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  1. KSN_Princess

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    Hi Ya'll,

    How many Brides to be are on here???
    Just curious??
    How is your wedding planning going?? What wedding site(s) are u using to help with planning ur wedding? Like me im on weddingwire projectwedding , The knot , pash wedding & weddingbee.
    What are the pros & cons of the wedding websites u chose??

    Mz Lu
    B2B 6.2.2012
  2. PlatinumPi4u

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    My cousin and his Fiance are getting married next month, bachelor / bachelorette parties are this weekend.

    What we did is we created a website with them, called (so and so) tie the knot dot com.

    From there, we linked all of the wedding registries, the venue info, directions, before the wedding, after the wedding, lodging, food, etc etc etc...

    here is a demo of the site:
    (you can change the theme colors of this theme too, at the top under 'select skin')

    This is a very easy way to centralize all of this stuff, so that everybody is literally 'on the same page'... They have the site on their RSVP stuff, and they plaster it on face book for their friends...:ban:
  3. Metal_Kitty

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    I don't plan on getting married for at least another 2 years
  4. Blade96

    Blade96 shotokan karateka

    I'm not a bride, far from! I havent even got a date, let alone any bf's (and i don't think i want them) I'll stick with cats for company instead. :)
  5. Seventh

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    [ame=""]Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT -- a song about loving cats - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Blade96

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    Purr! :)

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