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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by cloudz, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Hey everybody,

    Thought I would give one of these a go. Going to train a bit tonight, seeing my coach tomorrow and should find time over the weekend for more. Some will be regular kind of training people are familiar with, some will be a bit more niche and style specific. The latter I will attempt to explain a little more so as I go along.

    Plan for tonight is
    Tai chi/IMA; posture holding, body exercises, long form
    Some bagwork/ striking.
    A little kettlebelll
    Some treadmill running/ low intensity, steady state

    Chat, tips, shared experience and feedback all are most welcome.
    I may also post some posture photos for reference here and there, maybe even video myself at some point.

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  2. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Ok, I managed to touch on most of that last night with the exception of doing the kettlebell and some shadowboxing. I had less time than I thought because I forgot my wife was babysitting for a friend. I think I may have over stretched or something as I have managed to give myself some lower back discomfort on one side.. Also did some foam roller.

    I worked some combinations on the bag, not going for power. Just mid intensity. My combinations and pad work is an area I'm looking to improve, will be doing some padwork tonight so was using the bag as a target and for a bit of feedback, the main idea being to practice some combos.

    Been taking a few postures from Chinese wrestlings 13 Shi Shan Tai Bao to work on. These are like Yoga standing postures.
    This one's called She-Shen-Tan-Hai (捨身探海; Searching for the sea) and one I like. Pretty challenging physically, I like (need) to focus on the single leg balance, connection through the body and breathing. I like this one in particular because I feel like an eagle doing it lol

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  3. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    Had a good 2hr session with my coach.

    body exercises (quite a lot)
    a couple of standing postures, 5 minutes each. 1. raise hands/seven stars 2. crane spreads wings
    tai chi tui shou (push hands) patterns x 3
    light sparring drills involving striking/ evasion/ contact control/ counter striking
    2 x 5 minute rounds sparring with mouth guard (striking/ foot sweeps)
    pad work


    Tai chi long form


    zilch, nothing, nada (this is the really high level stuff)
    Having been impressed with my progress today, I may repeat todays work tomorrow which is now today..
  4. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    standing meditation
    tai chi long form
    boxing combinations on bag
    shadowboxing, freestyle
    kettlebells swings
    stretching: hips and hamstrings

    Came across this 'top ten' boxing combinations on the net and thought I would give them a run through (on bag) last night. Nice:
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  5. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    Started with some posture holding, descending dragon - see pic, and some horse stance. Then on to stretching and Yoga. Then on to covering some of the '15 basics' exercises from the I Liq Chuan system.

    The 15 basics don't map to or equate to 15 exercises as such, they refer to themes and these each have variations - sometimes quite a few. For example a theme might be something like absorb and project; I covered some of that which is the basic of basics in this system as well as some 'side to side' movement and frontal circles

    Descending Dragon from Yiquan, this also appears in some other systems I know of eg. A branch of Wu style neigung.
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  6. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Did a little training over the weekend. Not as much as I would have liked as we are looking to move house and have viewings going on at intermittant times.


    Tai chi long form and a few supplementary exercises inc: standing meditiation, swinging, rocking, bouncing, qigong, hamstring stretches


  7. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    So, last night:
    A few supplementary tai chi exercises and standing meditation, followed by long form. I practiced some reverse breathing whilst in standing meditiation also intention/mind is placed in dan tien in that exercise. Not too slow on the long form, maybe 15 minutes. I rank 20 minutes as medium paced, around 40/45 as slow: as a general guide for myself. Fast is around 4-6 minutes.

    Followed by some bodyweight exercise, high intensity. This little circuit x 3

    press ups
    squat jumps
    mountain climbers

    Some stretching and short meditation to finish.

    Doing something a little different tonight, not martial arts but should get a pretty decent workout: I've been asked to play football (soccer), it's been years but I'm really looking forward to it!
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  8. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    So I played football last Thursday evening for over an hour.. Lots of running around!
    I found it pretty hardgoing in the second half of the game, been a long time since I have run around for that length of time chasing a ball.

    Friday evening I had a 2 hour session with my coach.
    We went through our solo exercises and push hands patterns, similar to previous session.
    We then drilled a technique: leg cutting. Which progressed from basic drilling to drilling entries against strikes. We finished as before with some free sparring (mouthgaurd and 10oz gloves) and padwork.

    My performance in the sparring was noticably down on the previous session, I think this was down to fatigue from the previous evenings running around. It really seemed to catch up with me and felt like I had no gas in the tank.

    Had a rest day on Saturday. Sunday I did some taiji long form (20-25m) and some supplementary exercises. Also a stretching session for my hips and hamstrings.
  9. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Been enjoying reading your log, don't want you to feel no ones following since there's no thanks function anymore.

    Seems like you've got a good balance in your training.
  10. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Hey all, time for a little update

    Firstly, cheers Ned, nice to know for sure. Was a bit slack on the training front last week. Had a lot of work and was getting home a little later than I'd like with the added bonus of negotiating a price for what very possibly will be our new home. Oh heck, enough of the excuses already! :D

    So Friday managed to get round to doing something.. Did my stretching/ breathing and Yoga poses for my hips and hamstrings - I need to pay a lot of attention to this as I have been suffering from Pyriformis syndrome for the past few years. It has definitely left its mark on my training. Long story short sometimes I feel good other times it's both literally and figuratively a royal pain in the butt.

    Moved into some tai chi neigung covering the primary forces of ward off (peng), rollback (lu), press (ji) and push (an), by themselves and also in some pairs eg. rollback to press. and also threw in a bit of "bump" (kao) for good measure.

    Followed by tai chi long form (medium/slow pace) and finishing with holding some postures. I usually always include 'opening' and 'closing' standing meditations before and after my form training. This is basically standing Taoist meditation, hands placed over Dan Tien. It's perhaps somewhat ritualistic and symbolic, and you could question the practicality or purpose. However I find that psychologically it helps me to frame the practice and by entering and leaving the meditative state in this ritualised way may (or may not..) help one to absorb the form training contents deeper into the subconscious mind/body. Anyway I seem to like it and it's become a little habitual anyway.


    Standing meditations, supplementary exercises; spinning/ turning on central axis, bowing, basic silk reeling and some 'winding'. For those not familiar winding is like taking a towel and ringing it.. only it's not a towel it's your arms and legs cross connected through centre.

    long form, medium/slow pace

    shadow boxing (freestyle)
    Some open hand striking on heavy bag, mixed in with some close in striking: elbows/ knees.

    Then did a circuit x 2 consisting of 2 med ball (10kg) exercises and 2 kettlebell (16kg) exercises. Finishing up with some body weight jump lunges.
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  11. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Thursday 16.2.17

    medium/fast tai chi formwork

    I have a recent urge to brush up on my fast tai chi. It's been a while, so it'll be something to hit over the weekend. I'll probably build into it by working from medium/fast upto I guess whatever i can muster up whilst keeping form tight, precise and hmm crisp?

    One thing i like about that kind of practice is that you can't really think, so quite often I go off script here and there. It's rare, or maybe even impossible for me to do a couple of iterations of fast form exactly the same. So in that regard it can be a bit more fun and exploritory (in a different way) to slower forms practice.

    What tends to change or come out in faster forms is a kind of back and forth rythm at times and more lively stepping, more fajin, generally tighter, more compact, more combat flavours and intent.
  12. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Friday 17.2.17

    stretching and foam rolling
    standing meditation
    supplementary exercises, focusing on loosening
    tai chi long form, medium fast; toward the faster end of the scale.
    Some bagua practice; circle walking, swimming body exercises
    Holding posture; 'tame the tiger'. This shows up in bagau as well as Yiquan
    tai chi long form; mixed practice of medium/fast as well as slow sections with posture holding, 'leg lifting', some one legged stances and low postures held.
    Some 'free movement' practice, some free style shadow boxing, interspersed with some solo movement drills.
    tai chi long form, fast. nailed this at around 5 minutes, felt good.
    standing meditation

    Sunday 19.2.17

    standing meditation
    martial neigung exercises; dan tien work, bowing, winding
    tai chi long form medium/slow
    low stance work
    standing meditation
  13. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Wednesday 22.2.17

    standing: 'opening' meditation
    tai chi form medim/fast

    push ups
    sit throughs
    arrow push ups
    reverse plank bridge
    hindu push ups
    alternating superman hold
    single leg bridge
    T plank switches
    arch ups/ arch hold
    hand stand wall walk and hold
    push up to plank

    standing: 'hold the ball', closing meditation
  14. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Friday 24.2.17

    foam rolling
    standing meditation
    rocking exercise
    high plank
    full squat and holds
    reverse breathing
    martial neigung exercises for; open close, frontal plane, absorb project, condense expand, dan tien pulse, bowing
    solo form exercise; slant flying with switch step, ward off to rollback with switch step
    free form shadowboxing
    standing meditation
  15. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Monday 27.2.17

    standing meditation
    loosening exercises
    bowing/ reverse breathing neigung
    tai chi form, medium slow
    hold the balll standing posture
    standing meditation
  16. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Wednesday 1.3.17

    stretching/ yoga
    (tai chi) slant flying fajin practice

    One of the poses that I do a lot of is Half Lord of the Fishes Pose - Ardha Matsyendrāsana. This is great for opening up the hip area and getting a good stretch across the glutes, an area where I really need the help!

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  17. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Thursday 2.3.17

    no particular order

    push ups
    plank to push up
    wall walk to handstand - not very good at this yet, but I'm determined to get there!
    hindu squats
    jump squats
    hard sprints OTSpot

    double hand swings
    single hand alternate swings
    figure 8 squat
    swing cleans
    shoulder press
    turkish get ups - left side felt weaker, something to work on here.

  18. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Friday 3.3.17

    standing meditation
    loosening exercises
    various neigong
    tai chi long form x 2

    Sunday 5.3.17

    loosening/ meditation/ neigong
    tai chi long form, middle frame
    bagua, 2 x mother palms. single & double palmchange.
    swimming body exercises
    ILC basics; frontal, horizontal and sagital planes

    heavy bag striking, 2 rounds
  19. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member


    Had a horrible cold since my last training, just feeling a bit perkier today. haven't felt like training but have a session tonight with my coach. He's been away on holiday so it will be nice to get back to it.

    Now spring is in the air I feel like it will be a good time to start getting some more BJJ under my belt, it's something I've been wanting to do for a while and I don't think I can let myself put it off any longer. It's a tricky one as I want to get back to a bit of ILC too over the spring and summer. Sam Chin is in town soon, so I really need to get some personal practice in before that, so my basics are not too rusty. Am only doing 1 workshop day 18th March.

    A few other bits i'm interested to do this year is a neigong day with Serge Augier in London coming up in May. And I'm also quite keen to make it to the MAP Meet this year.
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    I... I don't know how I feel about this.


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