Boxing work against karate?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by INTERNAL BOXING, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    Boxers get the award for hard training. i've only been to a few karate clubs, didn't see much, but i can tell you that 8 times out of 10, the boxer is the most dedicated and trains the hardest, exception being MMA and MT, they train with the same intensity most times.
  2. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    boxing vs. karate..

    To basically sum up the entire theory of boxing vs karate, it is as follows. As already said, it is all dependent upon either fighters ability. Some martial arts focus on other aspects than others do, and thus present each individual with a unique fighting ability. In general this is how a typical fight would ensure. A martial artists who is well trained, would with little doubt literally kill even the best trained boxer. The problem with a sport fighter, especially boxers, is their stance. They are used to putting their hands in an upwards protective position, exposing much of their body. This thereby leaving them prone to many leg attacks and take downs. They also are used to getting hit(I know this because I boxed and kickboxed for a very long time). I am a big believer in the "centerline theory". Essentially providing a cover for both the lower and upper regions of the body. A boxer is likewise only trained for punches in the stomach and face region. The one plus that a boxer may have over a martial artists is power. That is a natural ability of theirs. If the right punch is landed from a proffesional fighter, it would more than likely clock a martial artists if the wrong move is taken. Once again, it is all dependent upon skill and ability.
  3. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    I cant believe you just said a Karate guy would kill a boxer. I am not even going to get into this, it winds me up. You are generalising too much. Seriously, and i am being serious, go down to your local boxing gym and ask for a sparring match with a quite experienced guy. THEN post, otherwise i dont want to hear it.
  4. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    No need to be offended or get childish here... As I have already said, I did box for a long time, and kickboxed for an even longer time. I have fought in the IKF in rated fights. I was trained for a period of time by a world champion. Needless to say I have fought many skilled boxers. They are very good in the ring, but the ring and the street are two completely different things. And I tried to carefully choose my words in the last post. And generalizing is what this whole topic is about :p Though let me ask you this. In a boxing match, are groin shots allowed? Are limb breaks and chokes allowed? Are weapons involved? Point being, all fights are risky, and in general a boxer will have more of a chance than the average joe in a fight, but not against a properly trained martial artists. Though, if a coupel power shots are landed correctly, that would probably be enough to deck a typical martial artists. UNLIKELY, however.
  5. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    This is a response to kenpoguy's obviously slanted last post.

    "In a boxing match, are groin shots allowed? Are limb breaks and chokes allowed?"
    Are groin shots allowed in karate matches? The last thing I would be worrying about if sparring a karateka are chokes and submissions.

    "Are weapons involved?"
    Are weapons involved in full contact karate matches?

    The question here kenpoguy is not "Does boxing work in a real fight", which it does, but "Boxing work against karate?"

    "Point being, all fights are risky, and in general a boxer will have more of a chance than the average joe in a fight, but not against a properly trained martial artists."

    Define a "Properly trained martial artist". I would put my money on Tyson in his prime against practically any selfprocalimed "properly trained martial artist" who teaches karate to 5 year olds 3 afternoons a week.

    " Though, if a coupel power shots are landed correctly, that would probably be enough to deck a typical martial artists. UNLIKELY, however."

    You seem to think that all boxers have are "power shots". Yet you claim to have trained and fought at a high level?

    What you been knocked in the haed so much that you have forgotten the superior conditioning, superior punching setups, superior footwork and superior power/speed of boxing punching combinations?
  6. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    Stupid thread. :bang:
  7. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    Hybrid... How old are you? And i totally agree this is a very stupid thread that should be shut down :bang: Hybrid....Karate isnt just sparring matches :p That is in effect no more than kickboxing. There is a thing called training..... There are ways of doing this without sparring. Never once did i mention sparring :p Sparring is great in martial arts for ability and achieveiving the feeling to actually get in there and fight a guy. It is also good for other things as well, that goes without saying. It is an essential training tool. Yet, it is only a small piece of the pie. Whereas in boxing, it is roughly the whole pie. Frankly it sounds like hybrid, you read a boxing magazine or have seen Rocky one too many times. I am in the process of writing a book on conditioning and training, and therefore do indeed self proclaim myself qualified to speak on the matter. Conditioning isnt solely involved in boxing :p Please do us all a favor and help yourself to a book other than Sly Magazine, and then come back and have a reasonable conversation. I do not mind that you dispute it but please hander it more matureily.
  8. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    Please forgive my spelling butchering on my last post. But as one more note, my view, I do not consider slanted, as I have fought on a proffessional level and learned many martial arts after. By default, I do have quite a bit more experience, than would be if I was to slant it. And note to mods: Please close this thread, I dont see much good coming out of it for anyone from here on it. This subjects been beaten to death time after time.
  9. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    What exactly does my age have to do with anything? And before you tell me to "hander" this thread "more matureily" it'd help if your posts weren't a garbled mess where you assume too much and self proclaim your "qualifications".

    For example in your post you assume that I think:

    1.karate is just sparring
    2.sparring is the only form of training
    3. That I derive all my knowledge from magazines and the rocky movies (which is humourous considering I haven't even seen a rocky movie and I don't follow boxing I just train it.

    And then smart guy you go on to say that: "Whereas in boxing, it (sparring)is roughly the whole pie"

    How can you claim to have trained and fought at a high level in boxing and spew out that kind of garbage? And you tell me that I watch too many rocky movies? :rolleyes:

    And kenpoguy quit trying to sell yourself and your self proclaimed "qualifications" it isn't really that impressive.;)
  10. kungfufighter

    kungfufighter Banned Banned

    only one way to solve this....I'll go get my friends to tape me picking a fight and KOing a karate guy. well, i can;t really do that cuz i like to elbow, knee, stomp, and gnP
  11. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    :p I could really care less if they are impressive or not :p But you i believe, have no idea what you are talking about. Nextly my name isnt smartguy, it is kenpoguy ;) And this is really just getting irritating arguing back and fourth with someone so inexpirenced trying to pass themself off as knowledgeble in this area. When you can handle posting like an adult, feel free to come back :eek:
  12. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    Me calling you "smart guy" wasn't a comment on your name, it was a comment on your apparent intelligence in this area;).

    "Whereas in boxing, it (sparring)is roughly the whole pie"

    Explain to me how some one experienced can manage to say something like that?

    And I'm not trying to pass myself as being supreme in the area of boxing, I'm anything but. But I mean you waving around your "experience" and "qualifications" isn't hypocritical at all. :rolleyes:

    I've been the epitomy of maturity;) in this thread so I'll be sticking along replying to your every post;). Oh and kenpoguy, spell check is your friend.
  13. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    Spell check is a friend just as a good book is urs :p . Anywho, sparring is roughly the entire point of boxing. The sparring rounds simulate the actual fight. The fight is extremely street unrealistic. Conditioning and training are for physical strength, more than defense manuevers. It sounds to me that , as ive stated, you know roughly nothing about boxing even. :bang: This thread is just going around in a circle.
  14. WatchfulAbyss

    WatchfulAbyss Active Member

  15. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    try not to involve any of your "knowledge" *cough* about boxing into your book eh ;)
  16. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    beating the subject to death here....The original topic was its effectivness in the street.
  17. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    Indeed. I'm reading The Stand by Stephen King at the moment and it's awesome:D

    On another note reading books isn't going to make you a good boxer. Maybe this is where you fell;)

    Anywho, sparring is roughly the entire point of boxing.

    Once again. It is hard to believe anyone who is really that experienced in boxing would say something like this. The *point* of boxing, contrary to what you may believe, differs from person to person. What I think you meant is that Boxing is just sparring which, like the rest of the stuff you have posted in this thread, is dead wrong. Sparring is a large part of boxing,which is a good thing, why you say this point as if it were a bad thing I have no idea. And whilst sparring isn't "realistic" per se its the closest and best possible thing we have to train to fight.

    "Conditioning and training are for physical strength, more than defense manuevers."

    Hardly, conditioning is to allow you to take harder and stronger hits and to allow you to attack and defend for a prolonged period of time. Both of which are vital for your personal defence. Training is to practice your technique. Physical strength comes from weight training;).

    It sounds to me that , as ive stated, you know roughly nothing about boxing even

    Arguing ad hominem isn't going to help your cause much;). And you accusing me of having no knowledge of boxing ( I do have a little;) ) is getting funnier with every post you make.
    Last edited: May 30, 2005
  18. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    No it wasn't. Read the topic title again.
  19. WatchfulAbyss

    WatchfulAbyss Active Member

    It can be effective in a fight period, being able to punch well, can end someones night with a busted face, fast. A punch can and does end fights, even agaisnt other styles. :D It's all about who gets to it first, not the style.
    Last edited: May 30, 2005
  20. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    well stated blind. Which was one of my original statements. Though one punch is rarely enough, as it is much tougher to knock someone out in real life than in the movies. And hybrid, why in the world do you still keep beating this to death? I never asked what you are reading and dont really care. And no sparring is not boxing. It is a training technique, in which boxing is a harder version of a sparring match. Pysical strength, again, noting your lack of experience, comes not only from lifting weights but also "old school" methods as they have come to be known. i.e. calestenics such as pushups, situps, free squats, jumping rope, etc. And as for as conditioning, yes it is used to train to take hits, but that is again only a slice of the pie. In a street fight you shouldnt focus more on being able to take a hit than knowing how to actually fight. And we use these training methods in martial arts as well. It isnt just your seemingly stereotypical "karate man" attitude. reading books does not make you a good fighter, but gives you insight into other arts, and allows you to understand them. You cannot learn to fight from a book, but can learn basic theory. Something of which, I dont know if you even understand.
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