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  1. neryo_tkd

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    here are some of the changes:

    LAUSANNE, Switzerland (March 10, 2005) - The Executive Council of the World Taekwondo Federation approved in principle a series of policy recommendations developed by the Reform Committee at the IOC Headquarters here today, that could form the foundation for a major overhaul of the WTF.

    The Executive Council also endorsed the formation of a temporary task force at the WTF that would develop detailed action plans for reform recommendations, which require changes to Taekwondo competition rules and other WTF regulations.

    Among the recommendations to be applied starting at the 2005 World Taekwondo Championships in Madrid, Spain, next month, are changes to the competition format such as a shortened duration for the men’s contest, and a new “sudden death” overtime round. The amendments call for a shortened contest duration for men, from three minutes per round to two minutes, based on the existing three-round system, and the introduction of a sudden death round that will decide a match that is tied after three rounds.

    The Taekwondo competition area would become more compact, shrinking from the present 12-by-12 meters to a 10-by-10 meter square. At the same time, the number of judges would be increased to four - one at each corner of the competition floor - from the current three. These two revisions would apply to WTF-promoted competitions starting in 2006.

    Executive Council members also endorsed in principle the awarding of points by fist techniques, while making it compulsory for athletes to wear gloves as an added safety measure.

    Besides those changes, council members endorsed a series of promotional and marketing programs, along with a strengthened Solidarity Program for the WTF’s 177 member National Associations. They also shared the view that the proposed task force should research further before deciding on other matters of great concern, such as the introduction of electronic protectors and colored uniforms.

    “Today’s meeting was extremely meaningful and historic,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue. “What the Executive Council decided today is that we should ceaselessly carry out our reform plans with determination and conviction.”

    Choue also said, “With the Executive Council’s approval, I strongly believe that not only the Executive Council members, but also all members of the Taekwondo family will take part in the reform initiatives, thus greatly enhancing our status as an Olympic sport federation.”

    Also attending the extraordinary Executive Council meeting was IOC President Jacques Rogge, who expressed a great deal of interest in the WTF’s ongoing reform efforts.

    After four months of research and discussion, the WTF Reform Committee, chaired by Dr. Nat Indrapana, an IOC member from Thailand and vice president of the WTF, produced a set of recommendations for the world governing body of Taekwondo in late February.

    The 11-member Reform Committee was charged with drawing up recommendations aimed at making Taekwondo more action-packed and appealing to global audiences, and transforming the WTF into a more global-minded and professional organization.

    Their recommendations spanned a broad area of competition format, refereeing, public relations, marketing, doping, development and solidarity, membership, WTF organizational structure, headquarters administration, ethics guidelines, finance, competition management, international relations, IT and internal communications, and a Reform Fund.

  2. Kwajman

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    Seniors is over 18? Man that is a real handicap for the older guys with a lot less stamina and speed. I don't think I like that at all. But thank you Neryo for the information.
  3. neryo_tkd

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    didn't you know that seniors are over 18???

    there are competitions in which 16 year olds are already allowed to take part in senior competitions. for example, one of my students, a girl, is 17 and next week she'll be taking part in the national senior championship.
  4. Stormrider

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    Executive Council members also endorsed in principle the awarding of points by fist techniques, while making it compulsory for athletes to wear gloves as an added safety measure.

    This is a good start, though I assume its still only fist techniques which impact the hogu.

    I am interested to see what the regulations are on the gloves. I have a pair that I used to use for sparring in Kenpo which look like a boxing glove on the top over the knuckles but are open on the bottom and I really dislike them. I'd like to use something more along the lines of MMA gloves honestly. It will be interesting to see what sort of designs are developed and approved for competition. Hopefully not integrating the forearm guard and glove into one bulky piece.

    My next hope is that with the introduction of gloves as approved and mandatory equipment, maybe the Executive commitee will reconsider allowing scoring hand strikes to the head.
  5. Nightstrike

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    Yeah, my mma gloves would be perfect.
    WTF needs to add face punches if it wants to get anywhere as a public sport.
    most people that watch tkd think its boring or laugh at how stupid it looks.
    At my last tournaments he said something along the lines.."What a joke, they just look like a bunch of mules."
    It also would proove you would have to be a good fighter to win.
  6. glo_in_da_dark

    glo_in_da_dark New Member

  7. glo_in_da_dark

    glo_in_da_dark New Member

    in my opinion i think they are trying to make tkd into mma... but that's why i took tkd: BECAUSE IT'S NOT MMA!!! (i think mma is too rough 'n tough... a bit too aggressive for me...) i know tkd is "the art of the hand and foot" but it usually consists of leg techniques and i liked it that way because i have a weak upper body (i know i know, i have to be a well balanced MAist... :p )

  8. neryo_tkd

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    you could also use the EDIT button :D
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    so when are they going to unsuck the rules in regards to punching and kicking the legs
  10. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    this is TKD, not muay thai.
  11. logsig

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    Your views on the WTF Reform Report?

    I haven't seen much detailed discussion about this apart from a bit in the WTF Sparring Gear thread and am really curious as to what you guys think about it all.

    For those who for some reason haven't read it:
    It's 190 pages long but most of the bits that will interest the average person are in the sections about Competitions and Referees (sections A and B, pages numbered 17 to 49).

    Personally, I think it's a great report. Taken as a whole, it gives a lot of insight about the current problems and intended future direction of the WTF. Plus, it's pretty amusing in the way it's written as well (at least to me).
  12. JohnG

    JohnG SNAFU

    Shrink the competition area to 10x10 meters and eliminate the Attention Area and Attention Line.
    Reduce the length of a men’s competition to 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, with 1 minute of rest between rounds.

    Good idea. It should speed things up a bit, although i would just have 2 rounds, cos round 1 is just a bounce-a-thon.

    No penalties shall be given to contestants who act showy, such as shouting after an attack, as these are considered part of the sport’s appeal to spectators.

    Well, ok. As long as players don't start prancing around at the slightist hint of a scoring kick, and if they don't stick thier arm in the air and holler every time their foot goes within 3" of the hogu

    Consider colored uniforms in principle. Form a special subcommittee to research color and design issues, pant-leg control, possibility of transparent and lighter headgear, and changes to design of women’s uniform.

    Sounds good and will allow spectators to tell one player from another. You could even have team colours. I don't know how there gonna do transparent headgear though. Air filled?

    Competitors shall wear gloves. Sporting goods experts shall be consulted to develop the specific style.

    Why? Punching a hogu only really hurts if your hand position isn't correct, and a glove won't help that. I suppose they are trying to promote more punching that will score, which is good. But gloves.... not necessary imo

    Theres loads more, thanks for adding the link.
  13. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    I'm not really sure that coloured doboks are a good thing. Imagine in the 1st fight you have to wear a red dobok, then you have to go change for the 2nd fight in which you might have to wear a blue one, and then for the 3rd fight again the red etc

    all this means more expenses. all fighters will have to have 2 doboks.
  14. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Not if they make a reversible dobok like the Judo gi's.
  15. JohnG

    JohnG SNAFU

    Neryo tkd, after the last Olympic Games, I think the WTF will consider anything to give the fights more sparkle. I like the idea of coloured uniforms in principle, but like you say, it will be more expensive.

    According to the report, the WTF want spectators to be able to readily identify each player easily, to help create a more passionate following.

    Whether different coloured doboks will do this remains to be seen, but at least they are willing to consider new things.
  16. simon mudo

    simon mudo New Member

    So the W.T.F are going to have 4 judges, like the old days, smaller fighting area like the old days. And if you got hit in the old days only one round.
    W.T.F is getting to be like a game of tiggie. (I am W.T.F background)
    It is all these changes (and the fact they are trying to make it more watchable for the arm chair warriors) That I moved my clubs to the World Taekwondo and Mudo Academy.
  17. simon mudo

    simon mudo New Member

    This is a martial art for gods sake (Sorry) weres the tradition gone. I.T.F ware all diferent types of suits and I have been around when senior Masters who have given out some verbal abuse about it. Now thay want us to go around looking like a sweet shop NO THANK YOU. Vote with your feet and leave before its to late.
  18. neryo_tkd

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    next time you can simply use the EDIT button if you want to add something to your post or change it :)
  19. Stormrider

    Stormrider Banned Banned

    Anyone care to explain what tiggie means?

    Gloves will be ok if they are more like mma gloves than boxing gloves. And I hope they aren't one piece with the arm pad. I like the idea of a thinner hogu although I will be in the super super heavyweight division.

    Speaking of weight classes I couldn't believe they are adding a new lower weight class for men. Its like almost down to 100 lbs which is tiny. It was nice of them to add the super superheavyweight class. Having the weight cut off at 184lbs has been kind of a joke. I am a bit over 6 foot and cant get down that low without losing some serious muscle, and I am not real big at all. Of course they said they may re-align the classes so we will see.

    New Doboks will be good too. I am tired of how constricting they are on the upper body and always having to hem my pants up. I don't really care about color, the more the merrier imo. It would be cool to see schools with their own dobok design as long as it doesnt get too crazy.
  20. simon mudo

    simon mudo New Member

    Tiggie is a game played in school yards in England. You touch a friend and then they chase you or someone else and try to tig or tag them. Played by young kids. No one gets hurt unless they fall on the ground

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