Bruce Lee 44 Day Workout Challenge

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    In my quest to reach martial arts excellence, I've decided to add weight training to my normal schedule. As I have very little experience in the gym, I decided to turn to someone who not only lifted weights religiously, but is also a martial arts legend - Bruce Lee.

    Basically, the book "Bruce Lee - The Art of Expressing the Human Body" has a record of one of his first weight lifting routines. The records cover a 44 day period and have the weights he used, as well as his starting and ending measurements.

    Yesterday, I had a session with a personal trainer to get my stats, learn the exercises and bought some weights on the way home.

    Tommorrow, I'll begin the experiment. Link removed. Sorry, this is all about promoting your own site.

    MOD note.

    The book can be found here. [ame=""]The Art of Expressing the Human Body (Bruce Lee Library): Bruce Lee, John Little: 9780804831291: Books[/ame]
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