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  1. Slindsay

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    Ive just heard on the grapevine that the introduction of gloves to WTF sparring is a certainty now, thats come from somewhere high up in my org passed down to me via one of our competitive sparring guys.

    Does anyone have any idea how this is going to affect the rules? Does anyone have any confirmation of this or do they know for a fact this isnt true? Are we going to see full contact to the head in WTF sparring?
  2. estranged13

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    now at my last ref seminair i heard that they were getting rid of that idea, the main reason they wanted that was for electronic scoring but that set up is too expensive for most places so they were moving away from that thought.

    i heard that pushing might become legal again too.
  3. tekkengod

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    i think the round changes in time are positive, but only one round? come on, dosen't exactly leave much space for a comback. and determining a winner based on politeness and respect isn't a good idea in ANY sport in my opinion. the point changes are also a good idea. but its not like i'm competeing in TKD sparring anyway.
  4. neryo_tkd

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    there are 3 rounds. out of the accepted reform proposals, 2 were applied in Madrid: men's rounds are not 3 x 3min anymore, but 3 x 2min, and the golden point system, i.e. the 4th round in case of a tied score after the 3rd round.
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    Excuse me? Old post, I know, but in ITF competitions, wearing anything but an ITF dobok in compeition is strictly FORBIDDEN. Of course, club tracksuits can be worn over the dobok on the sidelines, but you can't wear anything other than the official uniform, much like WTF competitions.
  6. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    oh, i see. that make better sense.
  7. neryo_tkd

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  8. Artikon

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    I'm not sure I like the glove rule. Reason being is I don't see the reason why we need to wear gloves when they haven't looked at reforming how competitors are scoring with punches.

    I do like that the ring is smaller, there is less time, and that an overtime round will be used to determine a tie.

    One thing I am not so sure on yet is the 4 corner judges. I like the fact that they are moving to four; however I don't like the fact that now 3 of the four judges must score the point before it is awarded. Essentially it makes it more difficult for a competitor to score as now there are less angles for 3 judges to see a point.

    I do like that they have also introduced a point spread, I would rather it be 8 points instead of 7, and I do like that they have a point ceiling. The point ceiling should be higher in my opinion, more like 15.
  9. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    yeah, many people find in these new rules things they like and dislike. i guess we'll have to see how they work in reality, but the majority of people i've talked to about this is not really pleased with all these changes.
  10. Artikon

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    There's the catch. We'll have to see how these rules work. I really just wish they would leave the rules the way they are for a little while, instead of changing them every couple years.
  11. Sirasoni

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    WTF Rule changes

    Do you think the new rules including the couting of punch points will make Olympic sparring close to kickboxing rules?

    Will we see more hand strikes in the 'lympics now cause of thse rules?

    Will TKD comp. be more fun and dynamic to watch as they so claim?

    Thoughts and op. appreciated
  12. Sirasoni

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  13. Sang

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    Punches are still only allowed to the body so it won't be like western kickboxing. The gloves used only offer protection against hard hogus and are very thinly padded as you can see. Therefore, they are not designed for head punches as they will cause great damage to the opponent.

    Also, tkd instep guards are allowed. The gloves and instep guards were worn in the 2005 Korean Open. Still, I didn't see many fighters use their punches, mostly kicks.
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  14. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    a good punch has always been scored, but it's the people who don't really know what a good punch is.

    second of all, i don't want to train kickboxing, i want to continue training TKD.
  15. miles

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    no gloves

    The USA TKD Team Fight-Offs will be conducted using the new rules except the gloves won't be worn. This is according to the USA TKD website which also says the event will be open to the public and no admission will be charged!!!

  16. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    more news regarding the changes

    "At last WTF has decided about the introduction of the long awaited electronic score protector for competition. Decades of development have passed and now it seems that this process will finally come to the practical test. WTF has opened the time schedule for application of recognition to developing companies. From Dec. 30th 2005 until Jan. 14th 2006 companies can apply for official WTF recognition of their electronic scoring protector.

    A very detailed specification sheet of 42 pages has been worked out by WTF which describes every physical requirement of the electronic protector. Size, dimensions, materials, colors and types of transmitting devices - everything has been covered in this sheet.

    Until March 2006 the samples will be tested and certified by the Korea Institute of Sports Science (KISS). A field test will be done until July 2006, followed by a specific examination and inspection through the WTF Ad-Hoc Committee. On August 2nd 2006 the list of recognized companies and products will be announced.

    This means that from the second half of 2006 on electronic score protectors will be available to competitors for practice. This will mark an important point in the development of Taekwondo competition. It is planned to hold regular inspections once every two or three years by WTF to guarantee the further development of this device.

    WTF has published the specifications for new hand protectors to be used in competition. Those who traveled to Korea last year could already see some samples of these new devices. Producing companies are invited to sign a license contract with WTF according to this specifications. WTF sanctioned Taekwondo hand protectors will look like this:"


    B-a: Line that can be folded

    B-b: Part where ventilating material is used or where the palm of hand is exposed

    B-c: Fastening band of the wrist
    F-a: Essential part of the Bareun Jumeok technique, 4-6mm thick

    F-b: Part to protect thumb, 4-6mm thick

    F-c: Back of hand, 8-10mm thick

    F-d: Lines that can be folded

    S-a: Side of the little finger, 4-6mm thick
  17. Kwajman

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    I wish the WTF could make up its mind regarding the rules. Seems like they change them like crazy.
  18. pulp fiction

    pulp fiction TKD fighter

    Those gloves look like the ones that goal keepers use in football/soccer.

    So what is the point of gloves, if still there aren't head punches??

    Is it like for judges to watch points??

    Does anybody know if they are going to change the white dobok for colored doboks?
  19. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    i wouldn't say that they change them like crazy. they started to think about the changes a long time ago and when the info started to get published, it's actually the same info that we have been dealing with the entire time.

    there was no mention of punching the head, but i guess the gloves will have their use now that the new electronic hogus are being introduced. they're probably part of the new system and they also serve to protect the hands a bit.

    no info yet on the colors of dobok. honestly i would like them to stay white.
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  20. TraditionalTKD

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    I would want the doboks to stay white as well. Judo uses blue gis in addition to white and I hate that. Kano never used blue gis and I doubt he would have.

    Keep the doboks white.

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