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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Hades, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. B.Graham

    B.Graham New Member

    Yo, I'm Brandon. I've doing pan-tu-kan for like 3 weeks now and I train at Black Belt Self Defense and Fitness. My trainer is master instructor, Dan Inosanto trainee, and kickboxing legend: Jimmie Smothers Sr.
  2. Ecks

    Ecks New Member

    Tim from the Ajax, Ontario Boxing Club.

    Only been doing it for 4 weeks, mostly for cardiovascular fitness, but I'm really loving it and have learned a lot. It's changed me a lot, both in character and how I look at things.
  3. Sentrell

    Sentrell New Member


    I've been boxing for about 5 years on and off, had 15 amataure bouts. I havent boxed for over a year cos am at college and there was too much work cos i had to work a p/t job aswell,

    I was gonna get a few fights after christmas but injured my hand so am hopeing to get a fight before the end of may and then will concentrate on next season now that am finishing collge,

    I only want to do it for 2 more seasons and then move over to muay thai.
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  4. glenchuy

    glenchuy has two left feet

    i'm glen, i've only been boxing for about 2 months, however i've been into TKD for over 3 years, kickboxing for over 2 years, MT for over 2 years, and arnis for 1 year about 4 years ago. i haven't done any boxing bouts though since i'm still a newb here. i'm more of the "advanced" newb though :p. not looking to go pro, and will never train to be pro.
  5. MoonwayRenegade

    MoonwayRenegade New Member

    I just started boxing in April. Since then I've completely fallen in love with the sweet science and I've been working hard to realize my goal of fighting in some amateur matches.
  6. el_torito_boxer

    el_torito_boxer New Member


    Been Boxing since the age of 6,
    im a Professional Boxer from Scotland.
    as an amateur i had 98 Fights 81Wins 17loses 56KO's
    im now Pro - with 16 Fights 1 lose 10 KO's

    Was undefeated in 15 and lost a British title eliminator
    in a shock 1st round KO.
    (hey thats why we love the sport)

    Still full of desire and passion to win major titles.
    im 23 - From Edinburgh, Gary Young.
    "Glad to be on the site"
  7. heiwa

    heiwa Valued Member

    Hi Gary
    what weight do you fight at
  8. Einstein Mcfly

    Einstein Mcfly New Member

    Hi folks. I'm Wil, I live in Chicago and I've been boxing on and off half-assedly for many years now, though I follow the sport with my whole ass. Started in the basement with a duffle bag of blankets etc but didn’t' get into a proper gym until I was 19 or so where I bounced around from gym to gym when I was moving around. Got serious about it a few years back and trained almost every day for an am fight but, as most of you know I'm sure, it takes months to get in shape and days to lose it. I got the flu missed my fight, went off to grad school and have been half-assedly training in a crap gym for a few years, learning nothing and getting worse. I joined a much better gym a few weeks ago and am feeling much better about the sport. I'm glad to see so many boxers here and hope to learn a lot from you all.
  9. Tom O'Brien

    Tom O'Brien Valued Member

    Old Amateur

    Never boxed professionally but did a lot of club boxing especially with golden gloves fighters in NYC. I fought in a kickboxing tournament in MSG a long time ago. My Sensei Jim Powers always taught us boxing along with karate, ju-jitsu & judo. When there was a big fight on TV he would bring one into the dojo & we would watch the bouts especially Ali's fights. Boxing always helped me in amateur karate too. I knew I could take a punch from the boxing but the footwork is an incredible tool for the tool box. The best I ever managed was a bronze medal in the AAU National Championship. I teach my fighters boxing in my small humble dojo the Ronin Martial Arts Club. Just the other day I put the 16 oz. gloves on the little guys. I think I had more fun than they did just watching them go at it. They get the basic mechanics of it though - slipping, parrying, catching, snap away, duck, bob & weave, jab, cross the old 1-2, upper cuts & hooks. I love it. Hey this may be the wrong forum but I just heard that Mayweather & DeLahoya will fight 5/5/07. I can't wait but I'll try to bring that discussion over to the right forum. I stopped fighting when I turned 55. Now I compete in kata, weapons, self defense & breaking. Thanks for listening to an old man.
    Sensei Tom
  10. texas tyrant

    texas tyrant New Member

    I am Clint, from Texas. I have been boxing for a few months now and looking tog et some amateur fights soon. I didnt realize there was a boxing section here so I havent been on in a while but now Ill check in occasionally to see whats up. Oh yeah Im 23 andmy goals are towin the national golden glovesone day, well see where it goes from there
  11. stump

    stump Supersub

    Been boxing solidly for about 1 year now - pretty much gave up all other martial arts to focus on it. Haven't fought as yet but hope to in the next few months.
  12. flyingplant

    flyingplant Valued Member

    I'm Scott and I've been boxing for 2 years now. I unfortunately don't have a place to train since I moved but I have my own heavy bag and a frame for it so I make do as best I can. I never competed, unfortunately, just did some inter-gym matches.
  13. Tansy

    Tansy I train ninja guinea pigs

    Hello, just asking and do point me in the right direction if I am on the wrong bit of the forum. I would like to do boxing but have not found a club in Surrey, I have googled and come up with 'nofink' does anyone know of a club?

    Thanks for advice.

  14. chopperfan666

    chopperfan666 Valued Member

    im Chris and ive only been boxing for a few months now. I did karate for 5 years and have a black belt in it, but i wanted something more physical so i gave that up in pursuit of boxing and hopefully MMA
  15. Bobyclumsyninja

    Bobyclumsyninja New Member

    I'm Bobby, I've been boxing for a couple of years, but not very often of late (musicians schedule). I've got quite a few rounds of hands only sparring under my belt, usually before we kickbox in class, but don't compete. I love watching boxing, and try to be sneaky when I spar, drawing on the wealth of footage I've seen. It doesn't always work, and I get eaten up on the inside more than I like. Many of my favorite boxers were/are short guys, and I'm a lanky,gangly mess.
  16. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    Hi you've had enough of Bullshido? :D
  17. Bobyclumsyninja

    Bobyclumsyninja New Member

    not even remotely, I'll be at the ny throwdown sep 30, I love it. I just want to talk to more martial artists, and read more about things. Also, I'm not crazy, but that would be hard to discern from my rantings over there...I have a lot of fun with it on BS...but have an academic streak in me, that will serve me well here. I'm glad for the warm welcome from everyone, I wont post the first BS responses I recieved there, they alone would get me banned here...hehe.

    :topic: (forgive the tangent, and yes, I can't spel)
  18. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    My name is Byron, I am in Manitoba Canada. I am not currently with a gym, but formerly trained at the Brandon Boxing Club. I am currently working towards brining myself back to shape and rejoining the club sometime this winter, and hope to compete within the year after.

    My current struggle with boxing is deciding which side to fight out of. I naturally go to my right, my feel more comfortable and tactical from the left ( if that makes sense)
  19. emaun

    emaun New Member

    Im emaun,
    I just started boxing up recently. I go to el camino college and my major is athletic trainer. I learned how to box from my brothers and i took a street combat classe in the fall. I will box as long as i can. I learn muay thai a little bit in my street combat class. Boxing is fun. My favorite boxers are ernie shavers and ali.
  20. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Hey guys I started boxing when I joined an MMA gym then studied further with my Dai Sihing (who was a 36-3 record semipro) and now still training in it. Loving it everyday and improving.

    Gonna join Wild Card soon here in LA.

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