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    Well, it's is'nt exactly mental, you will still break your knuckles if you have never prepared for it b'fore

    Am afraid bones are completely different than diamonds

    Maybe 'cause they have retired? Get some info b'fore you start spouting off that again

    Yeah, it's probably means that, it's obvious you don't know much about conditioning.

    If there's a person A who's done it for years, and then there's a person B who's never had any experience in it and claims A is wrong who do you think I should be listening to?

    Overall that most conditioning I do for my knuckles is knuckle push ups and hitting the heavy bag, the tree hitting I believe is done on trees with a soft bark not the hard oak trees.

    Conditioning can be good if done in moderation.

  2. YODA

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    Correct - moderation in all things is a good guideline.

    However, excess is usually SO much more fun :D
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    AYE! :D
  4. Adam

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    For tree hitting I tend to favour birch? trees myself. I find oak a little hard on the wrist and knuckles.
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    Gee, and mine seem to be intact. Must be a miracle I guess.

    I wasn't comparing bones to diamond, I was trying to explain the difference between hard and brittle. As you condition bones they become harder, and more brittle.


    Actually I know more than you might imagine. I've spoken with a fair number of medically trained people, both students and doctors, and I've studied medical physics for some time. I know what impacts do to bones, cumulative effects of the impacts, and the risks it presents to you. I don't need to step into the M25 to know that getting hit by a car'll hurt, I can guess that from my own knowledge.

    The one who can still hold a pen without difficulty?
  6. Adam

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    This is really going nowhere.
  7. Cain

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    Yeah, a miracle ;)

    The theory of the diamond does'nt apply to the bones I'm afraid

    Yeah, you know I have experinced it

    You can guess, I have done it and know people who do it and still play the piano ;)

  8. goatnipples2002

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    where do you guys train? how come no one said a thing about dit da jow? I know it by no other name. I made my own using western herbs. If you use it before and after a conditioning lesson then your joints won't take enough abuse to cause arthritis. the di da jow is some strong **** if you let it sit long enough (about a year). Mine has been sitting for about 2 years. I've used it ever since it sat for 6 mo. i used a store brand until the 6 mo. was up. You guys talk you just do what some one else says just because. I don't have a master or any of that. My teachers were the streets, prison and gangs. I'm not trying to brag (that stuff ain't anything to brag about anyways) just trying to tell you to do some research and you might not sound like a hand puppet.

    This is MY very own recipe. (my 1st attempt)

    Use 1 gallon glass jar

    Mix herbs with 4 to 5 Qts. WINTERGREEN alcohol

    1 container of ANALGESIC GEL (depending how cold you want it)

    1/2 OZ. OF EACH
    Marshmallow Root
    Witch Hazel
    St.Johns Wort
    White Willow
    Sarsaparilla Root
    Goldenseal Root
    Fennel Seeds
    Cramp Bark
    Blessed Thistle
    2 1/2 OZ. Celery Seeds
    2 1/2 OZ. Dandelion Leaves
    1 Ginger Root
    4 1/2 OZ. Comfrey
    1/2 bottle of Aspirin
    1 OZ. Cayenne Pepper (depending how HOT you want it)
    1/2 clove Garlic

    change it if you need to

    (i grow most of these herbs so I use more ALWAYS).

    if you don'y know what an herb does look it up
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  9. Knight_Errant

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    Maybe because it's completely unnecessary to any form of training?
  10. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    STOP IT: Yoda
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