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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Alienfish360, May 5, 2014.

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    Much as I hate to say it, you'd probably achieve this far more efficiently if you just "sucked it up" (pardon the expression) and just went to more classes. But to be fair, I'm just cynical. Everyone I've met in person who has said "I want to get a bit fitter so I can cope better before I do 'X'" has always ended up not doing 'X' at all and not finding the motivation to try.

    Like you said, you've only had a few sessions so far. This time a few months on from now you'll probably feel like a different person.

    Have you thought about getting a hanging bag or a free standing bag for when you're at home?

    Push ups and pull ups are always sexy. Doing multiple rounds of shadow sparring in your own time at home is also pretty good for your cardio an' such. I'm a fan of doing rope work at home, but that's my personal choice.

    I think you'd have to check with the other folk who actually know this stuff far better than I do, but I believe the answer is closer to "it depends".
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    Not that it's so I can cope, but practicing poor form, breeds poor form. So before I increase the level of technical training, I need to ensure I can last the duration so I can keep good form.
    Very much so, but nowhere to hang a bag, never really looked at free standing bags, as I always thought they were pretty gimicky, is this the case or are they actually useful?

    All the ones I have seen seem to walk themselves around when they get hit, which would get mighty annoying
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    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    That makes more sense than the usual stuff I'm told, but don't you think if you were there at the MT class you could ask for more help from more experienced guys, thus still working good form as well? :dunno:

    I admit, I have a somewhat simplistic view on life sometimes.

    Oh lawd, if you fill them with water they are dreadful. The water sloshes in the base so badly that with a half decent hit they rock really badly and the force the water generates actually ends up tipping it further.

    Sand is (mostly) the way to go though. I've found since filling mine with sand it barely walks about compared to how it was (or it would if I actually filled it all the way up with sand!). They're not as nice as a hanging bag which you can hang anywhere thanks to those hooks you can install into walls now and do cost more but if you are pushed for hanging space and want to practice your skill set, these are still a good alternative.

    I have one I use most days and for combinations and movement it really does the trick. I believe Van Zandt uses one frequently as well, too.

    The price is the biggest issue though. You're looking at about £75 off the top of my head for a side mounted hook and a fairly big heavy bag versus about £120 for just the free standing bag without sand to go in it. Which isn't hugely expensive but is an extra cost.
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    So Sunday is rest day, and weigh in day for me.

    This week I am down to 92.6kg although I have changed from weighing at mid day, to weighing when I first wake up as this should be more accurate over time as it shouldn't vary so much by food/water during the day etc, so I expect 94kg at the same time of the day as last week, which brings my total weight loss so far to 5kg in 2 weeks, (or 3.7kg) at mid day,

    Next week when I weigh again in the morning I should have a more accurate view of how much weight I lost.

    But so far so good, and starting to feel better already, it's amazing what just a few extra Kg less feels like in day to day life.
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    Another day of jogging done.

    Instead of just going out running for as long/fast as I can, I have decided to give following the Couch to 5K 9 week plan a go.

    Hopefully then, by the time I reach 5k I should be at a more reasonable weight too for running to avoid putting lots of strain on my knees and ankles.

    Skipped week 1, and started at Week2

    So here we are, Week 2, Day 1
  6. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    Very hard day yesterday.

    The MT Gym has moved into the new premises, and it was quite a bit warmer as no operational air conditioning yet.

    Started on Van Zandt's split progression system, but I need to step that up to get the Adductors really burning, but I also experience an aching knee after it, so indicates to me that I need to do more squats and knee strengthening exercises in addition to stretching to provide more knee support.

    My Sunday weigh in was 90.4kg which is a loss of 2.2kg since last week, and a loss of 7.3kg over the 3 weeks I have been dieting.

    I adjusted the calculation to Moderately active to try and reduce the weight loss to my targetted 0.9 per week to try and conserve as much muscle as possible as I feel 2kg per week is too much, that is taking my daily calorie requirement from 1841 to 2155.

    Hopefully next week this increase in calories should bring my weight loss down to my target of 1kg approx per week.
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    sounds like you are on a roll. also good luck on your weight loss. of course its not about luck ;) keep it up.
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    Yesterday was the start of Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch to 5k.

    It was 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking for 2 sets.

    This was followed up by some static stretches to work towards better flexibility while my adducters are still sore from Isometrics.
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    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    After increasing my calorie intake from 1800 to 2100 per day, I am struggling to reach that while avoiding an increase in carbs and sugars.

    So I again have been looking at Protein supplements, namely

    That gives 240 calories which is pretty much, my defecit for the day, which I am resorting to making up with rubbish snacks.

    Is this a better option than snacking to make up the 200 calories or so?
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    Surely you'd be better making up any shortfall in calories by eating things like potatoes (or other starchy vegetables,) pasta or bread, rather than by snacking on junk food? :confused:
  11. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    Ideally yes, throughout my day I usually eat


    Tuna/Chicken Sandwich at Lunch

    Mixed veg and some kind of meat for evening meal

    Eggs and brown toast at supper

    This was hitting my 1800 calories nicely.

    Adding a small pack of crisps at Lunch takes me to 1950, additional meals throughout the day is difficult.

    I know that the easy solution is to increase portion size, but I have spent the last few years eating excessive portion sizes, so I want to avoid the habit of "snack foods" and larger portion sizes as I believe that weight loss is just as much about habits as it is anything else.
  12. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    So I picked up some body fat calipers from the bay of e

    I measured today, and my body fat % is calculating to 24% with a lean body mass of 68.6kg
  13. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    A good day today.

    Down to 89.4kg which is exactly 1kg lost, so setting calculator to "moderately active" as the multiplier on the BMR is pretty much perfect to how much weight I am losing using the formulae to calculate calorie intake.

    Felt exceptional good in class on Friday, while being off work next week I am doing an additional 2 classes.

    Today was a hot and sunny run which wasn't easy, but I got it done, which was the 2nd run of week 3 for Couch to 5k.
  14. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    First class of the week today, another felt strong.

    Additionally, adductors are now just a "feeling", so hopefully by tomorrow then I can resume isometric stretching (courtesy of Van Zandt).

    Mid kicks were reintroduced into training so it was happy times that I have no pain in the adductors. I have also stepped up training to 3 classes per week + 3 jogging per week as of this week, so we will see what happens this week.

    But so far, feeling good, looking forward to being ex-tubster :)
  15. Alienfish360

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    6 days of training this week, and I don't feel too worn down for it.

    3 Days running, 3 Muay Thai classes also.

    Adductor pain had pretty much gone, but after a lot of kicking yesterday there is a dull ache there, so I will re-introduce isometrics back into my training next week,

    Fingers crossed for the weigh-in tomorrow morning.
  16. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    So this morning, I weighed in at 88.6 which is another loss of 0.8kg for the week.

    Feeling much better, still have the stereotypical "beer belly", but since starting at 97.6kg. That is a great loss of 9kg with another 13kg to go.

    I can't really see myself getting smaller in myself, however, I have been taking photos from the same angle each week, and it does appear my fat is shrinking. Unfortunately the mrs is away which makes taking body fat measurements awkward, so I will have to re measure for next week.

    Another 3 classes next week, I am starting to get more and more active in class, and starting to train more complex drills including counters, and counters to combinations.

    At the start of last week, I wasn't feeling as worn down in class, but now, I am feeling worn down again, but only because I can feel that I am able to work noticeably harder in class.

    Hopefully this continues, but so far so good, and the half way point is approximately 2.5 weeks away.

    My aim is to keep losing at 0.8kg per week, and then when it gets down to the last 5kg, I was going to try and reduce the weight loss to 0.5kg per week, in an effort to try and stabalise my metabolism, so that when I hit target weight, and start eating a maintenance calorie value that I don't start putting it back on.
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    2 of the 3 lessons down, really not looking forward to the final lesson of the week tomorrow, I am in work till 3am, then starting class at 9:30am :(

    However, Grading is the 28th of June that I will be doing. Grading may be an uncommon thing in many Muay Thai gyms, and while 10 years ago, I would agree that they're not really necessary, in my position now, where I am at least 12 months away from competing, it is nice to have something to aim for, and nice to have milestones to measure improvement. Compared to the training structure last time, it felt like you didn't progress much, where as this way there's a measurement of ability, it is also good I suppose for those who have no interest in competition.

    For those interested the testing is:

    Combinations of punches and kicks, board break technique, then defence techniues.

    Additionally, Exercise testing, skipping rope proficiency and ring craft.

    This will be the first time I have experienced any form of grading in MA (Muay Thai is the only art I have experienced, and my previous gym was interested only in developing professional fighters), so I am actually quite excited for the experience.
  18. Alienfish360

    Alienfish360 Valued Member

    Third class of the week was this afternoon, and in the heat it was hard as it was a fitness and conditioning based class with a hard 40 minutes to start before some fairly quick pad work.

    I also had a weigh in today which I am down to 86.2kg which is a total of 10.5kg lost in the past 8 weeks.

    Feeling good, and starting to be able to see the difference now too.
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    Reading this has been bizzare for me, as it is almost a replica of my mission. We are a similar age and hight, only I am heavier. I to have started thai boxing and am now adding the dreaded running. It seems you may be hitting it with more of a positive attitude than I however.....a really interesting read.
  20. Alienfish360

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    So, where am I up to?

    Weigh in yesterday was again successful, and I now weigh 85.2kg that is just 10kg left till I hit my weight target :)

    I also lost 1cm of my waist (measured at the navel) which is always good.

    I mentioned previously about "Grading", I thought I would expand since I have now experienced this.

    So, to start with, it's very peculiar for a gym, that develops many good fighters in both Muay Thai and under K-1 rules to have a grading system, however the gym owner has a karate background, before he went into kickboxing and uses a grading system.

    White - Yellow - Orange - Green - Blue - Purple - Brown - Adv. Brown - Black

    Using a sash, I am more familiar with Muay Thai than K1, but when I looked into this, it seems that there are a few Japanese fighters in K1 that uses sashes.

    So, while initially I was dubious, but after seeing many of the people training I think it's useful, and allows for good structured progression in technique and complexity. And until I see more I assume they follow a simple structure, of boxing combination, kicking, knees and elbows, then a mix of them. Sparring, Exercise, Advanced techniques, the higher grades appeared to be doing far more sparring than technique work. Yet the lower grades seemed to do a little sparring with primarily technique work.

    For me, it is nice to see where I came from, not in technique as not much of it is new to me after training previously, but in exercise tests, and skipping tests, it's good to beat those, to prove to myself that I am growing. For others I have trained with that did the grading.

    As the grades progress, they start to include timed runs and competition requirements to be eligible.

    So, after passing the Yellow grade, and experiencing grading in any form of martial arts. I do think that it has a place so long as it's not used as a cash cow, those who graded seemed to have improved massively in the past 4 weeks than those who chose to opt out of the system, even with the same training in class, it seems to make you push that bit harder.

    My previous gym, had only interest for professional fighters, or those with that goal, if you were unfit, or not interested in fighting professional and just wanted to do amateur competitions, there was very little assistance. This gym has produced a couple of pros, and many regular amateur fighters, but it seems to retain many more members who don't want to actively compete, by giving them training goals and targets.

    All in all, my experience of grading was surprisingly, but actually pretty good.

    Now, to move on from that (well, until I arrive back in the gym tomorrow). I signed up for Gym + Swim at Manchester Aquatic Centre, which gives me access to strength and fitness suites, the strength suite containing primarily free weights, while the fitness suite had treadmills, bikes, rowers, weight machines etc.

    I went there yesterday to do a session, and completed my Week 4 of the Couch to 5k programme, Which means this week starts with Week 5, with the final run of the week being a long 20 minute run, which I am quite nervous about strangely.

    For those with no experience of couch to 5k, it progresses through the weeks from intervals of jogging and walking, reducing walking and increasing jogging time as the weeks go on. Week 4 was 2 sets of 3min run, 90 second walk, 5 min run, 2.5min walk.

    Week 5 then pushes it to 3 min walks and 8 min runs, finishing the week with a 20 minute run. By week 9 you should be at 30 minutes continuous running, which I then just need to increase my speed to try get the 5k in 30 minutes.

    Since I still have a clicking elbow, after doing a run, I then went onto doing some leg machine work, seated press, leg curls, etc. I also found that the adductor machine does actually go to 180degrees, however, even set at 145kg, I could lift that weight at my max range of motion, so, I think Isometrics are still the better option.

    I finished off the session with another run but at a slower pace, then some isometrics for hip adductors.

    Hip adductors are sore today, but I feel like the splits are getting deeper. I am training tomorrow, then hopefully back in the gym on Wednesday, where I will do a run, then an ab workout.

    I also need to make an appointment this week for results of the X-Ray on my elbow, hopefully, they say it's safe to exercise it so long as I don't feel any pain or knocks (adjusting press up technique, I can stop the elbow knocking, and it doesn't do it when punching), which means I can go fully back into training.

    Anyway, I will have to leave this here, as I am starting to get desperate for the toilet that I needed when I first started typing for today

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