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  1. AikiSamurai

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    Hi! I'm new here, I started training in Judo today(7/14/03), and I immensely enjoyed it. Totally different than Aikido training but similiar in some aspect, but my question is that how long does it take most Judokas to compete? I asked my sensei just out of curiousity, and he said at the "earliest by the end of next year." I'm just wondering..
  2. thiaboxr2

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    each school is different. They have some minimum requirements that have to be met before anyone can compete. Basic knowledge of skills, throws and other techniques. Along with some advanced skills. Just be patient, keep training, keep improving youself. 1 year will be gone in no time!
  3. AikiSamurai

    AikiSamurai New Member

    cool, thanks for the insight, I'm also curious to find out how testing for rank is done.
  4. saikyou

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    by defeating other judokas. a kata may also be required. it depends on your school.
  5. DeepFreeze

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    I believe the concepts were mixed up in here a bit.
    In graduation you are required to show certain amount of moves, chokes, locks etc. depending on the level of the belt you are trying to get. On lower levels you usually have to show only few throws, know the basic principles and show off some tieings.

    As for competitions, basically you will enter the area with another competitor, and when referee gives a go, you go at it. In other words, you will take "normal" randori with him, although with few exceptions.
    I wont start writing a bible here since I am not quite sure how much you know, but do tell if you wish to know more, than I shall provide more information :)

    Exception of this are Kata-competitions, where you basically will show different Kata's with your Ukes, and the referees will be judging your performance.
  6. jonsku

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    You can compete earlier in so-called "lower-belt-rank-competions". Check out if they arrange them near your living place.


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