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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Dead_pool, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    A lot of martial arts training has nothing at all to do with chi.:)

  2. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Chi is contentious at best and non-existent (within an MA context) at worst and IMO
  3. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    No no no....your missing the point. He's naming a system and including the word chi. Its a total and blatant mis-sell. I know a lot of MA don't include chi in there systems, but RA may as well called his system Sword Combat System coz no sword nor chi are included in the syllabus.
  4. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    I totally disagree. Styles such as Fujian White crane (which I studied for 4 yrs), Shaking White Crane and other KF styles use Chi or a form of energy generation and release in combat. Wether chi exists or not is a matter of opinion.
  5. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    What's your definition of chi?

    Before this goes any further we need to establish the definition you are using for the term.

    Some specific form of energy? Or is it a term that covers basic power generation and transfer?
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  6. Dave Humm

    Dave Humm Serving Queen and Country

    Can you scientifically prove that chi /ki exists, or at least point me in the direction of someone elses's scientific studies on the subject?

    Thus far no one has been able to prove it exists in anything other then a concept.
  7. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    To echo what has already been said prove it - Ki/Chi/Qi does nothing that I have not seen duplicated with good mechanics
  8. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    Both. The generation and transfer of energy, thus giving you power
  9. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    What energy?

    Are you talking about a specific type of energy system distinct from the others?

    In other words is chi a specific "thing" or merely another label for something else?
  10. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    I have no need to prove anything. I am merely giving you an opinion. There is no proof that actual chi exists nor is there proof that it does not, as far as I am aware.
  11. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Well not really

    If I can get the same results with just moving my body in a certain way that suggests that it either (a) does not exist or (b) is mis-categorised by the advocates
  12. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    I agree but how certain are you that you moving your body in a certain way is not releasing the energy or chi, thus giving you these results?

    I'm not entirely sold on the fact that we draw energy or chi from the ground, into our dan tien, and then release it when striking or defending but unless someone scientifically proves yay or nay the we each have to stick our beliefs. This does not make anyone wrong. This brings me back to my original post-why is RA using the word chi in his training "style"? wheit either does not exist or he does not know what it is or how it is generated, when I know for a fact that he is against all Chinese MA. As I said, I know this guy and have been witness to many of his classes, whilst waiting to go into my Kungfu classes,and have read his website which used to state that all chinese MA is bad for you and your joints due to hyper extending, yet he now advertises a style he teaches a chi based system (chi being Chinese belief). He's a hypocrite and would not recommend CKD to anyone based on what I have seen of him, his classes, his students and his bad mouthing online.
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  13. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    I think we need to fist clarify your definition of chi - if I can duplicate it without even trying to generate the mystical energy I am either blessed with high chi levels (lucky me) or the process of harnessing and building it is bunk.

    Chi as a mystical field within a MA context makes me raise an eyebrow

    Chi is not Chinese per se - Ki in Japan was obviously influenced heavily by the Chinese way of thinking, but it is also called prana in yoga (predating most chi gung probably) and there are schools of thought that refer to Orgone (Wilheim Reich's term) and what some sects of Occultists call "Serpent Power" as being similar to Chi.

    I am not opposed to it's existence, just I have seen nothing in a martial capacity to suggest it exists within said context
  14. $uperMan

    $uperMan New Member

    I Agree with you on that using 'CHI' within your martial arts name should mean that you are practising bringing out 'chi' - you know how MA like 'Tai Chi' do, otherwise he might as well call his martial arts 'Pie Eating Combat System' - plays no bearing on the class content and syllabus/curriculum.

    I would disagree with your comment of not recommending CKD to other people, you shouldn't base your judgement on a martial arts by one teacher, if you had to study english and your english teach was soooo bad, would you turn around and tell other students or your kids not to take up english?

    In that same way, in my belief, you shouldn't discredit a martial art as a whole purely by how one teacher decides to run his school, there are plenty of bad instructors out there, but also very good ones - all in the same martial arts... likewise in educational schools, there are bad teachers and good teachers..
  15. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    Check out the CKD videos and comments about CKD....does itself no justice. I not discrediting CKD, just merely pointing out thats it's not a martial art I would recommend based on what I have seen with my own eyes, experienced and heard. It's just an opinion, no one has to take my opinion as gospel and are free to ignore my comments and opinions.
  16. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    I personally am a walking example of the power of chi, go with me to any bar on a Friday or Saturday night and by using my awesome Chi power, without even touching them, I can make women roll their eyes or start laughing simply by asking them out! AMAZING!!!!
  17. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Ha! I scoff at your weak chi - my powers make me completely invisible to women...
  18. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    LOL, I bow to your powers!
  19. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    The words "chi" in T'ai Chi and "ch'i" as an energetical term are different words.The former has no relation to the latter.So the name T'ai Chi in no way alludes to a system which practices bringing forth ch'i.

    So maybe RA's system's name is using the same word as in T'ai Chi.

    Or,,,,,maybe not.
  20. daveblue

    daveblue Banned Banned

    Anyone also heard of QI KWON DO another ckd leaver,regarding ckd as i see it is that someone goes to a ck club and might if he's lucky have a one to one lesson with a blackbelt, and the next time he is taught by a semi beginner.
    More ex choi is dynamic self defence and AA ex choi with choi bo,many spin offs now we all know that there are good and bad instructors in choi, some unfit as well with beer belly hahaha,but to be fair there are in other arts bad instructors with big egos.
    Some of us would like good quaility instruction and a one to one private lesson would be good, and i asked many choi class instructors one's ego was so big he wanted £100 an hr and that was many years ago this guy had classes in ckd but now runs qi kwan do and likes his picture taken all over the place and very colourfull multi uniforms? a bit like chi combat.
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