Can Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo or Japanese Jiu Jitsu be dangerous?

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by Bubble99, Feb 25, 2015.

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    They always say it is good to know how to throw some one probably or take them down probably to reduce chance of injury. And likewise it good to know how to fell probably to reduce chance of injury.

    I think a lot of public and even police officers that don't have much training think the human body is stronger than it is.

    Like they say when on a bike you should wear a helmet or on roller blades you should wear a helmet.And heck even kids on skateboards can hurt them self and should wear a helmet.

    Don't have to be going fast you can be going very slow.:mad::mad:

    I think a lot of the problem is public think the human body is stronger than it is. That a 8 foot fall on head or neck should not break bones.

    I had a family member fell on ice and she broke her shoulder and arm. She could not lift any thing or do much any thing for months

    Makes me wonder these extreme Hapkido there not many injuries every month in training:bang:

    You can see guy is so much pain in many of these demonstrations.

    I never seen so much pain in demonstrations showing like some these Hapkido.
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    What if, and this is just an idea to consider here, compliant demonstrations don't actually show how effective a martial arts technique would be against a resisting opponent?
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  4. Latikos

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    Great, now you made me watch part of it after all :mad:

    My HKD instructor did some of that to me, without me falling all that fancy bur more beginner-like. And with less cringing on the floor from my side :D

    And my JJ-teacher did worse to me than that.

    Bubble, you really should try listening to what people here are telling you.
    And I'm not necessarily talking about what I say, since I'm still on the beginning side myself.

    Can the stuff in the video hurt? Sure.
    That's why you tap out and your partner stops.
    If a lock doesn't hurt a bit, you're doing it wrong.
    It's contact sport and not checkers for a reason.

    And about the breakfalling... well, I think I said all I had to say about that already, to be honest :D
  5. Moi

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    In other words bubble it's trickery you're watching as part of a demo, it's not real :)
  6. FunnyBadger

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    All that 'pain' shows is that either they are totaly faking it and it's all just an act or that the guy in the shirt and tie is pure evil. Or possibly both ? Neither is a good thing.

    It doesn't prove anything about the techniques being better or more painfull or anything like that.
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