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  1. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Jan/29/2014 Thursday.

    Karate tonight hope I make it, if I can pull through the next few weeks I will earn my brown belt at last. The new belt system is proving to work just fine lols.
  2. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Cor...I almost forgot our boxing class this evening!!
  3. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Alright personal note. Today's date is...Jan 29. 2014. Thursday. I need to miss practice tonight I just don't have the resources to get there. Will continue light workouts that incorporate stretching and yoga until ii can improve conditions for training. Moms house doesn't have water at the moment so showers are limited to bill. This should be fixed with in the month and I can resume training again at home.

    So looks like I'm ridding the green belt express till march... Oh well I guess.
  4. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Jan/29/2014. Thursday.

    1.warmup/stretch 15min
    2. M.a. techniques 10 min.

    My wife goes into surgery on the second of Feb. Today is Friday the 30th of Jan, we went to the pure operation appointment today and met the staff that will be operating on Becky, nice professional people, this is going so smoth.
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  5. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    02 Feb - got it. Our thoughts will be with youse. Last surgery I had ( to remove infections of the mastoid process behind the ear that were a few milimetre's from the blood/brain barrier) this past year - I had to admit I was very, very nervous as I'd recalled how close to death I'd felt after waking from previous surgeries years ago before they'd made such progress with anesthesia.

    Man, truthfully - I'd never felt better than when I awoke from the procedure. I was astounded at the advances in anesthesia - no more nightmarish images of gas masks encircling my head, hot, unable to breath, orderlies shoving you back down on the table when you attempted to rise for a breath.

    15 minutes after I awoke, I was ravenously hungry. Couldna believe it.

    She'll be just fine!
  6. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    That's very encouraging belltoller thank you, I will be sure to tell her.
  7. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Wishing you and your missus well tomorrow morning!
  8. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    The surgery was successful they removed her tumor and two lymph nodes, there is no more visible cancer. Now all we have to do is make it through two months of radiation treatment and we will be home free. She's really tired and in lots of pain so I'm doing everything I can for her. Thank you to everyone who has showed support.
  9. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    yay! now get off map and go give her some attention :p
  10. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    That's fantastic news, congrats to you both :D.

    Also, what Fish said :p.
  11. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    go look after your lady!

    glad things went well!
  12. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Great news! She'll be sore for a few days - just try to keep her comfortable - which I'm sure you are already :)
  13. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Update/journal entry

    This has been a very fast paced and long week. Becky is recoverying slowly but surely. My parents have been a huge help, they are both disabled but have hearts of gold. Have to go back in for another ultra sound on this comeing Tuesday, the doctors are concerned about indrometriocis. I'm praying that there's nothing there, Becky is such a beautyful soul, I'm not sure what effect it will have on me if she has to deal with another cancer scare, I can't bear the thought of her having to go through that.

    Won't be much training for now, I don't plan on leaving her side for at least another week maybe two. Thank you all so much for offering your encouragement to me. I appreciat you guys so much.
  14. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Although endometriosis is not something you and your missus want to deal with now on top of everything else, the incidence of it leading to ovarian cancer is relatively rare and in those cases where it does result in cancer, it is almost overwhelmingly in the 60+ age group. What usually develops in bad cases are ovarian cysts - but they are almost always benign. So even if the doctors do find something, it is likely to be a benign cyst. Its not tumor or cancer development that will be the problem - its the chronic, painful, inflammatory symptoms of endometriosis that she will have to live with.

    My wife developed an ovarian cyst (she did not have endometriosis; however) years and years ago - we worried about it, were told she may not be able to have children - the worries turned out to be groundless. She actually became more fertile after the small cyst developed or maybe that oaken park bench was just the right height on spring afternoons or something. ;)

    I know you're worried about her and what thoughts are going through your mind - this will end up being an event that will have had the effect of drawing you closer to her and a time when what mattered most became crystal clear when you look back on these days.

    Look, ya gotta take the time and, if nothing else, just jog up and down the streets at 6am.

    What your wife is going through won't kill her (though it seems so diabolically threatening now) but it will kill you because it is creating extreme emotional stress for you and emotional stress is a man-killer.

    You wont be able to look back on this bonding time if you're dead.

    Go burpees until you are about to pass out.
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  15. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Feb. 7. 2015

    1.warm up
    2. M.a. techniques twenty minutes.

    Walked a mile earlier in the day.

    Nothing follows.
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  16. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate


    1.warm up
    2.martial arts technique. twenty minutes including isometric arm exercises
    4. Quarter speed shadow boxing.

    The yoga I'm doing is largely for the lower back / and for balance and flexibility/eagle.forward bend.warrior poses.downward dog.
    Yoga is really proving itself of good use. Im going to take a serious. Look at yoga in the days and weeks to come.
  17. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Bell, brother, thank you so much, your words are such a relief to me. She's had two pretty good days these last two days I've had a lot of packing/unpacking and furniture to move out and in, so I'm staying strong and I'm using yoga and martial arts each day to stay sharp.
  18. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    That's good to hear on all fronts. Yoga - ja, I keep hearing about the benefits of it. I wish I'd the time or the time to make time for it.
  19. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate


    2.martial arts technique/isometric side kicks and extra stance work 10/15 min
    4.shadow boxing one minute light/slow pace

    My yoga form isn't great but its giveing me something to do lols. I learn something new about yoga practice every day. I've been eating a bit to much this last week and gained a couple pounds, I think I'm about 193 right now. Not smoking or drinking so returning to more vigurus training should be easy when the time comes. Last night I purchased a cardio bag, its kinda light but it does offer a target area and some resistance to my punches and kicks, I will set that up later this week and post a review.

    Nothing follows.
  20. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Even better news bell, we went for an ultra sound of her pelvis yesterday and there is no sign of indometriosis, that's some good news to say the least. Yoga is pretty good workout, I've dabbled in it for a couple of years, it builds strength is a different way than weights or standard exercises do, I suggest learning a handful of yoga poses that work for you. There are tons of yoga poses but some are to complicated and others are very easy. I like the sun salutation set myself and would suggest it as a place to start.

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