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    I vote regular dosages of Vit C and Zinc for your immune system, throw in some echinacea if you start to feel a cold.
    I work in a very busy retail store in constant contact with people's money/hands/mobile phones/whatever has been in their mouth recently and I hardly ever get sick now.
    I used to all the time.
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    I've read this too, its commonly accepted your body is weakened while recovering from heavy training.

    You can call it suspicion, however all my resident scots who live in Cold weather rarely get ill, especially in winter. Maybe something to do with the immune system not weakening even after training because they have lived in SCotland, I dunno. Works for them
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    not a clinical trial or full study but interesting nonetheless.

    And a bit on it's toxicology that makes some of the worries a bit less

    a proper study on it's immune system properties.
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    Thanks champ
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    I hope they are what you are looking for - I am by no means a health professional, my only health qualifications are in health hygiene and pest control - I was an army rat catcher - stopping vectors of transmition rather than treating people..
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    That research article one is good and I can follow the references to other research. Interesting reading. Thanks again.
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    Thanks Wry, it worked. Just got back from one long run. :)
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    When a person has the complaints you have been having, basically waxing and waning of symtoms, two things usually come to mind. First, colds usually don't flare, usually you all over feel like crap for a couple of days and get better. My guess are two things and they have been both talked about which would be allergies and a sinus infection. I would lean toward the later. The thing is most people UNDER treat sinus infections, usually not long enough with the course of antibiotics. Antibiotics need to be taken for a full two weeks because the blood supply to the sinuses is low and it's takes quite a bit of time for the antibiotics to actually get into the sinuses. I also treat with an inhaled steroid and a medication called mucinex. The other thing I would recommend is taking a non-sedating antihistamine especially prior to running outside. Not sure what is prescription and what is over the counter in your neck of the word, but I recommend allegra or claritin (however I haven't had much success with claritin) Diphenhydramine can be pretty sedating.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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