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    I have to run at the moment, but drop me a PM to remind me. I've had a chat with our VA rep downstairs. She gave me some info, which you'll probably already know about. But she also offered to have you email her with any questions.
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    Wow man, really sorry to hear that! I have had 2 of them in my life. When I was a kid I was hit by a car. All I heard was a loud bang and then a flying sensation and then the lights went out. I actually was knocked into the air about 8 or 10 ft and landed in a ditch on the side of my head on concrete that was left from previous work that had been done. When I woke up they asked "what's your name" I don't know, "where do you live?" I don't know... I mean I didn't know anything.

    The second time was actually a slip in my house and landed on the side of my head. I never went to the hospital, but I knew what it felt like, such as yourself, a bad headache, dizzy, you just don't feel right.

    The absolute best thing you can do is REST! The more blood that you pump through your body the more things might expand... you don't need that right now. Your blood pressure rises when you exercise and that might be what caused the problem.

    As a suggestion, you might want to look into creatine monohydrate. I have taken it off and on for many years. It has been shown that it can help with brain damage, concussions, etc. Here is the link if you are interested.
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    I'm sorry to read you're feeling so rough Ero. :(

    If you need any moral support that I can help with, lemme know. Try not to worry about the future and focus on recovery only. When you're badly injured and your body needs a lot of rest, getting well is a full-time occupation. Trust me, few people know as much as about being academically set back from illness as I've learned over the years. Life goes on. And schools are typically pretty accommodating. Naturally, you're welcome to my cell number or FB info (which I rarely use I'm afraid) if you're having a hard day and wanna reach out.
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    Wanted to write this last night but I started feeling weird/bad and the computer screen wasn't agreeing with me. Just wanted to thank everybody for the support I've gotten. I kind of just made this thread to rant about my situation and didn't expect anything from it but maybe a conversation about concussions :p

    I know it may sound strange but the support in the MAP community for a currently bed ridden individual like myself has meant a lot to me.
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    I think there are a few of us that have had some support from MAP over the years.
    It's one reason I find trolls so baffling.
    Building up some forum rapport, online mates and respect in an online community can be a real source of comfort and cameraderie.
    It's weird considering we're just screen names on the internet but it's definitely there.
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    No problem man... I think we all can agree that we want the best for you and your safety.

    Are you planning on getting back into it after you're all healed up? Or maybe doing something different?
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    best wishes ero. hope you get better.
  8. Ero-Sennin

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    Just going to take it one day at a time man :p
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    Concussion bear sez: Get well soon! :)
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    Hilarious story to go with that bear/balloons picture.

    The second time I went to the ER (Wed.) I was being taken out of the apartment by an EMT in the bed/stretcher thing and there was a guy coming up from the parking lot with a bunch of balloons. As I'm being driven to the hospital my phone starts ringing and I answer it because it said "VA" on the caller ID (which means Virginia, not veteran affairs but I wasn't in my right mind). Next thing I'm asked is "I have a delivery of balloons for 'my name', how can I get into your apartment?"

    I was pretty emotional in the ambulance and I was flabbergasted over the phone call and just said between choppy breathing and sobs, "Dude, I'm sorry but I'm in an ambulance going to the hospital right now." He realized I was the one he passed as he walked to the building to deliver the 'get well' balloons and you could tell it was the most awkward moment for him. He just apologized and hung up. We came back from the ER with balloons at the apartment door that were sent from my parents. I felt pretty bad for the guy.

    The card and balloons had bears on them :p
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    Great story! :D I am impress!:hat:(as the kids say nowadays)
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    Well, if you decide to keep going with it, there's a lot to be said for that. Some people would be afraid to get back into it, which is understandable. If you decide to get out of it, just make sure it's not out of fear if you can help it. Sometimes it will always eat away at you.
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    Yeah, I hear you. The current line of thinking is that I'm 25 years old and only getting older. I can easily pursue the route I want to go career wise without competing (I want to be a dietician/trainer for combat athletes) although I wouldn't respect myself as much without competing. Currently this condition has caused me to cancel a class in school which is going to have repercussions on the time it takes to earn an educational degree on a path to become a registered dietician. It's also going to cost me a significant amount of money.

    However, I enjoyed competing and I love fighting. I don't think I can ever get away from that and it would be a shame to just give that up while I'm still plenty young enough to do it. While my condition currently is more serious then what concussions generally are, part of it was caused from me not taking any time off and hopping right back into training too soon. I was literarily at the gym training about 9 hours after the fight (left the venue at 2 AM, was at the gym at 11 AM). While I started the week off slow I was basically working out just as intense towards the end of that week and THEN the TBI stuff started happening to me. I was fine that entire week, so the current condition is most definitely caused by my lack of knowledge of concussions. Ignorance in this case is not bliss.

    I'm just going to take things slowly right now. To be honest I'll never fight an opponent that large again and if I fight again I am going to be in much better shape and I will have honed my defensive/maneuvering skills a crap ton more to try and make sure something like this doesn't happen again. If it does, I definitely wouldn't be at the gym the next day. I also probably won't try to aggressively pursue competing like I had planned either.

    All in all it's going to come down to a measure of finances, physical ability and health in the long run given my age, and if the wife finds my want to continue (if I find that I do, which will probably be a yes) to be legitimate enough. I won't be able to hop back into it without her support, not how our relationship works.

    As far as fear goes, I've taken some pretty rough falls in my life and hopped right back on the horse and got going. Never know until you hop in the ring and have somebody try to hit you though, so I won't make any claims of perseverance until proven.
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    Holy freaking Google searches based off of that information. I'm not going to lie, I was thinking "yeah . . . sure man, I'll check it out I guess" when I read it but after searching around there is quite a bit of legitimacy to the Creatine bit. I'm a little too late for it though as you have to load Creatine Monohydrate for about a week before your body has an ample amount to utilize. The concept behind it is if it's already in your system your brain has a great access to fast energy to help it recuperate. Astounding results in lab rats, a bit hard pressed to find info. with human studies though.

    I've come across a few other interesting things too sparked from the information you posted. Fish oil has been a big subject with TBI's and a few studies in the military about eating certain kinds of food (mostly high in protein/creatine) for people immediately after a TBI. That and hydrating like crazy.
  15. Saved_in_Blood

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    Yeah, i've done quite a bit of research on creatine monohydrate for quite some time now. I started lifting at 18... stopped after about a year and then got back into it at about your age. I was 142 lbs and was doing 5 reps of 195... which for me was pretty good. I also had really drained myself to much so I was weaker, which didn't help me much with my shoulder issue. Not having proper nutrition, along with proper supplements can really hurt you, no matter what sport you are in. Creatine also helps to hold more water, I would imagine that would also help a lot with the brain not being as susceptible to injury.
  16. Saved_in_Blood

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    BTW, most bodybuilders feel the "loading phase" is just a bunch of hype and that it really doesn't do anymore than your standard dose once or twice a day. There's a lot of info on that as well.
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    Look into the pharmaceuticals they give Alzheimer's patients that greatly slow the degeneration of the disease man. They're not risk-free. They're new drugs. Some of them have demonstrated virtually no obvious side-effects though. If I were my brain, that's what I'd do.

    It would be fish oil, lithium orotate (no prescription required and a mountain of available medical articles on it), and one of those new promising scripts.
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    I had my wife go out and get some fish oil for the heck of it when she went to the store. No idea what the heck all the other stuff is.

    I was starting to get better as I haven't done anything but lay in bed for 6 days now but seem to be relapsing again. Last night the left side of my head went fuzzy and was increasing my anxiety quite a bit. Then it calmed down after about 45 min. and I started getting this new sensation in my head. The best way to describe is if you've ever been woken up suddenly by feeling like you were falling. My body feels like an electrical jolt just went through it and I get tingly. That's what I feel like when I try to go to sleep, especially if I lay on my back with my head facing up. I don't get the "falling" feel though. It's very strange. The right side of my head is the side feeling fuzzy today though. I've also had a hard time during my short walks to the bathroom with feeling dizzy, more so then yesterday.

    This is all just very strange to me. My consciousness/awareness feels better though and memory/speech is fine. Going to see a neurologist on Tuesday. Just bought a wheel chair to go. Since I'll be gone so long and in an 'uncomfortable' environment that day I hope I don't relapse back into the panic/anxiety/nauseous/dizzy/immobile state that sent me to the ER twice already :eek:
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    Firstly I do hope you get well soon,

    Secondly if you do box again, dont cut so much water weight, its likely this contributed to the issues your having at the moment.

    and thirdly just eat well and rest as much as you can, its gonna take time for the brain to rewire itself.
  20. Ero-Sennin

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    Not sure if it was anything to do with dehydration. I stopped doing it after 3 days and had ample time until the fight date to get back to normal. I was training like normal again and feeling fine the week prior to as well. I'm more willing to blame me jumping back into training immediately after getting knocked out.

    However, your post of "yeah, beginners shouldn't be doing this" in the 'dropping water weight' thread is spot on when it's that large of an amount to lose. No argument from me there.

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