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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by YODA, Nov 3, 2003.

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    excellent post Yoda, alot of help, will be doing my first Boxing and Thai boxing sessions in the coming weeks
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    See if your cousin or his friend can take you. :bang: :bang: :bang:
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    A good training regime is one developed by the Russians during the Soviet Era. It consists of pad training at full power & speed in your punching, starting with the lead hand each time & coming back to your guard, to counts of 'one', one- two', one-two-three', etc to ten then back again to one. In total you throw 100 punches. You can do this with all of the punches, & you can repeat the cycle as many times as you wish. You might think it's going to get easier as you count back from ten repetitions, but I can assure you it doesn't! It's great for training stamina & determination.
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    I have a question about this. My boxing coach tells me that my weight should most definitely NOT shift onto my front foot when I jab because anything that disturbs the center of gravity from being in the middle will ruin your balance and make it difficult to move/defend/follow the punch with others etc. I have another instructor in a sort of kickboxing blend class that says that weight should most definitely move from one foot to another depending on what sort of punch is being throw. Any thoughts on this?
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    [ame=""]Ali Shuffle - YouTube[/ame] was this guy doing it wrong?
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    Boxing jab very important - boxing coach solution

    I had a boxing coach that told me to throw nothing but jabs at my heavy bag for a couple of months until I had a strong jab.

    I took the advice, believe it or not. I threw loads and loads of jabs.

    It was good advice.. especially since I"m a lightweight. He told me that no lightweight will survive if he has a lightweight jab.
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    Boxing - weight shift very important for power in punches


    You weight should most definitely shift from back to front when you throw the jab.

    This is true in western boxing as well as in kickboxing.

    Your kickboxing coach is giving you the better information in this situation.

    The best way to find the truth of this is on the heavy bag. Work on the weight shift with your punch until you have the heavy bag really popping and moving.

    Now go back to punching without the weight shift.

    The evidence should show you empirically which is the better method.

    Remember, a boxer's weight is behind his punch..
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    thanks for this old, but still very useful post. this will be a great help. kudos!
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    Boxing instruction

    Straight Blast Gym has one of the best boxing instruction series out there. If you are looking for boxing answers you might check out their "don familton" series or even JKD series 3.
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    Good post. Although I actually practice Kick Boxing instead of Boxing, I found this article really useful for my footwork. I never even knew the heels could be used as my break when throwing hook punches.
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    yeah its awesome
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    Great Tips..... are you a trainer????..... :woo:

    its a great help for training and for work out :cool:
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    I haven't been boxing for long so I can't really offer any tips, but I found this great workout program based on the movie 'The Fighter' starring Mark Wahlberg. The workout program can be adapted for beginning and advanced fighters, and the individuals daily time schedule. It works with super sets to get your heart pumping without nuking your muscles (DOMS) nothing worse than turning up for training, stiff from the previous day's workout.
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    I was trained primarily by my father and uncle as a kid, they were both big fans of Jack Dempsey and Joe Lewis. They were very big on economy of punches and movement.

    Whereas today we see a great many fighters who train to throw as many punches as they can per round to overload their opponents defense or through pressure cause them to open up, they were more apt to try and use a counter-punch or an angle after a jab to land a bigger shot.

    I find that a good jab should have a good base behind it. A jab from just the flicking of the arm or wrist although quick will too often be walked through by a strong willed puncher, or not do anything to deter a fighter coming. I like to take small step forward as I land a jab, this transfers some of my mass energy to the target giving my jab a little more something behind it. And this can allow the jab to be turned over into a hook on the fly. Once this weight shift is mastered the actual step can be made smaller and smaller for closer ranging and quicker delivery. As long as the shift is there the step can be taken out.

    Another thing this approach to jabbing can do is teach a fighter to close the gap and move in off the jab to throw with power.
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    Hi gslack.

    That would be Joe Louis I'm thinkin'.

    J. Lewis is the Karate guy.
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    Ah yes I see that know.. LOL without my kids to correct me see what happens?:eek:
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    I'll be making my contributions to this thread through posting videos and articles as I find them.


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