its all good preparation.

    also it would help my poor comprehension if you wrote a lot less and simplified your essays

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    thanks ZAAD.. I will try brotha I will try.. but this research stuff is like crack... i try to kick but i cant.... just keep givin me hits and take my to rehab when I stray.... lol

    BTW if I were as effective as Renzo was and my secret was the stuff I metioned I would play it down too... because for anyone hungry enough to try anything the stuff is too ease and quite frankly like crack... it feels real good to use on the uninitiated.... lol ,,, but I could be wrong!!!!!
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    Yang system should be dated at least from the mid-late 1800s when his sons were teaching.It wasn't Chen system,at least it was no longer externally shaped that way. Wu system wasn't really created,it's Chuan Yuck's Yang.

    You're probably right about the age,there's even the theory that what Chen,C-h was teaching,and what he taught to Yang, was an outside system and that the Chen system was Pao Ch'ui,not the form but a system.

    So anyway, Chen was taught outside the clan in the earlier 1800s-don't forget Wu,Yu-hsiang.Were all Zhao Bao practitioners named Chen? I don't know.

    Angel said-"It is very possible and often likely that those transmissions are not fully disclosed and some of the best medical and martial strategies and techniques are kept for an inner circle of family members ad iinitients."

    Possible,Angel? More like the common reality.Tho' medical practices as inherent in TC and as part of the transmission from ye slightly older days is debatable-even rather historically suspect.

    Good to "see" you here again.
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  4. Mangosteen

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    what if his secret was black magic and virgin sacrifice.
    or even performance enhancers.
    its all speculation.
    however what he teaches works for many many other people.
    roger gracie is the best one of the best grapplers alive and the guys who come out of his place are of equal standard to black belts of other bjj places, so unless there is a giant conspiracy, im quite sure hard work and planning determines outcome.
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    Only the true Messiah would deny it...

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    Hard work and planning is what codified forms that reinforce ones most effective techniques, internal and external, is all about Bros ... Not sure what the Messiah thing means but thanks for the comment Odds ... lol

    Thanks Medico... had to do some retiring, more formal study... researching and practice to have something substantive to spark the passion of fistic frisky traditionalists... lol ... but its good to be back.... I thank you for alot of your critiques in the Illusive Pugilism thread.... you vetting helped solidify the final drafts of my book which got and is still getting some great reviews ... moreover finally leading to my somewhat elegant prototype-contraption called the WTCC Wooden Dummy... friggin thing gives a whole new definition to the Wu Mengxia Song discussing Heaviness in Lightness.... you should check it out in the vid above..... G
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    maybe I misinterpreted what I have read about it then.

    Chuan Yuo, not Chuan Yuck! :D

    You are right though, Wu style came from Yang style (as Yang style was practised back then.) I didn't elaborate on that because it wasn't really relevant to the point that I was making, but you are correct anyway.

    Edit: Out of curiosity, I checked up on the history, and it states that back in the early days, Wu Chian Chuan omitted some of the repetitions, jumping and stamping movements of the 'old style'. Now I assumed this to mean the Chen style, but if the Yangs weren't practising the Chen style at this time then it must mean that the Yang style bore a closer resemblance to the Chen style at that time and that what we think of as the original Yang style (which is almost identical to tye Wu style) was created at about the same time.
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    My Family Style:

    Brady Bunch Budo

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    Brotha Zaad

    After viewing these vids he just might be using magic and virgin sacrifice... cause there aint no way that his very professional and well trained, physically equal opponents were this outclassed simply by Spider only training as the noirmal MMA practitioner does and just being a better athlete.... no friggin way.... just look at these "Ownings" to present just a sample and we don't even wanna start on Lyotas stoppages. They are able to do this because the people they fought do not respect traditional training regimens... and some have still not learned::::::

    [ame=""]Anderson Silva 2011 highlights - YouTube[/ame]

    If the UFC ever needed a enema by a Traditionally trained MMA Striker before the coming of the Spider it will never need another.... natural talent noted this Master's power comes from skill, codified form and integrated Eastern and Western Martial systems.... Muay Thai is a competitive style of silat born from the Muay Boran Close Quarters Combat System whose foundation is Mahayana Buddism or the Spiritual Warrior ethos that spawned Chan Budiihsm for the Shaolin Order ... This guy not only owns people he has beaten... he schooled them ... sela
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  11. Mangosteen

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    i was talking about renzo. not silva.
    i know nothing of silva's striking background. however i've met some technical muay thai practitioners that teach stuff in forms that come close to TMA but i dont think the forms is what got silva to be so good. hard work, genetics, good skill development and talent.
    check out Randy Couture - never learnt forms but was any excellent fighter. because he analysed every fight and planned his game plan.

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    lol... ok Zaad .... I understand where you are coming from.... thanks
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    Within yin there is yang.
    Within yang there is yin.
    Within this thread, something is missing.

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    Thats why the links bro.... so you can fill in the gaps ... perhaps you can answer the question I gave in the first post: Are only Asians able to call changes to a Lineage Systems "Authentic" - and by this I am sure they mean effective, when they make changes to them? or Are Westerners capable of creating or evolving Authentic Kung Fu Systems equal to or greater then the Asian transmissions that they have mastered?
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    After you understand chin,,,,,,

    You can strike it then perform Koshi Guruma
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    The Spritual Warrior seeks to become a concealed vessal for the Ten Thousand things of Heaven and Earth.

    Because he is a "Spritual warrior", and not a "Spiritual Warrior", being a sprite, the warrior cannot remember Ten Things, let alone Ten Thousand

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    Go on MMan.... I am listening.... Wax as they say the frig on.... lol... seriously bro .. talk to us
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    Homogenous and ethnocentric statements like “Authentic Kung Fu” are derived from xenophobic perceptions of reality and are only appropriate to publically present when one is unbalanced by the power of change.

    And other statements of "Internal Kung Fu" are also derived from xenophobic perceptions of reality.

    For the reality of it, long ago, the term Kung Fu (Gong/Gung Fu) was never intended to represent a Asian Martial Art.

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    kool..... please elaborate.... how did you come by or develop this position.....

    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    I know some of you will think I am belaboring a point but I have to say this.... I was wrong about Renzo Gracie being the one to integrate form or internal skill into MMA or Close Quarters Combat. It is Rickson who does this and does it well. He specializes in integrating Pranayama into his regimen. I do not know if his is a Systemic view in the classic sense of Martial Arts (Weapons, Mortal Combat Applications) but it should be:

    [ame=""]Rickson Gracie Gracie Jiujitsu Yoga Breathing Method - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Rickson Gracie Highlights - YouTube[/ame]

    Here is another example of what Zaad and I were discussing about Hardwork, Fight-planning and Traditional Form and Internal skill development all integrated to make a great MMA Fighter: Lyota Machida

    [ame=""]Lyoto Machida Highlights - A tribute to the Dragon - YouTube[/ame]

    I think that GSP is the best example of what Zaad was emphasizing....

    [ame=""]GSP talks training - YouTube[/ame]

    This leads me to what GSP emphasizes in this documentary: Can we evolve ourselves in the West? The exploration of this question leads to me asking you guys about the Healing the Combat Athlete question that has plaqued GSP. It is possible and valid to ask what type of Preventive medical regimen he is on. Could the regimens suggested in my article and what is presented in the Rickson Gracie vid on internal skill development have helped him balance his hugely external training regimen?

    Your thoughts....

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