Cold Steel Escrima Stick- Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by SCP_Kensei, May 15, 2007.

  1. SCP_Kensei


    Well I took deliver of a pair of these: last week and due to being off training with a lUmbar strain didnt get a chance ot try them out till yesterday.

    I'd like to say that, for an artificial stick, these are awesome!

    As some of you may know I like a good heavy stick (IKAEF Modern Arnis seems to work so much better with a nice, dense head crusher), and the Cold Steel Stick doesnt disappoint on that score/ Perhaps a little heavy for me at the moment I have no doubt that I will grow into it soon.

    The stick is nicely made of Polypropylene with clearly marked "nodes", including a shorter end section that serves as an excellent guide for the ideal Punio length. Should decide to smash someone in the ehad with said Punio then the embossed Cold steel logo on the end will leave a nice stamp!

    They are a little more flexible than some rattan sticks, but don't vbrate that much on contact, and the fact that you can easily cut them to your own ideal length makes them versatile and customiseable. It's also comforting to know that they will still be able to take a pounding 10 years form now (I tend to go through a new set of rattan sticks in anywhere between 35 minutes and 6 weeks)

    They only really have 2 minor faults IMHO:

    1) They will terminate the rattan sticks of your training partner if used for siniwali or cabca drilling.

    2) You dont get that wonderful burning Rattan smell after a good couple of rounds.

    All in all I think I have found my ideal Kali stick. I just have to talk my fellow students into getting sets of them so that I dont feel guilty about mashing their sticks.

    Anyone else used them yet? What did you think?
  2. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned


    I have some white plastic, heavy in comparison to the rattan. The white does not have the bamboo node look, though.

    I think they are good if all you want to do is bang sticks, and use as an arm conditioner, they are quite heavy and will build muscle. Swords are much heavier than the rattan, so this would be a nice stick for the conditioning of the arms.

    I have been reading a book that mentions the stick is actually better than a sword for urban fighting.

    Musashi (Japan swordsman) liked wood in later life. This would be a terrific weapon IMHO.

  3. NeilX66

    NeilX66 Valued Member

    I made my own set a few years back from Nylon 66 and they are still going strong, and I've made sets for a few people I train with as well, the one problem I've had with mine is if your hands get really sweaty there is a tendency for the stick to slip, so I added a grip made from 2mm static cord, do these have the same problem? or is the molded node enough to stop it happening

  4. SCP_Kensei


    They are actually pretty good for slippage. They have a textured finish that helps a lot. But I have added white fabric "Boxing Tape" just to make sure.
  5. Mano Mano

    Mano Mano Dirty Boxer

    Isn't the burning rattan smell part of the fun of siniwali
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  6. Lucy O'Malley

    Lucy O'Malley The Mother Art

    One of the things I love about FMA is the different woods, the smell of buring rattan and the clicking sound of sticks. I cannot stand it when people have tape around their sticks and it creates a dull thud, it spoils the rythem of the class, hehehe.

    However i can imagine these are a must have in your collection for the everlasting stick in your bag. All you need is an everlasting Mary Poppins bag too.

    They would probably be ideal for solo work as mentioned by others and perhaps tyre work. I currently use a bahi stick for this type of training, as it is vertially unbreakable and you still get the look, sound and feel of a wooden stick and they look lovely too. But I always like to get my hands on you inavative products, just for the fact they exist.

    I know someone who supplies them in Europe, but without the nodes and they are very good, but quite expensive to purchase.

    Love Lucy :love:
  7. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    No node's is not good. I have some in plastic, and some in a very dense wood (similar to iron wood) I notice many go for the fancy ones that have had the skin or bark removed. Won't last one session of striking.

    I had one of my best, hardest, stongest, natural sticks taken from a seminar (not on purpose of course :rolleyes: ) I was lucky I have several. They have an extremly strong bark or cover skin, on the outside, they are great.

    I like them for practice and striking sticks of rattan, they are now getting old though and am in pursuit of some more.

    I have quite a bit of rattan that I make sticks for the youth, that don't hit to hard, but practice. I give them away to good students.

    I made up a stick and put a rawhide guard on it for protection, similar to a "soti used in Gatka" for my hand when teaching with younger children and the people that are not real practiced. LOL

    My knuckles are as old as I am, and I like the suppleness of them, like they are "thankyouverymuchbeginners" :eek: not been broken...ever.
    Not because I have not tried. :eek: Good bones I guess.

  8. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    bahi and kamagong for sayaw. btw, i would reserve the bahi for challenges. that and the close node rattan baston ;)
  9. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I have heard, the British call it "Bloody Rattan''...Any truth to that? :D
  10. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

    Some my student defeng herself with multi-nodes rattan and almost of the attacker had blood in their face. :D
  11. doc_jude

    doc_jude Banned Banned

    I saw a vid on YouTube of a CS Bokken being broken by some folks at a Dog Brothers event, I believe. Suprised me. Try looking it up. The escrima sticks they sell aren't as thick as the bokken, may be more prone to breakage if used against wood.
  12. SCP_Kensei


    I found that video you were talking about.

    The Bokken doesnt break. Merelt the Tsuba snaps in half.

    So far the sticks are going strong. Used them for 2 hours Song Dhab Krabbi Krabong practise tonight, good for building the shoulder muscles when drilling 500 draw/strike repetitions.
  13. doc_jude

    doc_jude Banned Banned

    wow, you're right! i was wondering why the broken off piece looked so funny.

    BTW, I've got one (CS Bokken) & love it.
  14. sangot

    sangot New Member

  15. Dreaded

    Dreaded New Member

    I bought a pair of these for escrima training, I had to cut them down to match the size of regular escrima but was not able to use them against rattan escrima as the rattan ones would be in bits in next to no time. These are awesome, feel really weighty and gives the stick more power in the swing. I really would not want to come up against a pair of these! For training and wrist strength, I'd defo buy these. They will last forever
  16. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    10 years ? Wow!

    Great that you like the sticks!! £33 a stick? Must be pretty fantastic at the price!

    But 10 years??? Wonder if that is a record for waking the dead? :D

    Welcome to MAP!

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  17. Whit

    Whit Valued Member

    how are they thickness wise?

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