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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Hades, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Hey I am Arnie, from Melbourne. I boxed as a teenager for about 2 years and had a couple intraclub bouts, have also been boxing for about the past 12 months at a place called undefeated, no fights and my training has been on and off due to injuries. I am trying to get everything right and am thinking about possibly boxing at a different gym.
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    correct said
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    Hi, I'm from the Philippines and I love boxing..
    I did not go to any school though, I just train myself..
    I go to the gym just for sparring, and I do a lot of shadow boxing to improve skills
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    Huh, I just now noticed this thread.

    I've moved around the buffet table of martial arts a lot, with aikido and escrima being my primary arts, but for the past two years (September was my anniversary) I've been at "Hard Knocks Gym" in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, learning pure western boxing. I had a bit of "kickboxing" 20 years ago, but that hardly counts. I was pretty much starting at level zero as a 44-year-old. After 17 months I earned the right to enter the competitor's class, with the thought that maybe, maybe I would compete, but then something happened when I turned 46. Something shifted on my insides. I'm not bullet proof anymore. The bullet-proof protection went away. Soooo, to not be completely stupid, I changed my mind about competing, but I do step into the ring every month and spar 3 or 4 rounds (wearing headgear, of course).

    Today in open gym I went 6 rounds on the heavy bag (3 minutes, 1 minute rest, repeat), throwing 310-320 punches each round. I don't know, I think that's pretty good for someone who is 46. :)

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