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    Hey all,
    quick update, training is going ok; took a few extra days off around Xmas, as you do.

    So I have got to grips with the current set up of the bodyweight strength program I'm doing.
    Not too bad at all really, but having peeked at next week (week5), I think I'm in for a bit of a grind.

    I completed week3 and done half of week4, yesterday was AR day and today/ tomorrow are circuits.
    The endurance circuit uses 2 supersets, a superset being 2 exercises back to back. So still keeping with 4 exercises though different ones than the power circuits.
    As well at the end there is jump rope rather than sprints. I have been cheating on these though and simply jumping on the spot and mimicking the jump rope action..

    Not ideal but it's been dark and cold and I have a low ceiling in my home gym. And yeah; still need to practice it as I have no idea really where I'm at with a jump rope.

    My progressions have been ok, the main one I noticed is that I can now get a full L sit going just not perhaps for the full time required, but getting closer. My legs are also not as high as I would like yet but progress is progress! Having taken a peek at next week, it kicks off with an assessment so I will update more on that side of it.
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    Kicked of last nights training with a bit of fast tai chi, did a round that I was quite happy with, then my second round I lost focus somewhere halfway through and it broke down on me. I think I had one eye on my workout so I though what the hell and jumped right into my warm up. I picked up a bit of a cold recently and sometimes you just want to get it done and get back to the sofa..

    warm up:
    arm circles
    arm crossing
    hip circles
    squat side to sides
    squat circles
    straight arm elbow rotations
    wrist side to sides
    reverse wrist stretch
    A frame pulses to cobra side to side
    bodyweight squats

    followed by circuit x 3:

    broad jumps x 3
    shrimp squats 30 seconds each leg
    chin ups, 30 seconds
    L sit, 30 seconds

    followed by

    3 x 1 minute sprints, 1 minute rest between.

    warm down/ couple stretches

    Stuck with a lower progression of the L sit, just getting the knees up, feet off the floor and pulling back a little. I thought this would be better for me over messing about with versions I'm no good at yet. Still struggling with the chin ups, though the first round always feels half ok, then on the second and third I have to drop back the progression to get more work in.

    My shrimp squat is a tricky one too. I don't have the best ankle flexibility which hampers my squatting a little anyway and I've noticed my kicking (footbal/soccer) leg which I had assumed would be my strongest feels the weakest side. I'm not entirely sure though if this is more a balance / control weakness or strength weakness compared to my other leg. Stability is the main thing I seem to be missing comparitively from that side and it feels like quite a marked difference not subtle, so maybe a little of both in that plane of motion (?). Eitherway it was unexpected.

    Funny how these realizations creep up on you as the instruction is to start on your weaker leg and I had just assumed and carried on that way like some brainwashed automaton or something. Definitely more to go on that one in terms of form and full progression.
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    hey, bit of a catch up

    Friday 4.1.19

    Strength and endurence circuit:

    warm up

    circuit x 3

    superset 1: 30 seconds each exercise : inverted press followed by push ups (hollow body)
    superset 2: 30 seconds each exercise: hollow body holds x 4 positions followed by bridge press ups

    followed by jump rope 3 x 1 minute rounds, 1 minute rest between

    Saturday 5.1.19

    Did an AR day today; about half an hour - 40 minutes mix of locomotion exercises, tai chi work and yoga/ stretching.


    Tai chi chuan/ Tai chi Sanda training today with a partner.

    form, loosening, qigong
    push hands, co operative drills/ patterns
    fixed free pushing
    practice of 4 techniques within the framework of a push hands pattern
    practice of 1 further technique from a different pattern

    striking/ boxing drill: pretty basic; slip a lead, followed by slip and counter with a rear strike and then we added a parry to the slip.
    The rear strike started with a cross, then modified to a tai striking method known as bend the bow to shoot tiger. As with many techniques in TCC there are various ways one can conceivably perform it. In this drill the best I can describe it I think is like a combination of an overhand (comes in high/ 'over the top'), a medium range hook (has some circularity) that turn over and ends up vertical (fist of thumb facing down.)

    light/medium Sanda sparring
    stand up grappling

    I was due a day off Sunday but this session concludes 7 days of doing something do Monday I did nothing.
    yesterday i was due for day 1 of week 5 of the program I'm following, but one thing and another I didn't do it. I should have as the main work consisted of an assessment.

    As mentioned previously this week represents a bit of a jump in overall workload so maybe the extra rest was no bad thing. As well as the assessment (where in some cases you attempt max reps before loss of form or holds as long as possible) an extra 2 'conditioning days' replaces the middle day that would be AR, that consists of all 8 exercise for 4 rounds but the time is shorter @ 10 seconds. And a further round of the circuits added to the other days; 3 circuits becomes 4 on the 'power' and 'endurence' circuits.

    If that's all a bit confusing it's basically this:
    day 1: assessment
    day 2: power circuit
    day 2: endurance circuit
    day 3: conditioning circuit
    day 4: power circuit
    day 5: endurance circuit
    day 6: condititioning circuit
    day 7: off

    I'm told I should have built up the capacity to handle the extra work but frankly I feel knackered just looking at it. Definitely a push for me to get all this in and done in that time frame. I guess I'll just do what I can, hopefully finding or making the time; that's the hardest part, especially when you have kids that want your attention when you get home..
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    Hi, off to a nice start, assessment was good as it gives you a bit of a lift to experience your progress and not too taxing. Not sure what i did with my first assessment as it would be nice to compare what i wrote but I remember most of the main things.

    Wednesday 10.1.19

    Started with the warm up followed by attempting the full progressions of 7 exercises. The hollow body series of holds isn't assessed.

    Broad jump; the measure is how far you go on third jump, no progressions here and it is a move I'm happy with. Just going by memory but I do feel like I've increased my distance. Really need to find where i put that first assessment ggrrrr.

    Shrimp squat; this is one of 2 that haven't acheived full progression yet. The full progression has you holding the back leg with another arm out front (much like a common yoga pose) and from there you are to squat all the way down, touch the knee to the floor and then back up. Atm left side I get to about half way, right side about 3/4. And I'm still not quite as stable as i would like, more so on the left.

    push up with hollow body: I got this. How many till fatigue sets in: 11

    bridge press up: not there yet, can get head of ground barely 1cm it feels like. More to go here, quite possibly lack of mobility in the shoulders is a block on this

    chin ups: got the full progression on this too now, couldn't do one when I started. Full one:yes; how many before fatigue sets in (need to lower the progression) = 3 (not bad yo! :))

    legs elavated Inverted press: Got this one too, can't quite recall if I could do the the full one last time, as this has been one of my better ones. It's an exercise I had toyed around with previously. Perhaps not as I had I marked this as challenging on ease level, and I started off with the easier progressions from the floor and going half way I recall. The full one has you press head all the way to the floor and back up from an elavated position (eg.feet up on a chair). A solid strength builder this one I'd say. Sometimes i just felt it was more convenient to just do them off the floor in my matted space/ garden room, on reflection i think i could have done more with this full progression/ started it a bit earlier. I'll make a point of always using it now.

    L- sit: yes got the full one going for 10 seconds. happy with that, couldn't get it at all before. My legs also felt a bit higher than previous attempts.

    After a little break, putting the sprog to bed i did around 30- 40 minutes tai chi, yoga & stretching, energy work/meditation
    tai chi: opening, through grasp sparrows tail upto single whip; repeating single motions/ movements both fast and slow before moving on to next one.
    energy work/meditation; sung breathing which is a taoist cultivation neigung done in a still/ prone position, face up. I picked this up maybe a couple years ago and it's become a real favourite and staple for me. Some poses and stretches in between as well as massage ball targeting the pyriformis.

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    Did my endurance circuit last night - I mistakenly put it down as power in the prior listing I made here.

    Thursday 11.1.19

    Warm up

    circuits x 4

    superset 1: 30 seconds x inverted press, 30 seconds x hollow body push up
    superset 2: 30 seconds x 4 hollow body holds, 30 seconds back bridge push up

    3 x 1 minute of invisible jump rope..

    around half hour of tai chi, stretching, meditation

    Notes: back bridge push up felt better; I did this workout in my indoors/house training space where I have a yoga mat on a hardwood floor. This really seems to help this move in particular as i get better grip; my jigsaw mats though nice and thick are too slippy where the hands go. With better purchase on the floor my form is better and a few times I felt like a was clearing a good inch or so and it actually felt like i was getting a small push up - for perhaps the first time. In addition i found that I was now starting to bypass the headtop on the floor position and going straight up into a push with head clearance.. with my body more towards the arms which is the form used in this training.

    I found the press up (superset 2) a bit hard going towards the end of the time slot, which I'm putting down to the increased difficulty of the inverted press now being stricktly feet elavated. I also found myself at times changing from legs bent to legs straight. legs straight is the full progression/ hardest. So a bit to go there also in these type of workouts.

    Looking forward, tonight I have birthday drinks with an old pal, so really not sure if i'll make BJJ in the morning.. Planning on TCC for Sunday and I'm hoping I will get the next 3 circuits in and not fall behind. But I'm not overly worried if I do miss a day I'll just try harder to get it in the next day. Is what it is.

    copied and pasted this again as I noticed some errors, I really need to copy out a work sheet and double check this is all correct. I wrote day 2 twice somehow and where I got this from doesn't seem to agree with another part of the program.. I've re jigged it below, bolding the ones I've done, and hopefully I won't have to correct it again..
    This makes more sense and looks like one of the conditioning circuits replaces a 'strength and power' workout. The conditioning circuit inolves a shorter duration on exercise than I've been doing thus far @ 10 seconds but on 8 exercises for 4 rounds with no sprints or jumps after, am curious what it'll feel like tonight, but it doesn't sound too taxing. I should be on track come Monday as long as I don't drink my bodyweight in beer tonight :D

    day 1: assessment
    day 2: strength & endurance circuit

    day 3: conditioning circuit
    day 4: strength & power circuit
    day 5: strength & endurance circuit
    day 6: condititioning circuit
    day 7: off
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