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    OK, now I don't feel so bad posting this, I have been trying to resist. but it pretty much falls under causes of death

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  2. Xue Sheng

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    OK, now I don't feel so bad posting this, I have been trying to resist. but it pretty much falls under causes of death


    Don't feel bad, I cannot follow him either.
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    Im too old for this young person slang...
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    "Sealioning", that's a new one for me as well but sure enough, it's a thing apparently. I've definitely seen this sort of "human denial of service attack" elsewhere on social media especially places like Facebook and Twitter. Doesn't seem to be a huge problem here though? It seems like it requires a bunch of people to intentionally gang up...behavior like that is generally discouraged here, right?

    Back on topic, something I wanted to add about the rates of unintentional deaths in the US compared to other countries is, I think an effect of its size. The US is a very large country, with many dangers. Our cities are incredibly densely populated and that is also a factor, more people closer together increases the risk that one is accidentally going to kill another, or multiple people die at once (fires, etc). Another example is that crane that fell and killed several people at once in Chicago last month. So we have it all, from hundreds of cities filled with potential victims, and wilderness like deserts, mountains, lakes etc that all contribute to accidental deaths from things as simple as hiking, mountain climbing, skiiing. When I think "accidental death" my mind doesn't jump right to guns, or even drugs even though I believe there are problems with both of those. My mind goes to people generally dying by accident by walking out the door one day and bumping into the grim reaper.

    For comparison to another big country like China, check this out. China is the source of 20% of all road fatalities in the world, and a skyrocketing mortality rate from injuries because of population density alone. WHO | Rising mortality from injury in urban China: demographic burden, underlying causes and policy implications
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    Grond. That and the traffic laws in China (especially rural China) are more of a suggestion than Law.
    People just cross, push, run through traffic without looking.
    Drivers dont indicate when they turn, they beep their horn once, and then turn. Without slowing down.

    Btw China's rural cities are just as big as some capitals.
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    I read somewhere that people who get hit by cars in the cities in China will often be left in the road and walked around by pedestrians. I think I remember one where it was a small child, and people just kept walking on by without a care. That just doesn't compute on so many levels, I don't understand the psychology of how that happens. And it's hard to imagine it happening in an American city, but I know better because people do the same thing with homeless people, or subway muggings. People just watch, or worse pull out their phones to record, rather than help people.

    Speaking of which, I wonder how much the homeless problem in America affects our unintentional death rates. Exposure probably kills a lot of people every day in America, simply because people don't have access to heat at night, or during winter months.
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    Speaking as one who sat in his sister-in-laws car, in Beijing, at about 2:00pm, on the wrong side of the road, on the sidewalk, while she attempted to avoid a traffic jam at a 'Y' intersection....traffic laws in China are suggested...unless it is rush hour....when the police are out..... then and only then do people actually follow the laws.
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    Don't make me get my milkshake!

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    Sigh. One last attempt.

    1. I support requiring licensing for all firearms ownership, with stricter licensing requirements for defensive firearms than bolt-action rifles, break-action shotguns, and rimfires.

    2. I support that licensing requiring criminal checks, mental and physical health checks, and aptitude tests, but not unfettered discretion or "particularized need" tests by the licensing agency.

    3. I support universal background checks for firearms transfers.

    4. I support red flag laws / laws allowing for extreme risk protection orders, which allow for temporary seizure of guns and investigation when an owner is not acting right but hasn't yet committed a crime.

    5. I support banning magazines with more than a ten round capacity (with an exception for tubular magazines on lever-actions, many historic examples of which have a 12-15 round capacity).

    6. I do not support prohibiting conceal carry so long it's subject to rigorous licensing.

    7. I do support banning open carry except in wilderness areas.

    8. I do not support banning all defensive firearms.

    9. I do not support banning all semiautomatic firearms.

    10. I do not support banning firearms based on adjustable buttstocks, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, or heat shields (1994 federal assault weapons ban).

    11. I do not support banning suppressors.

    12. I do support banning bump stocks.

    Altogether, this is similar to the Czech approach to firearms laws. It's focused on vetting owners instead of blanket bans. This approach does a great job of preventing gun crime and spree killings (homicide rate under 1 per 100,000, and only one spree killing in the past half century), while still allowing law abiding gun owners defensive firearms as well as sporting firearms.

    I think everyone here who keeps saying I don't care about dead children is being an inflammatory jerk, and I'm tired of it.
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    Sigh, thanks.

    And for the record I have not accused you of anything, or called you any names.
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    Well your post was quoting in support Deadpool's post that said " I get how your moderately against child murder...your only moderately against it".

    Would you take offense to being told that you're only moderately against child murder? Would you take offense to other people responding in agreement to such a post?
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    I posted I did not understand you either, that is all.

    You appear to be looking for an argument. I shall not be giving you one, have a nice day.
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    Thanks! Much appreciated!

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    See, this is the point where I would expect an apology for you calling me a "gun fetishist who values their guns more than their children's lives" and saying I'm only "moderately against child murder."
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    This is why I usually stick to martial arts discussions here. Sometimes I get in on political type discussions, but mostly not. People say things on the Internet that they would not say in a discussion face to face with someone quite often in political type discussions.

    Mod note: Mitlov, or anyone else. If you feel there is trolling or any other TOS breach, please remember to use the report function on the specific post and the mod team will review it. We mods try to keep up on things, but we work, have families and train. So we may not see everything.

    I will try to look through this thread more carefully, with mod eyes when more awake. I had not been following it, due to being busy and this not being a topic that interested me.

    It never hurts to remind people to remember that attacking a person's position on a topic is fine, but attacking the person is not ok.:)
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    Did you see how my comment wasn't about you specifically?

    If I say generally Americans are obese, that doesn't mean you are obese.

    I claim I'm owed an apology for you miss claiming an apology!
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    Mod note:

    There is a discussion being had about the thread, but as we have lives (well, the others do) and time-zones are a thing, it may take a little while. I've debated locking the thread, as we usually do when there's an issue like this being had, but given how few people post at this time of day and there's still an on-topic discussion to be had (and because I don't have another mod online to run it by) I'm deciding not to, on the basis I'm trusting everyone to be civil.

    Stop the "you owe me an apology" discussion and the trolling accusations, they add nothing except more for us to review and more chances for someone to cross a ToS line and sit on the naughty step. Its worth remembering that both trolling, and accusing a poster of trolling, are both against MAP's terms of service. That's what the report button is for and what the mod team [don't] get paid for.

    Bring the thread back on topic please, that being the chat about statistical chances of death and how people ignore them. If you want to argue gun control for the umpteenth time, please start a new thread.

    Thank you everyone.
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    Mortality in Developed Countries From the C.D.C.

    The top 10 causes of death from the W.H.O.

    Causes of Death from Our World in Data

    It appears the top killer, over the last 15 years, is pulmonary disease which is almost twice the amount killed by the second biggest killer Cancer.

    However for 2016, number 1 is still Pulmonary disease and the runner up is stroke.

    It appears suicide in 2016 was 16th on the top causes of death after HIV/AIDS. However it does not go into details as to the way the suicide was committed. However based on a Harvard Study the most lethal is fire arms followed by Drowning/submersion. This does not mean that firearms are used most, it just means that the certainty of success is greatest with Firearms

    And Accidents on the road appear to always end up in the top 10

    So, it appears that taking better care of ones health and being a better driver are more likely to help with longevity than learning how to deal with a knife wielding home invader. But there is nothing wrong with knowing how to deal with that as well if you want. A friend of mine is of the mind set that it is better to be prepared than not in the event some violent confrontation occurs, But you should also know he is am SD trainer and a police officer and more likely to end up in a violent confrontation than the average bear. Heck, in my youth as security for a hospital with mental health and detox wards I had 60 violent confrontations (of varying degrees) in 90 days and I can tell you Qinna saved me more than once. However I can safely say knowing how to use a Dao has not yet help me in a confrontation, and I'm ok with that.

    But based on my current health issues, none of which are pulmonary most fortunatly, I can tell you I wish I took better care of my joints in my Martial Arts training and not been so; "I'm tough I can handle it" while training.
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  19. Xue Sheng

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    I should also add, in reference to the above post, in those 60 confrontations I never kicked or punched anyone either, even though at that time I was training over 150 kicks per day on a heavy bag and a countless numbers of strikes (palm, various fist, elbow, etc.) What worked was, restraint, taking their center, qinna, talking and taking them to the ground if necessary, and I had no BJJ or ground work training either. But my diet was horrible and I was on Lipitor and seeing a cardiologist due to family history.

    Changed my diet a lot since then and I am off Lipitor and was kicked out of my cardiologist's office for being to healthy... .and I don't even train over 150 kicks a day these days.....of course if I did, I am thinking my legs would fall off right below the knees :D.

    I love marital arts, but diet is of primary importance for saving ones life in my opinion.
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  20. Mushroom

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    That did happen, and it was in a more rural area. Gotta remember that China is a huge place, so (not to be too disrespectful) you got some absolute wild west places there.
    I've been in cars with no number plates and people laugh at you, if you put on a seatbelt.

    Beijing I didn't have much of a horrible experience of. Just got to keep an eye when crossing the road. But at least the people stay when its the red person flashing. But people still push out the way. I remember, I was standing there, waiting for the green light and I felt a hand on my arm. I looked and its some guy on his phone but one hand ready to shove me out the way as soon as it goes green.
    I went "Oh, you have no idea do you?" So when the greenman flashed up...I didn't move. Oh I felt the hand push me, but he ended up pushing himself off and he looked a bit shocked. And I was like...…..yeh. And only then I started walking.
    Saying that though, I thought rush hour Londoners were rude and fast walkers..
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