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    Be cautious with fish oil and make sure that you get a good brand. Over the counter fish oils are sometimes high in mercury. Nordic Naturals is a very good, pure brand. I take 6,000 mg's a day. 2 tabs 3x with food. Also, CLA is a very good supplement for helping control weight gain and can aid in fat loss.
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    Lithium orotate is a form of lithium (salt) that can be taken in much lower doses than prescription lithium because it crosses the blood brain barrier more readily than standard lithium. Because the dose is so low, the side-effects typically seen in lithium are absent in the OTC variety and it seems to react very well with other meds. It's particularly effective at treating bipolar II, but it also helps depression and anxiety a bit. It is believed to promote protection on the myelin sheath surrounding neurons that some research thinks is linked to protecting from and improving healing after TMI. It's very cheap and easy to obtain, that's why I suggested access to it. You'd need to inform all MDs. Most have no training with it unless they practice hollistic medicine.

    The new TMI scripts are varied, and when I get some time I'll try to remember to see what I can dig up. I learned about them helping my ex study to become a nurse while they were showing videos of Alzheimer's patients. There appeared to be a few new classes of drugs out that seem to not only slow neurodegeneration but also speed recovery from TMI. I'll try to dig up something you can insist the neurologist look up and find out if you're a suitable candidate for.

    Some of the weird and inconsistent mechanical/mood symptoms are probably related to the areas of your brain not damaged having to pick up slack and share resources that should be devoted to the original damaged portions. The brain is highly adaptive and given enough time and rest is amazingly resilient.
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    I looked up clinical trials and easily could have missed something, but it looks like they're wrapping up that session and testing each disease/injury separately. I would call Chicago and ask their department if anything is running for TBI in your area.

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    I'm not sure that fear of traumatic brain injury is unreasonable. It's not going to eat at you the way that, say, traumatic brain injury will.

    I know it wouldn't be easy to walk away from competition. But there's a bigger context to think about.
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    Not that kind of fear... just to be afraid of getting back into a situation that was obviously not the best one the last time. Getting back at it IMO is important, if only 1 time to prove it to yourself. A lot of fear can bother a person if not confronted.

    Also, we don't have to be in boxing or any combat sport to risk brain injury... we could fall down our steps on our way to work and get that.
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    It would be best to simply let the consultant do their job, and ask about trails, once the proven options have been tried. Drs get very short with people who think google can replace all their hard training.
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    I agree that there's some value in that. But people need to make a careful assessment built around sound medical advice. Pride needs to take a back seat. You only get one brain. And being "bothered" by fear is small by comparison. I was bothered by fear the last time I didn't take the bait and fight four guys (one of whom was wielding a baseball bat). Not nearly as bothered as I would have been if I HAD. Fear exists for a reason. And it's not always to be ignored.

    That's really spurious logic though, isn't it. Probability is king. Direct experience makes it blindingly obvious that head trauma is more likely in a contact sport than it is walking down the stairs. Likelihood matters. Would you prefer to play Russian roulette with one bullet or five?

    To be clear, none of this means I want Ero to quit boxing. I like Ero. I think that's pretty obvious. That's also precisely why I want him to tread carefully. That's all.
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    There's only one course of action open....Ero needs to get some yellow hand wraps, lycra shorts, tapout vest, a head mic and start teaching Tae-bo classes.
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    You have a lot of experience with VA physicians from the UK, do you?

    Ero is welcome to do as he pleases. I was stating how I'd approach it if it were my brain. I think options and information are nice. The more he is provided with, the more informed of a decision he and his wife can make.
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    This is going to sound really weird, but I hate people at the boxing gym who use yellow hand wraps. They always have something really weird about them, or are way too macho without ever having proven themselves in anything (as far as the gym goes). I was really dismayed when somebody I did like and was friends with started wearing them :(

    I call them the Pika' Pika' wraps (Pokemon reference. Pokemon say their name when they talk to communicator. Pikachu is a yellow rat and says "pika!" all the time). No offense to anybody who may use yellow wraps. It's just one of those social indicators that make me think twice about approaching somebody.

    Again, I appreciate all the support and the sharing of like experiences, as well as the different perspective on how to go about things. Went to the neurologist today and did a lot better being out and about than I thought I would have although I was in a wheelchair. I pretty much got the same information as I did in the ER but this neurologist noticed my eyes were twitching a bit which could indicate something could have been knocked loose in my ear causing me dizziness (Ha!) or that I may have some damage to the back of my brain. My coordination and memory was tested as well and had improved from my last ER visit which he was happy with, but he scheduled me for an MRI just in case as a CT Scan will not show injury to the back of the brain. I'm also scheduled to have my ears examined, but I honestly don't think there is a problem with my ears.

    The biggest difference in this visit to the neurologist was him telling me to start actively getting back into things. Actively meaning, "try sitting in a chair this week for at least 5 hours a day instead of being in bed, then next week try walking around the apartment a little more." Previously I was told to just lay in bed and rest, but my condition in the ER was a lot more sever than my visit this time. This makes me happy because it gives me some goals to set and hopefully I cruise to a level of health to attend Summer II courses that start in two or three weeks here.

    Other than that my head hasn't gotten the weird buzzing/fuzz feel that makes me extremely anxious. Just getting pretty crappy headaches now. Never thought I would be happy about getting headaches. It's a nice, tangible pain now which isn't unnerving to me if that makes any sense.

    Again, thanks for all the support guys!
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    My doctor has learned quite a bit from me from supplement studies and has helped her other patients as well with them. She doesn't get short with me or knock google or anything else for that matter. If the Doctor gets short it's because he has a complex and can't stand someone telling him his advise my not be the best, or is even flat out wrong.
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    Can you move your hands about? You might try some simple things to get yourself moving a bit. I found that moving as much as possible within my limits helped me recover after my surgery earlier this year. Perhaps easy games of toss with someone, legos, solitaire, etc.

    Just don't do anything that hurts you or stresses your head! Wishing you speedy and full recovery as always. Cheers! (hope they're at least letting you enjoy your favorite foods and beverages again, btw. Keeping a "clean" diet will help the healing process too.)
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    I can definitely move my hands, hell, I'm on MAP! The biggest thing is the transfer of laying down to sitting up to standing which causes me disorientation and nausea. The reasoning he gave me was that I needed to re-learn to adjust to that, that it would suck, and to take it slow. I do currently have full control of my body, it's just very uncomfortable to be sitting up right or standing, and hard to walk/move about. MAP, along with re-watching Star Trek TNG has kept me sane this past week :p

    As far as a clean diet goes, it's getting better, lol. My diet consisted of fries and pizza for about a week. It was like that because I had zero appetite, so the food had to be particularly tasty for me to want to eat it (pizza and fries are probably my favorite two foods which I don't eat often). Eating something is often better than eating nothing. I'm getting pretty tired of it though, and the real appetite for good substance is starting to return. Thank god for Fiber 1 bars though which have been implemented throughout the pizza/fry diet, or else I would have had some other problems : P!
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    Good to hear. :) Sorry if mentioning your hands about seemed too silly. Some people navigate their computers with voice operation programs nowadays, so I don't like to ASSume. Pizza/fries is not what I consider part of a clean diet as most pizzas don't offer much in the way of nutritional value. But the fiber should help offset problems you might have with that. I remember after one surgery only being able to keep down green jello for a while because the anaesthesia made me feel icky. :bang:
    Anyway, good healing to you my friend, and hopefully MAPping and whatnot keep you more or less sane. :cool: Will be looking forward to hearing about your progress. Live long and prosper. /me makes Mr Spock hand gesture and bows
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    Ero- I barely cyber know you, being newly active here. But I am glad you are doing better and hope your recovery picks up at a fast pace.

    Forgive me for commenting on this light :topic: thing you bring up.

    I get annoyed with other females at my school who have pink hand wraps, pink gloves, and/ or pink grip wraps for their swords.

    It's like they are insecure in their femininity. It seems to me like they are bothered by being involved in a fighting art (something macho by societies standards maybe?) so they have to announce to the school that they are still girly by wearing pink.

    This may be totally unfair of me. That may not be their reasoning at all, but to me it comes across that way. I know it is really my issue. And I really quite otherwise like my pink wearing fellow students.

    But the pink annoys me. It just seems wrong in a MA school. :ban:

    I am just glad to hear someone else has an irrational annoyance with another color of hand wrap. I don't feel alone!
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    :) Ill give you a hint, shes humouring you mate. Being aware and involved with your treatment is a great thing, But you havnt got the medical background to assess what information is valid and what isnt.
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    Never really thought about that actually. It may be for some that it just happens to be their favorite color. My Wife's favorite color is green for instance. She would likely pick that, but really doesn't care (unless it's a car or house).

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