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    after just watching big Joe demolish a two time world champion i feel the guy is severly underated they had a list of the top boxers in the world and lennox i can't box lewis was in front of him which i feel is a joke.

    i do feel the fight was stopped slightly early but in this week of footballers dying on the pitch saftey is of prime concern and i do feel he was taking to many clubbing blows to the head.

    so the main points here are.

    did you think the fight was stopped early?.

    just how good is Joe Calzaghe?
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    Joe Calzaghe's a good fighter his record is testament to that, but he has avoided two of the best boxers in Europe at super-middle weight, Sven Ottke a German who has the best footwork of any current boxer I've seen. Another German I think he should look at is Marcus Bayer who currently holds the WBC. I think if Joe had real ambition he would fight Ottke to unify the IBF/WBF and his own WBO then go for Bayers WBC. Sadly money dictates and Calzaghe wants to drop his weight to middle and fight Bernard Hopkins which could be a mistake as its never good to go down in weight 24 hours before a fight due to problems that may occur ie dehydration. Also Hopkins is a world class fighter holding the WBC/WBA/IBF titles

    I also think that Lewis is a good Fighter and deserves more respect than he is given. Come on the guy has consistently fought the worlds best boxers over the past ten years. If you can do that then you've got right to call him a crap boxer, if you've not then what gives anyone the right to critise anyone who participates in one of the most dangerous sports there is.

    While I am ranting when Tyson last held the world title he was desperate not to fight lewis and even though Lewis was the rightful contender he fought and lost it to Holyfield. Lewis then "beat" Holyfield and he lost the fight on points (Dodgy King scoring methinks). The second fight was closer but Lewis probably got the benefit of the doubt due to the first fight bad scoring. He has lost one fight since and even then reclaimed his ctitles in a rematch. Is this the record of a bad boxer???

    To slag Lewis is to slag all his opponents and their opponents and so on. So if your gonna slag any boxer esp heavyweights get yourself up to 15 stone and get in the ring.
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    that kinda is my point though i don't think really have been any great heavyweights over the past 10 years. The guy has done his job he puts away what is in front of him but i don't feel his weight division has been competitvie as others i.e. super middleweight hence his status in world boxing has been lifted higher than it really should be i'm not saying he is crap i was being a bit harsh before while trying to ge a point across before.

    In boxing terms though i feel the quality of calzaghe's opponents have been of a higher quality. From what i have heard Ottke is doging him and not the other way round it may be on at some point though from what i heard ottke was lucky to beat the guy Calzaghe beat was favoured by home judging i've heard this criticism about his fights before. I don't think Joe is bothered about the money against hopkins he just wants to beat him obviously any fight between them will attract a large sum for each but this is always the case and after all it is the guy's living i wouldn't do it thats for sure.
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    I heard ottke had trouble with the guy the Calzaghe recently fought but Ottke has never been a big KO guy. I think Calzaghe would take Ottke though it would be good to see Calzaghes power against Ottkes ringcraft.

    I know what you mean about the lack of quality fighters in the heavys. It reminds me of the old firm and the quality of scottish football being so far behind means that the step up to europe is too much. Its the same with Lewis if nobody can step up to his level he will never have the need to improve.

    Leads to the question is football a MA:)
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    it is in Argentina have you watched those guys attack refs and everything :D

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