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    Where to start? First my wife :) is doing great, she has completely recovered from surgery we start the last leg of our treatment next week, radiation five days a week for eight weeks then hormone therapy. I really want to thank you, all of you, for being supporting during this really difficult time for my family. Belltoller a extra special thanks to you my friend.

    As for me I've been working out five days a week pretty consistently, now that the weather is warmer I've been able to jog and back pack, two things I really enjoy, also caught a few nice fish this last week.
    Recently I purchased some extra weights for my barbell, must say that I'm enjoying the weight training as well.
    As some of you know the school I train at has had some problems lately, I'm happy to report that all seems to be well and that some light was shed on the way questionable manner in which some things were handled. We went through several changes recently, the biggest of these was our belt rank and testing system as well as an addition and subtraction from our curriculum. In the end it left me setting a bit prettier than before and yet just a bit farther from my goal of reaching the coveted bb and yes I'm in it for the belt lols. One new and pretty good add on at my school is a new order system, there are now three orders you can attempt to join, the order of the eagle, the order of the tiger and the order of the dragon, I'm stoked. I'm currently working on the order of the tiger set of challenges, that means completing a five mile run in addition to a few other things.
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    Sat.mar, 28 20 15

    Ran 4.6 miles no stopping, longest run I've made in the past few years. Saw a bald eagle, I think he lives near the lake, all in all a nice day.

    Mon mar. 30 2015

    Warm up and stretch
    Martial arts technique

    Push ups x25
    Curls 20 pound bum bells 1x25

    Lying leg raises/bicycle's untimed
    Shadowboxing light for two minutes.
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    That's about as good news as I've heard in a long time. All of the fears that goes through one's mind upon finding out, times when you begin to imagine what life would be like without her - which is nearly unbearable, then the clinging on to hope - yeah, you and your'n will feel like you've lived several life times on the one hand and barely a passing moment - just long enough to realise what loss is - on the other.

    You'll never be the same people as a result of what you've been through - you'll never look at things in quite the same way again.

    Glad we helped make a difference in some way. That's really great.

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