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    Blog Article Burmese Lethwei: An Ancient Tradition Lives On. New piece by Vincent Giordano who did the born warriors docs.

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    This is new piece I just watched is just wonderful. Short, concise and very well done:

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    Tough little bairns, they. It was good to see both hands raised.

    The Born Warriors Redux
    is still a work in progress, I take. Is there a projected date for completion? I'd be interested in obtaining the completed documentary.
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    I get the email newsletters and they were projecting a december release if they scramble the money for the final post stuff. Its several versions ---the longest i think is 3 dvds at 6 hours or something. Best bet is to check the website or Facebook and get on the mailing list because the offer the final versions to those on the list as soon as its ready for release. Thats all I know for now.
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    Nice revisit of the old camp

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    This one is nice because its about something we rarely talk about and that is the work of the Referee or Referees in the case of a lot of Burmese matches. I remember seeing the old TV Burma vs Thailand shows and there were always two refs one thai and one burmese so i guess it came from the tradition of the ancient two referee bouts.

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    Nice piece on Aphyu Yaung camp. I read some articles on them so it was nice having the video:

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    I had the opportunity while visiting myanmar to do some training in Lethwei. I really enjoyed it. I worked on learning some of the headbutts inside the clinch range. The material they cover is not only good for the ring but street as well. Very tough and durable fighters. I hope to see them develop more as they start competing more and more outside the country. Its tough to get around because not everyone speaks english but there are some places to train right in Yangon like Thut Ti and Phoenix gym that have some people who speak English.
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    Not sure why the videos aren't embedding for you jaggernautico, but I've been through the thread and done it for you.

    I'll keep an eye on the thread and continue to embed the videos if it doesn't work for you.
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    This article gives a rudimentary look at the lethwei techniques. I think like the article title. Leduc has tried to oversell one element the headbutt and as shown here its a lot more to it then just swinging your head into a pad:

    Lethwei: More Than Just a Headbutt
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    Just wanted to add this clip on Slap Boxing as well. Interesting in that we see this in many older arts still carried over today even as a game on the street that kids played:


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