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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Drihorn, May 3, 2004.

  1. Drihorn

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    Hi all, i've been looking into starting a new MA and i found out that near me is a Chin-na Kuen Kung Fu school. I'm thinking about starting it up but i have no idea what its all about.

    Could anybody give me some information links or advice about the MA, i would be most grateful.

    Thanks ;)
  2. Sub zero

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    GO!!!!!RIGHT NOW!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!

    Singular chin na classes are very hard to find (as i'm sure alot of people here, sokklab especially will testify.

    Chin na is the chinese art of locking and siezing.VERY effective, VERY brutal and just al round good fun :D
    Chin na is usualy found as a compliment to other chinese martial arts but does exist as a style in t's on right. I've never heard of Chin Na Keun Before. Keun menas fist adn is added to alot of teh end of most styles. Maybe they did this becasue they were only teaching Chin Na.

    Go have a look, try it out and tell us what you think. I'm very interested anyway.
  3. El Tejon

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    Where is this? :confused:

    We teach qin na as a separate class under Dr. Yang's system (combination of White Crane, Long Fist, Eagle Claw and Praying Mantis locks). Our style of boxing, mantis, has its own organic qin na as well.

    Qin Na means "seize and control." It is the father of juijitsu and the grandfather of Judo.

    Be advised that qin na is inefficient in that it takes a great deal of time and effort to perfect. Do not expect to be a holy terror in 3 easy lessons. :rolleyes: :D
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  5. dustIn credible

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    aw to be you....wish i could find anything like that in my state very hard to find

  6. jimmytofu

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  7. OBCT

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    I now know it costs me £11.25 return on the train to Grimsby. How far is it (Chin na) from the train station ?
  8. OBCT

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    But for now:
    So similar to JJ, but less spherical. (less aikidoic [yes, it is a new word i just made it. The beauty of a non dead language.] and more CMA - flowing kind of thing.) Bet wing chun ( deflection, trapping, speed, stance and striking) Kuai Jiao (throwing and takedowns) and chin na (locks and pins and groundwork) cross trained would really be something. Look at their origins though:

    Chin na ;
    Don't forget about Kuai Jiao aswell.
    Wing Chun;direct translation of Yip Man
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  9. stvn

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    If anyone is interested, here is another school that teaches Chin Na as a separate entity as well as a few other things. The guy was featured in MAI magazine a while back and it was a good article on the basic principles of Chin Na. He runs the occasional seminar & I think he is available for seminars in other locations if you contact him. I am seriously thinking of making the journey to get to one.
  10. Jik Cheung

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    do as i do

    "Chin Na works because of surprise and position."

    i don't know how many times i've repeated that ;)

    p.s. as i've said before, the system of wc i study was developed by a blind man. very VERY heavy on chin na. i wasn't aware they were two separate things until just awhile back actually LOL
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  11. KungfuDanny

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    I do White Crane and so have done a bit of Chin Na. Go to that class! Its very practical and VERY effective. Displacing the muscle, lovely!

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