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    tel absorb what is useful for

    agree with you,the beginning of enter the dragon was that not mma.BL planet the seeds of cross training and mma
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    arent all the back yard tapes in black and white? how did you know it was green
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    By the level of skill they displayed.
  4. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    are u saying u were there???
    i have seen some tape stuff my self,some people seemed good.other quite the opposite.but cos of poor quality hard to judge.
    people like inosanto nowa days are excellent martial artists
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    Wasn't there. Seen the tape several times and listened to what others said about the performance level. Filmed in about 1970. You will notice one student, Mr.Delgado ( died 10 years ago) completing a form. He was a black belt. The others seem much below his skill level. Agree that the people in the video are greatly improved by now.
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    I guess the Oakland students must of been more ADVANCED than the L.A. guys. Sigung was James Lee's student in Hayward, Ca. before Bruce even moved to Ca. from Seattle and I guarantee that by 1970 Sigung was a TRUE banger! Leo Fong has been "quoted" as saying that he was present when when Bruce told James about one of the students in L.A. (Bremer) was a banger and James just smiled because he knew in Oakland he had a whole school full of bangers.

    Also Dan began training with Bruce in 1964 and so did several others. By 1970 they were not low level in the least. Dan was an Ed Parker black belt before training with Bruce. Richard Bustillo I'm sure was a black belt too.
  7. James Kovacich

    James Kovacich RENEGADE

    Heres a list of at least most of the Oakland students.

    Bob Baker, Ernie Benevidez, Cary Cagaanan, Richard Carney, Harry Chin, Bill Christensen, Dave Cox, Tom and Jan De Laurel, Gary Dill, Leo Fong, Mike Fong. Dr. Lloyd Freitas, Robert Garcia, Rodney Gee, Barry Hay, Gary Hum, Allen Joe, Jerome Lai, George Lee, Eric Lee, Greglon Yimm Lee, Russel Lee, Moon Ling, Felix Macias Sr., Allen and Mario Madgangal, Bob Marshal, Fred Meredith, Al Novak, Jimmy Ong, Stan Piasik, Manuel Rodriguez, Gordon Toy, Howard Williams, Alvin Wong, Dr. Arnold Wong, Curtis Yee, Ed Kim Yee, David Young and Hank McGuire.

    And can be verified in the adobe sigung_sifu.pdf
    on this page

    Who was it that made a comment in one of the threads that there were only about 15 or so original Bruce Lee students? :D

    I count 42 in Oakland that can be verified by Sigung and anyone who knows him. :D
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  8. Simplicity

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    I don't agree with everything you are saying here! Jerry Poteet was also one of Ed Parker's Black Belt as was Daniel Lee, Steve Golden and a few others.....Jerry Poteet met Bruce Lee at James Lee's House before BL opened his LA Kwoon.....Daniel Lee, Jerry Poteet, Steve Golden were already bangers before they met BL.......Daniel Lee was the first admitted to the LA Kwoon and was a Boxing champing from Hong Kong and Jerry Poteet was the second one admitted to the LA Kwoon and was Instructing for Ed say the Oakland was more advance.......sound like more to boost your statist from your linkage.....facts are facts and figures are figures even if it on a women, lol.

    Take It Easy,
    John :D
  9. Kickbox

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    The Oakland group may have been kept away from the LA group. Mr.Bruce Lee would not let his prized fighter Mr.Joe Lewis attend any LA JKD classes because Mr.Lewis was a hardnosed fighter. Other champions like Mr.Stone and Mr.Norris were not invited to the LA school even though they were located minutes away. Is it possible that Mr.Lee protected the LA group for some reason?
  10. James Kovacich

    James Kovacich RENEGADE

    It was an exageration (about being more advanced) on my part purposely, not to put down the LA guys but because:

    1) Someone claimed that the LA guys based on video were green belts at best. Fact, the video is James Coburn. They say they saw the video several times. I think it dosen't exist. If it does, it's protected and the public dosen't have it.

    2) Someone made a quote about what happened to the other 15 or so original Bruce Lee students. He obviously does not know much about the early years. There are many, such as Sigung, who are not in the public eye. Some quit. Some evolved. But many who were original Bruce Lee students that the public does not know.
    But everything I've ever stated about Sifu and Sigung is the truth.

    sound like more to boost your statist from your linkage.....???????
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  11. Simplicity

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    Doesn't this say it all?......What I was talking about? Grant you I'm sure Sigung Bruce Lee taught your Sigung what he needed......just like he did for all of his students he had a relationship with........but to say this person did this and those people done this........just doesn't jive with me......everyone that was touched by Sigung Bruce Lee left with something I'm sure.....

    This part I agree with you where you say about Dan and others....but you can through some more names in like Steve Golden.....Daniel Lee......Jerry Poteet......Larry Hartsell.......some Oakland student........ some Seatle students too.........the point that I'm making is that Sigung Bruce Lee gave "YOU" what you needed.........So how can one method be better then the other method if he taught you what you personally needed?.....Please if you can anwser that........please do so......I would like to know......because I'm always learning......and in the process of learning I need not to step on toes on my own journey in doing so....still think you bring up good points though.

    Take It Easy,
    John :)
  12. Simplicity

    Simplicity Valued Member

    1) I have heard of your Sifu and his Sifu (his Dad) I'm sure they are very good because the Dad train with James Lee and Bruce Lee.......Why don't you help them get there name out there?.......but I think you can do it without.......this guy is better then that guy stuff......that all I'm saying.

    2) I have never said this guy is better then that guy crap.....nor will I ever to boost myself...."I Just The Keeper Of The Flame"......if you have read my past post you will see where I'm coming from......I always try to find how I'm alike then how I'm different then someone else.......just being me though.....all I know how to do......some people like it and some people don't........but as Pat say here at MAP "At The End Of The Day....who Cares". :D

    Take It Easy,
    Good Training To All
  13. James Kovacich

    James Kovacich RENEGADE

    My post really was more sarcastic and directed at the ones that talked down Bruces students. I only referanced what "I" know for sure. I think all the "downline methods" that kept enough of the original are probably more alike than differant. That said, I think we agree more than what appears.
  14. Simplicity

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    I think we do agree to agree and sometimes to disagree.....but we are the same.........but different at the same time......and the two things that we have in-common is 1) we believe in our Sifu's teaching method.....2) Bruce Lee.........

    Hope your training leads you on your path to the truth. :)

    Take It Easy,
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    1960's back yard video

    You are right that one video lesson with Mr.James Corburn has been circulated. The video I discussed had Mr.Lee ,Mr.Inosanto,Mr.Daniel Lee,Mr.Ted Wong. Mr.Louis Delgado and others working out striking an air shield. If anyone knows Mr.Lamar Davis he can provide the a cost I am sure. The backyard workout from the 60's does exist and it would be educational to view it.
  16. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    do u have an web address for lamar davis?
  17. Simplicity

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    Here it is Tel,

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    I thought part of the whole point of jeet kune do was to eliminate 'rankings' and concentrate on an individual's actual skills.
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    many don't want to accept that^^.
  20. James Kovacich

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