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    This is a really strange development.. Okay, so it makes for better judgement. I can tell you I've had the feeling i didn't get my points multiple times during tournaments, but I still prefer the referees to these things.
    Look at the headprotector, it looks more like a ski-mask. I can't see myself with such a thing, I would probably get tired much quicker because my whole face is covered with fabric and i can't breathe properly.
    Also, I've heard that these bodyprotectors have sensors that react to impact. Funny thing is, the larger the protector, the harder you have to hit it. That's because the taller are usually heavier and they should make firmer contact to get a point. Agreed. But.. I'm kinda tall, I'm 1,94m and i normally get smaller opponents. This would mean that I have a larger protector and that would mean that my sensors would react differently to contact than my opponents with smaller ones. In my case it would mean that they have to hit me harder to get points than I have to hit them.

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    if you're not going to the olmypics, you don't have to badger yourself with such things.
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    I agree with Neryo . . . no goal of international or olympic competition . . . no worries.

    The one thing I do like about this is that it will take away the subjectivity of what has enough power for a point. Either its hard enough and on target, or its not. It is no longer up to the officials to make a snap decision if the technique had the power or not.

    I still have lots of beefs with the system but there are some positives, but I'm sure my beefs are being addressed within the testings so I reserve my more "negative" comments until they are actually cleared and used at the olympics.
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    I actually heard at tournaments that they are planning to use the electronic protectors at normal tournaments as well in the future. And Kwon also released some info about their own protectors which you can most probably buy in the near future..
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    I don't see that happening. Not practical. First you need the chest guards, second you need the hardware to work with the chest guards, then you need the software to record and adjust the chest guards. After that you need to buy more chest guards to outfit the entire tournament, varying in sizes of course.

    The money needed to do this simply can't be covered at a "normal" tournament.

    I'd be interested in seeing that article from Kwon though if you have a link.
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    i agree with Artikon. i don't see eletronic equipment at all tournaments. it simply is not going to happen.
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    Counter Train more. Train harder.

    Well you don't really need any hardware or software except for the protectors and the regular judging equipment I think.. The protectors make a "beep" sound when they get hit hard enough, depending on the size of the protector how much power you need to get a beep (see a few posts back for a detailed explanation). So de judges just need to hear the beep and push the +1 point button on the computers they already use at tournaments. Okay, so everyone would have to purchase a protector, but I guess it would also be possible for clubs to buy just one in each size and just use the "old" ones for training purposes..

    Oh and I unfortunately couldn't find the source of the email I received about the Kwon-protectors but I can show you a small quote. I will later upload some images too but I'm at my parents place right now so I can't really put them online (or at least I don't know how..):

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  9. neryo_tkd

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    The WTF Electronic Protector International Taekwondo Championships kicked off for a two-day run in Chuncheon, Korea, on March 4, 2007.

    The event, which took place at the Hoban Gymnasium in downtown Chuncheon, drew about 160 athletes and officials from 19 countries.

    Among the participating countries are China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, France, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and Korea.


    The opening ceremony was followed by a demonstration of taekwondo practitioners with a disability, and a demonstration of competition uniforms for taekwondo poomsae.


    The opening day of the championships using electronic protectors featured two male and two female Olympic categories.


    The existing kyorugi competition rules of the WTF were applied to the electronic protector event, except some changed rules.

    According to the newly applied rules are as follows: No time limit was given to the sudden-death round until any contestant scores a point. In the decision of the sudden-death round, only positive points count. The win by a 12-point ceiling was not applied this time, but the 7-point gap was applied.

    In case of attacks on the front face where there are no sensors, points will be valid if two out of three referees (center referee and corner judges) give points when one of the center referee or corner judges raise an objection.

    Samsung, the global partner of the WTF, participated in the event as a sponsor.
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    Be interesting to hear what the reaction to the electronic scoring is! Thanks for the post NTKD! :cool:
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    the tournament took place last weekend. i'm sure in a few days there will be some feedback online.
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    Thanks Neryo . . .any pictures of the poomse dobak?
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    i think i posted it somewhere before :confused:

    the new electronic equipment will not be used at the world championship this may and it won't be used at the olympics 2008.

    after the first tournament with electronic equipment was held, WTF realised that the athletes would not a bit more time to get used to it, and that they needed more time to improve it.
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    At first I didn't think the new kit would be any good at all. However, I think it's actually going to be a very good thing for the art now. OR could be. Looking at this clip it seems you really have to land a heavy strike for the system to pick it up, so it could spell the end for your opponent getting points for stupid tappy-tappy kicks that you didn't even feel them land.

    However, they still seem to need a lot of work :
    “Automatic Scoring System, Still Far From Perfect”
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    that's not the fault of the competitors. it's the fault of the judges who scored such points. i went with my students to the national senior championship last weekend. you should have seen the fights. no point was awarded if it wasn't hard.
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    check out the ETU page. on the right there is an article: THE FUTURE OF TAEKWONDO. there you have also 3 links to fights with the new electronic equipment.
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    At the upcoming Taekwondo World Championships in Beijing (May 18th to 22nd) the world's Taekwondo leaders will gather again. WTF will hold its General Assembly on May 17th and again the Competition Rules for Kyorugi will be changed.

    We have taken a look on the proposals and here are the most important topics that will have an influence on competition training and tactics - provided that all changes are accepted by the General Assembly:

    Hand and foot protector will become mandatory.
    New definition of legal attack zones.
    3 points for successful attacks to the face.
    7 point gap and 12 point ceiling will be deleted.
    New definitions of Kyonggos (reduced number).
    4th round with sudden death with prolongation (if no decision is made in the 4th round, then the fight will go on in more rounds until one competitor scores).
    After a KO to the head the competitor can still fight again within 30 days if a doctor gives a written permission.
    Furthermore, an Ethics Committee against the violation of ethical values will be established.

    A lot of work for the delegates at the G.A. and a lot of responsibility. All those proposed changes have been prepared by the respective commissions in regard to a better and smoother competition management. Hopefully it will come out that way.

    Regarding Poomse tournaments, new doboks for Poomse competition have been designed. There will be a difference between male and female dobok and between those for Poom grades, low Dan grades (from 1st to 6th Dan) and high Dan grades (from 7th to 9th Dan). Design resembles closely traditional koran clothing but has been generally well acepted by those who have seen a sample already.

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