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    Anybody got any good combinations they can share?

    Recently one of my instructors has started to give us combinations to drill instead of one technique, which has been our major downfall I reckon.

    I thought it was amazing how in less than 5mins he had created a nice combination in which we had 5-6 submissions that just flow on from each other. I'm training to get to that level! The best I've been able to do so far are combinations in a couple of techniques :D

    Here's the combo I last drilled:

    From side control, go for figure 4 on guys' far arm, then into armbar.

    If that doesn't work.. from side control, put left hand over the far side of the guy's head and post it on the ground and put your forearm across his fake, the guy may think you're going for a choke here....Come up to knee ride, then slide your knee over like you're coming up into mount, making sure your foot doesn't go inbetween his legs and he can put you back into half-guard. The other leg is over the guy's arm, not under his arm.

    Sit back, let him come up, you have:

    cutting arm bar,
    triangle -> wrist lock, armbar, etc. -> omoplata

    I think that's right, my memory is hazy and I didn't get to drill it too many times.
  2. YODA

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    Faves include....

    Armbar > Triangle > Omoplata from the guard (Thanks Levo :p)

    Keylock > Triangle > Sitting armbar from the mount (Thanks Levo :p)

    From cross-overhook in guard - Kimura or chest 2 chest sweep or guillotine or omoplata (Thanks Levo :p)

    ..... do you see a pattern emerging there :D
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  3. Levo

    Levo Nathan Leverton

    LOL :D

    Thank YOU for giving me the chance to show my stuff!


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