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    The Bruce vs. Johnny Cheung fight was actually one of the better choreographed fights in the whole movie (I thought). At least it's what a real kung fu fight SHOULD look like...blood and broken bones and all that. The Mortal Kombat theme was pretty obvious, somebody was a big fan of Liu Kang. :D Johnny Cheung's character was clearly capable of murdering just about anyone with his bare hands, and the Hung gar they gave him to perform simply made him look even more of a bad dude. Can you imagine if they'd had him be a Wing Chun stylist? I don't think it would have been nearly as good.

    But then Bruce's recovery epiphany and so on somehow convinces him Johnny Cheung's fighting is somehow flawed, and he's gonna fix it all!???? Johnny Sun sure seemed like a fine fighter in the movie. They needed a better "patsy" than the Johnny Sun character...classical kung fu was not supposed to be effective remember? Meanwhile John Sun puts Lee in the hospital (almost twice)...miraculously Bruce Lee finds the real kung fu while lying in traction. I thought that was all very poorly done in the Dragon movie...he beats Cheung in the rematch = Jeet Kune Do is 'proven' and all that 'fancy' kung fu is now inferior?? (same kung that I just watched break a man's spine??). Meanwhile in real life, people lined up to challenge Bruce and it never happened, but in the movie he's the ultimate champion for getting Johnny Cheung to say "matte", ala Bloodsport. I felt the Dragon writers totally ripped that off.

    Anyways...the fight was definitely more realistic than a Stallone Rocky fight, too. In Dragon only a couple dozen hits land, as opposed to several thousand by the end of the 6th round in any Rocky picture. Poor Apollo Creed had to die to remind people yes, getting hit in the head enough time kills you, no matter how much heart you have.
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    When the official page of the guy you're making the movie about condemns it you know you've screwed up

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