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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Hades, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. el-pellizco

    el-pellizco New Member

    its a shame... my body seems to want to continue, but my head won't take much more knocking...

    I'm El P, (like a 'pinch' of salt whatever in English) I'm featherweight and I'm sad to be looking at another year or two max in (and out of) the ring.
  2. cowzerp

    cowzerp Valued Member

    Im paul from Dublin ireland, boxing 17 years and now just focus on training others, done what i wanted to do in boxing so do MMA fights now to keep the boxing going and for new challenges..

    I love boxing, its my 1st love.
  3. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    It's only me :D I went to my first boxing class last night, being held at my mma club. It was bloody brilliant.
  4. Omicron

    Omicron is around.

    Glad to hear you liked it. I just realized I've never checked into this thread, either. I've been boxing for the last six months or so to supplement my BJJ training, and I'm lovin' it so far!
  5. Iceman778

    Iceman778 Valued Member

    this is really helpful
  6. Glock 18

    Glock 18 Bang

    Hey all!

    Name's Jon, from Manila. I've been training in boxing for about 3 years now, alternating between that and Muay Thai. I study both at Elorde Boxing Gym (named after Filipino boxer, Gabriel Elorde). Being Chinese, I get an occasional funny look from the Filipinos, but everyone's pretty much awesome there.

    I rarely compete, and do so more often in Muay Thai. Still, boxing's become an indispensable part of my life. Sweet science indeed. Sadly, I'm currently working in the manufacturing industry, and it's cutting back on my training time (usually too tired).
  7. Ph4ntom

    Ph4ntom Valued Member

    Thought I'd check in too :woo:

    John from Alaska, been boxing for 22 years along with other MAs.

    I love it loads, I hope I never have to stop :)
  8. dimitris

    dimitris Valued Member

    Started boxing again after several years and i crosstrain other martial arts,Dimitris from Greece
  9. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Add me to the list!
  10. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    I'm Steve.

    Started boxing at the felling warriors under Billy saul, Paul fiske and a man who only introduced himself as Bernie.
    Only did it for conditioning for karate then but, now train under Andy McLean and preparing for my first fight.
    Just recently dropped from 95kg to 89 to fight at a lighter weight, was tough but rewarding (my BF was very low to start)

    Loving it.
  11. gslack

    gslack Valued Member

    Hey Folks! My names Greg and I been boxing in one aspect or another since I can remember. My dad was champ of his army unit in WWII and my uncle Bob Hurley was at one point in time a ranked pro heavyweight. They both had the idea in their heads that I was gonna be the next Middleweight champ LOL. Well I didn't share that dream with them and although I trained with them and practiced even boxed a good number of opponents as a youth to some success, I was never driven to go further with it like they wanted. I loved the sport don't get me wrong, I just wasn't willing to make the sacrifices needed at that age.

    Now I help out at the local YMCA boxing program. I find I like working with kids boxing more than i did actually boxing lol...
  12. jumpfor joy

    jumpfor joy Valued Member


  13. SenseiMattKlein

    SenseiMattKlein Engage, Maverick

    Hello, been high on boxing since I did it in college days. It is the best for self defense. The footwork, combinations, speed of hands, and raw punching power rule! It complements karate and ground skills in the best possible way. Have incorporated it into our system. It works.
  14. _sam_

    _sam_ Valued Member

    Hi all, i'm Sam. I started Boxing when i was like 6 or 7 years old and have never really stopped, as its in my blood now. I started competing as an amateur at 11 years old and between 11 and 17 years old i had 115 fights, winning 85. From 17 to 26 i had 46 fights in the army (winning all but 4) but missed my window for turning pro, first due to serving in the forces, then due to struggling to find the time to balance it all when i came home, job, family/kids to support etc so it just never happened for me, something i still regret to be honest...but at 37 its definately not going to happen now! haha.

    I still train and spar regularly though, and still love it as much as i always have.
  15. _sam_

    _sam_ Valued Member

    Oh and as for clubs/gym's etc, ive used far too many over the years to list here, all over the uk but mostly at gym's/clubs in yorkshire, manchester and liverpool.
  16. paulbrec

    paulbrec Valued Member

    Paul from Toronto,ON. Boxing on-and-off for 10 years. I have not competed recently, but I am training to compete for this summer. I have had many coaches over the years. Currently, I train with Coach Rick at the Stockyards Boxing Gym in west Toronto.
  17. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Hi, my name is Laura Te Aho White and I have been Boxing now for two years since age 19 (I'm a late starter). I currently train at the Masterton Young Citizens Boxing Club, my trainer is Neil Cadwallader.

    I've been doing the martial arts before that, mainly ITF Taekwon-do (which I left at age 17) and Muay Thai which I took up after ITF Taekwon-do. Injuries have been plaguing me since leaving so I've never had a real chance to compete (just my luck) except within ITF Taekwon-do.

    I was looking forward to competing at the end of last year, but unfortunately I was hit by a mobility van while riding my motorcycle and my left leg was rendered useless and has been that way since May last year, though soon I plan on returning to training. Believe it or not, it was Boxing that saved my life (thanks to my pair of Boxing gloves stashed in my backpack at the time).

    I really enjoy Boxing, Its real bread and butter fighting. I descend from a long line of Pacific Islander and Maori Boxers, so no surprises here to why I probably enjoy it. I hope this year or at least next year I will be competing, but I have a long way to go, and Boxing has tremendously in my recovery, both mentally and physically.

    I hope to stick with Boxing for a long time to come, if circumstances permit it.
  18. jordanblythe104

    jordanblythe104 Valued Member

    I am Jordan, i'm from Australia currently training with maloney's glove club starting competition this year.
  19. Dirty Boxer

    Dirty Boxer New Member

    Hey all, my names Levi and I started training in boxing back in 2009. Had to take some time off to heal following ACL surgery, but hoping to get back into it this year and compete again. Only got in the ring one time and I'm burning up to get back in there.
  20. Counter Assault

    Counter Assault Valued Member

    Currently I train at london shootfighters west london and home counties.

    In london I've been boxing for about 4 months, Started at a local gym where you pay per session on top of gym membership to use the boxing area.
    Now i help with the new guys just starting lending handwraps and so on.

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