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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by babie_tee, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. babie_tee

    babie_tee New Member

    Hello everyone :eek:
    I just started capoeira a week ago and I've had 3 lessons so far (my 4th is tomorrow) and our mestre is in brazil atm visiting family, so apparently when he gets back and depending on the way I play, I'll get a capoeira name....

    Anyway I was just wondering if anyone wanted to share their capoeira names and what they mean....

    Babie_Tee :eek:
  2. Corny

    Corny New Member

    dont take it for granted that you will receive a name, all in due time...

    as for my own, it's Girafa, meaning (can't you guess?!?!) giraffe...got it because im not all that thick, while being somewhat tall + i was seen standing between two very short guys :p
  3. Kev63

    Kev63 New Member

    I think that is stupid given nicknames too all students should be a privelaged thing like after 10 years and they know truly what yo ufight like as tat should be the decider, not your looks!!!
  4. Kosh

    Kosh New Member

    Do you know anything about capoeira?
  5. Kev63

    Kev63 New Member

    i dont need to too have an opinion :) but yeah i do!
  6. babie_tee

    babie_tee New Member

    10 years??

    Originally Posted by Kev63
    I think that is stupid given nicknames too all students should be a privelaged thing like after 10 years and they know truly what yo ufight like as tat should be the decider, not your looks!!!


    You obiously dont practice capoeira....... I've only started capoeira a week ago but from what I know, most people recieve their capoeira names early, not after "10 years or so", thats the thing about capoeira its not a "lets be serious all the time" kind of art.......

    I believe capoeira names where developed for capoeira players while capoeira was illegal in Brazil, so they wouldnt get busted by using their real names... Now think about it - does that sound like something that needs to be earnt after 10 years... ;)
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  7. babie_tee

    babie_tee New Member

    Back to the original topic, would any other capoeiristas like to share their capoeira names and what they mean? :eek:
  8. Corny

    Corny New Member

    capoeiranames aren't decided just by the way you "fight" (if you fight at all), it can be anything...think about very respected mestres, for example João Grande and Pequeno, (grande meaning big and pequeno small, joão is a real name), two of the most respected mestres in history (perhaps) and what has their names got to do with "fighting"?, there's also mestre shirt, rasta moon, doll etc. etc. (translated from port. of course)....

    GOD, its annoying when ppl have no clue....
  9. Corny

    Corny New Member

    oh, and babie_tee, Bimba had two birtcertificates :p
  10. shaolin_hendrix

    shaolin_hendrix Hooray for Zoidberg!

    I don't do capoeira, but some people decided to teach it as a class at my school. The teachers had only been doing capoeira for about 3 years, but they both had capoeira names. The teachers' names are Black cricket (black crickets are good luck in Brazil) and turbo (when she began capoeira she wasn't afraid of doing any of the moves). Capoeira names exist because back when it was used by gangs, the gang members would only know their friends by their nicknames. When the police came looking for one of the gang members, no one knew their allies' real name, so they would have no idea who the cop was talking about!
  11. Lafhastum

    Lafhastum New Member

    Mine is... Mokoko (monkey) I make very funny facial expressiomns when I am focusing on techniques.
  12. Martial_Mathers

    Martial_Mathers Capoeirista

    Kev, you obviously lack any real knowledge about Capoeira and it's philosophies. Not everybody gets a nickname in Capoeira (although many Capoeirista's do). There are people in our grupo who still don't have nicknames. Most people get names due to peculiarities, style, employment, etc. It really just depends. I know one guy given his nickname due to his attendance at law school. I know another girl given the name Borbeleta (Bobeleta...?) due to the fact that she kinda flaps her arms like a butterfly when she gingas. The reasons behind nicknames go on and on. Research before you criticize.
  13. Corny

    Corny New Member

    Lafhastum: i take it you mean Macaco

    LoneB: Borboleta :p
  14. Kosh

    Kosh New Member

    Yeah but you do if you want your opinion to be respected. Simply discounting a very important aspect of capoeira as 'stupid' seems to highlight ignorance.

    Where's the logic in getting a nickname which reflects your personality if it takes 10 years to 'earn' it? Capoeira is about self expression (ie being yourself) not about trying to earn a persona.
  15. tengu

    tengu Capoeirista "Paparazzi"

    We have a lad called "spiderman" cos he can somersault off anything!
    We call Jean-Paul "Pope" and yet another "scorpion"...you can guess why..
  16. CobraKai

    CobraKai Valued Member

    I have watched Capoira demo's before ( and of course good ol' eddie gordo on tekken tag) - it looks fantastic and the core strength that is built up is impressive. I have never tried nor trained with anyone who practises capoeira, and i just have a general enquiry regarding how effective it really would be in a street confrontation, taking into account limited movement ( i know it was developed around the hands and feet being shackled, when i say limited movement i mean being backed into a corner maybe? no room for momentum etc) what are the principles behind blocking/attacks - disapation and slipping etc etc etc. Is there anyone who can reccomend a good website where these will be explained. Everything i have read regarding the style is all about its history, i would now ike to know how effective it would be and any clips would be a great bonus. Also how do the practitioners find it? Any help would be great, as i am very bored at work.
  17. Martial_Mathers

    Martial_Mathers Capoeirista

    We have a huge thread about this already titled, "Effective it is!". You might want to check it out.
  18. Falcore

    Falcore almost acceptable

    My last 2 hoesemates were Baquito, and Pequito Axe. No idea what that meant.
  19. colirio

    colirio Valued Member

    Colirio = Visine

    Given to me by Mestre Loka due to always wearing prescription sunglasses when I was playing in the roda. t comes from a song:

    "Quem nao tem colirio usa oculos escuros..."
  20. tengu

    tengu Capoeirista "Paparazzi"

    Babie tee, I've just been given mine, it's....Paparazzi! Apparently because I'm always taking videos and photos of everyone else and their technique!

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